Teekkari Section

Teekkari Section, or TJ (Teekkarijaosto in Finnish) to friends, operates by Aava’s side in AYY’s culture sector. TJ upholds teekkari traditions and organizes events and activities that are brisk and rich in teekkari spirit. Despite the whole teekkari thing, TJ activity is often open to everyone. Teekkari Section comprises of a yearly elected Chair and ten or so ‘tirehtööri’ (chairs of sub-committees). In other words, TJ brings together the committees of different teekkari guilds. More on TJ.

Teekkari Section 2019

(all email adresses take the form firstname.lastname@ayy.fi)

Erna Virtanen
+358 40 764 4118

FTMK’s Chair: Jere Vänskä
KVTMK’s Chair: Susanna Karlqvist
ITMK’s Chair: Otto Takkinen
IE Director: Tuukka Harvela
Songleader: Toni Heinilä
Director of traditions: Anni Parkkila
Teekkari Culture Director: Roope Pääkkönen
Teekkari Culture Director: Samuli Vehkomäki
Wappu Director: Mikael Liimatainen
Lakinlaskijaiset Director: Pauliina Tomberg
Freshman Major: Noora Salminen
International Director: Joel Kauppi
ISO Director: Tuomo Leino