Mosaic, the International Section of the Aalto University Student Union, organizes various events and projects to spread awareness and internationalize AYY.

Mosaic, the international section of the student union of Aalto University (AYY), organizes different multicultural events that offer great new experiences from all around the world, help everybody to improve their language skills as well as help people getting to know other cultures. The purpose of Mosaic is to encourage Finnish students to open their minds to international environment as well as to help international students to integrate to their Aalto society. Our target is to help people from all backgrounds to create international networks on both personal and professional level.

Additionally, BEST Helsinki operates underneath Mosaic.

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Mosaic 2017

Noora Matilainen
Thy Nguyen
+358 44 971 8990
Mcha Khamis

Babak Mohajeri
+358 50 575 4634
Azadeh Rostami

Anna Engström
+358 40 842 2221
Kiran Vangapattu
+358 41 140 7253