Apartments Open to All Students


At the moment there are no available apartments open to all students.
We will update this page if the situation changes.


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If there are not enough AYY members with a right of residence applying for a particular AYY apartment, the apartment can be made open for all students to apply. This means that the applicant does not need to be a student at the Aalto University or a member of AYY with a right of residence. These apartments can be offered to all students, with priority given to AYY members. The duration of the right of residence in apartments open to everyone is three 3 years from the beginning of the lease period. If the applicant is entitled to AYY’s right of residence that extends further than that, then this longer right of residence will be applied.

Apartments open to everyone include:

  • Malmi, three-room apartment
  • Patola, two-room apartment (living room + bedroom)
  • Patola, three-room apartment
  • Puotila, two-room apartment (living room + bedroom)
  • Roihuvuori (Kääpiöidenpolku), two-room apartment (2 x bedrooms)
  • Roihuvuori (Kääpiöidenpolku), two-room apartment (living room + bedroom)
  • Roihuvuori (Tuhkimontie), three-room apartment
  • Roihuvuori (Tuhkimontie), four-room apartment
  • Vuosaari, two-room apartment (living room + bedroom)
  • Vuosaari, three-room apartment

More information on the apartments can be found in Domo.

How to apply for an apartment:

  • Register in the Domo system according to these instructions:
    • Under “Student status at Aalto University”, select “Bachelor degree”.
    • Choose Otaniemi as your main study campus.
    • Choose “I have no Aalto University student number” and add an approval letter or other certificate from your place of study as an attachment.
  • Take special care when filling out your contact information! Apartment offers are sent via email, so in order to apply for an apartment, you will need an email address that you follow actively. Also, make sure that messages from Domo are not directed to your junk mail folder.
  • If you already are an AYY student, but your right of residence is about to end, please add a free-form explanation stating that you are applying for the apartments open to everyone in the “Extra scores” section of the application.
    • If your right of residence has already ended, please contact AYY’s housing office in order to make an application. Follow the instructions in the previous section about adding the attachment.

After this, you can apply for the apartments open to everyone.

  • Apply ONLY for apartments found in the list above! Uncheck all other buildings and apartments from the application yourself. Limit your search only to apartments that you are interested in. If your application contains other apartments than those that are open to everyone, we will have to reject your entire application.
  • Because of technical limitations related to our regulations, you cannot apply for AYY’s larger apartments (two-room apartments and larger) alone; you must apply with at least one other applicant or a child.
    • If you want to apply for apartments open to everyone alone, register in Domo according to the instructions above and contact the housing office. Please mention in your email the apartments you are interested in.
    • Adding yourself as a second applicant is not allowed, because that would lead to the creation of an erroneous rental agreement made based on the applicant information.
    • Some of the apartments can be subleased later, as long as you inform us of this through Domo.
  • If you are the sole main applicant and are applying for an apartment with a child, choose “I apply on my own” in section 1 and “Children” in section 2.