Students in Mikkeli

The right of residence of those that have studied in Mikkeli will be dealt with in the same way as that of students starting at the Master’s stage at Aalto: the right of residence is two years, counting from the beginning of Master’s stage studies. Students moving from Mikkeli to the capital city area to begin the Master’s stage will be dealt with as new students from the perspective of applying for accommodation.

The students of the Mikkeli branch will have to do one additional link in applying for the accommodation of AYY.

The automation of the Domo system cannot distinguish between the students of Mikkeli and other Bachelor’s degree students. For this reason, the right of residence of applicants who have studied in Mikkeli is in practice always incorrect in the Domo system and the applications do not have the automatical new student point for shared apartments.

Inform that you are moving in from Mikkeli in your application, so your right of residence and new student point gets added correctly. If your right of residence has concluded according to Domo, contact the Housing Office either via phone or email. Then, your details will be fixed in Domo and you get to apply for accommodation.

Also familiarise yourself with the accommodation application instructions of the freshmen! They also concern you in practice.