Apartment Seekers

AYY primarily offers housing to students and exchange students studying in the Aalto University, who are members of AYY. Post-graduates and students of other Universities can only apply for housing that fall under open call. Detailed information below.

How to Apply for AYY Housing: All necessary vital info gathered here about applying for an AYY apartment. Please read through this page carefully, before applying for an apartment or asking AYY how to apply.

Applying for an apartment from other sources than AYY: Collected links and tips on how to apply for an apartment in the Helsinki metropolitan area outside AYY apartments. AYY does not have enough apartments to accommodate all of its students, so all students without an apartment should read this information.

Emergency housing: AYY has organized emergency housing during the fall along with Aalto University to students without ANY KIND of other housing option. You can find more information on applying, regulations, prices and locations in this page.