Summer Apartments

In the summer, AYY often has vacant apartments that can be rented to temporary residents with fixed-term contracts. In the summer, mainly anyone can become a tenant if applicants do not include an adequate number of AYY’s members eligible for housing or other students.

When are the summer apartments available

The summer housing season is 1st of May to 31st of August. Summer tenants are mostly offered fixed-term contracts of 2-4 months.

Apartments available during the summer

If you apply alone you can apply only for shared apartments. If you apply together with a friend you can only apply for two-room apartments in East Helsinki (Haarniskatie, Pohjavedenkatu, Turkismiehentie and Kääpiöidenpolku). Unfortunately we don’t have any studios available for summer apartments. We will make offers on the apartments that are available.

Housing rents

Housing rents do not change in any way during the summer months. Rental information is available on the Domo system.


AYY’s apartments are UNFURNISHED. This means that apartments do not include even the bed, for example. However, apartments always include fixtures and equipment, such as stoves, refrigerators, etc. More information on where to buy furniture can be found here.

Housing applications

You can apply for summer apartments throughout the year, but the preferred move-in date should be during the next summer (not over 12 months however).

You can apply for apartments by following these instructions.

  • Create an account in Domo system
  • Be particularly careful when filling out your contact details! Housing offers will be sent by e-mail, so you will need an e-mail address that you actively check in order to apply for the apartment.
  • Choose the Bachelor student option
  • Choose Otaniemi as your place of study
  • Choose “I do not have Aalto University student number” and attach an informal explanation that you are applying for a summer apartment. Please include dates when you need accommodation in the explanation!
    This ensures that AYY can draft the contract for the right time period.
  • After this you can fill out applications. Remember to write into the attachment your preferred move-in date. All the new applier’s applications move-in date will be automatically marked as 1st of August so the preferred move-in date has to be written in the informal attachment.