How to Find Housing in Helsinki Area

AYY and HOAS are the biggest providers of apartments for students in Helsinki area. AYY apartments are meant only for students of Aalto. HOAS provides apartments to all University and University of Applied Sciences students in Helsinki area. Getting an apartment from these 2 organizations is very often your best-case scenario.

AYY and HOAS are not able to provide housing to all students. Therefore, we recommend that you estimate your chances realistically (e.g. in AYY it is possible to track your application through Domo) and, if needed, start looking for an apartment through alternative channels well in advance. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will get an apartment when your studies begin.

Many students in Helsinki area rent apartments from private market, sublease from other students or rent through other organizations. There are plenty of options available for both short and long-term rent and we highly recommend that you search for an accommodation using these alternative options.