The Representative Council exercises the highest authority in the student union. The Council is elected for a two-year term and all AYY members are eligible to vote and stand as candidate in the elections held every other year. The Council consists of 45 representatives who must all be members of AYY.

Among other things, the Council is responsible for AYY’s budget, financial statement, loans, construction decisions, and rules. It also elects the Student Union Board, the President of the Board and the highest officials. Meetings of the Representative Council are open to all AYY members, and you can also follow them live at For more information about the Representative Council, please visit AYY’s Student Council Wiki “Edariwiki“.

Representative Council Chair

You can contact the chair of the Representative Council by email or

Onni Lampi
Chair of the Representative Council
Leo Norilo
Vice Chair
Visa Pollari
2nd Vice Chair

Chairs of Representative Council Groups

You can contact the chairs of Representative Council Groups by email

Group Chair Vice Chair
CHEM Werneri Huhtinen Leila Kettunen
Luja Jani Pusula Kalle Kekäläinen
LUOVA Anton Närekorpi Liisa Mustonen
SCIsma Märt Vesinurm Lauri Seppäläinen
Voltti Titta Saari Oskar Niemenoja
Kylterirengas-edustajistoryhmä Juho Paavola Rosa Nylen
Pro Arte Elina Kuutti Iida Palosuo
Vihreämpi Aalto Henri Miettinen Peppi Seppälä
Oikea Aalto Jyri Tiimonen David Rosson
Polytekarna Cosmo Jenytin Anton Eriksson

For more information about the Representative Council, please visit AYY’s Student Council Wiki “Edariwiki“.