AYY Housing for Exchange Students

If you are a new exchange student, you can apply for AYY housing by making an application through the Domo system.

When creating your account, please choose EXCHANGE STUDENT as your student type and add your approval letter or, if not yet available, other proof (for example an e-mail from Aalto University) that you have applied to Aalto University as an appendix. E.g. a copy of an email containing the application instructions will do. Without any proof your application can’t be processed and your chance of getting an apartment in time will be worse!

When creating your account, please include an attachment about applying or being accepted into the Aalto University as exchange student.

Please include as many apartments in your application as possible! This will GREATLY increase your chances of receiving an apartment from AYY in time for your studies. Please note that most AYY studio apartments have a queue of nearly 1-2 years, so if you only apply to studio apartments, you most likely won’t receive an apartment from AYY in time for your exchange.

Freshmen’s and exchange students’ applications for single room apartments go through a lottery process. This means that the sending date of the application for single room apartments does not matter, and the place in the que is based on points and a randomized number. However, it is advisable to apply for a housing in time, since apartments are typically offered 1-2 months before they become vacant. For example, apartments that become vacant in August are offered mainly during June and July and apartments that become vacant in September are offered during July and August. Apartments that become vacant in January are offered during November and December.

The housing office cannot predict when a housing offer would be possible, and unfortunately AYY cannot offer housing for all applicants, even if they were coming from abroad. Please also note that all AYY apartments are unfurnished. Unfurnished means there is no furniture at all in the apartment. No bed, no table, no lights. All AYY apartments have a kitchen with a stove and a fridge, though.