Short Term Rental


Make sure that you reserve a place well in advance, especially if you arrive to Finland in the end of August – beginning of September.

When making a reservation check the cancellation policy. If you no longer need your place in a hostel or a hotel, remember to cancel your reservation on time (sometimes there is no cancellation fee if it is done in advance).

  • CouchSurfing – a volunteer-based network for accommodation. More details at
  • is a new service that can offer reasonably priced accommodation for one month or so.
  • Information about hostels and hotels:
  • Cheap Sleep
  • Hostelling International Finland
  • If you arrive with a group of people Omena hotel is a good option. Each room in this hotel has a large bed and two full-size foldouts, meaning that all rooms can accommodate four people. The price depends on how much in advance you make your reservation.