Single Room in a Shared Apartment

A single room in a shared apartment. One apartment can have 2-12 single rooms and a common space with a kitchen, possible living room, toilet and/or bathroom. Keeping the common areas clean is the responsibility of all tenants. Bigger single rooms have their own bathroom/toilet and a fridge. The room doors have locks that only work with the tenant’s key. Communal spaces can be accessed with any of the tenant keys.

Single rooms in a shared apartment do not have any furniture. The apartment has a fridge and a freezer either in the room or the common kitchen, and the kitchen has an oven and a stove. Closet space can be found in the kitchen and the apartment room. Communal spaces mostly have a table and chairs. Tips for obtaining furniture can be found here.

The room is the tenant’s personal space. You cannot change rooms with other tenants, and keeping pets and having other people over for prolonged lengths of time is not allowed. Single rooms in a shared apartment can be only applied alone, not for example with a spouse for a friend. During the summer AYY often offers single rooms in a shared apartment as summer housing, but in other times the applicant must be an AYY member with a right of residence.

AYY has single rooms in a shared apartment in Vuosaari Helsinki, and in Espoo at the Teekkari village and Leppävaara.

Who can apply: AYY members with right of residence, only single tenants. Priority for new student and those with an urgent need for an apartment. No children.

Pets: not allowed

Size: about 10 – 25 m2

Rent: Between about 170 – 400 €, median rent is about 300 € (April 2017). More information on Domo.

Locations: Teekkari village, Leppävaara and Vuosaari.

The blueprints and more information about the buildings and locations can be found on Domo.


Teekkari village, Espoo Jämeräntaival, Otakaari, Otaranta Leppävaara, Espoo
Vuosaari, Helsinki