Tips for Finding Housing

These tips can help you find a house on time and avoid unnecessary stress

  • Start looking for a suitable accommodation early enough. Be active!
  • Consider living further away from the campus. School of Economics, for example, is located in the center of Helsinki. Getting an apartment in that area is particularly difficult. You can check the transport connections from the apartment to your campus here
  • When placing an ad in the housing forum provide all relevant information about yourself and try to make a good impression. State in the ad at least the following: how long do you need an apartment for, when do you wish to move in, your sex, your contact information.
  • Don’t worry if the room that you are going to rent is unfurnished. You can get really cheap second hand furniture in Helsinki, see useful links section.
  • If you are renting from a private person check the apartment and sign a tenancy agreement before making any payments. Never send money, credit card details or passport information to anyone in advance! Sending money in advance is a common cause of fraud.
  • Always check an apartment and tenancy agreement extra carefully. Check what is included in the rent. You might need to pay electricity, Internet connection and water separately. Also check if you have to buy home insurance. If an offer sounds too good (e.g. too cheap), it could be a scam.
  • If you have not found a house before arriving to Helsinki reserve a hostel or find some other accommodation in advance. Hostels get full in the end of August.
  • Cancel all unnecessary applications on time, so that other students in line can get their apartments without delay.