Community Committee of Aalto


Aava, Aalto University Student Union’s Community section, creates and fosters Aalto culture. Aava’s goal is to bring all Aalto students together and provide possibilities to do things together. Aava offers great experiences to all Aalto members, regardless of their field.

Aava develops the Aalto community by creating and implementing a variety of events, ranging from volleyball tournaments to zombie larp events and from huge parties to laid-back movie marathons. Each Aava member has their own area of responsibility. In addition, the section actively carries out common projects and forms a close-knit group. In Aava, ideas are made into reality and there is no lack of action!

The Anniversary Committee, Sports Committee, Humans vs. Zombies Committee, Aalto Afterparty Committee and sports tutors operate under Aava.

Aava listens and is active, so if you have any suggestions or would like to know about Aava member’s area of responsiblity, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Aava 2018

All email addresses take the form

Titta Saari
+358 50 413 9000
Katri Mäki-Kullas
+358 400 345 052
Joonas Nurmi
Sports and Wellbeing
+358 44 973 1440
Roope Pääkkönen
Sport Tutors
040 018 4339
Konsta Huuki
Annual Ball
Riku Wessman
044 382 3145
Jan Gustafsson
050 359 7161
Alvar Lampinen
045 318 6362
Liisa Mustonen
Kaisa Talvitie
040 073 8516
Anni Niemelä
+358 50 469 1622