The administrative authority and executive power of the student union is wielded by the Board, which is elected by the Representative Council for a term that lasts one calendar year. It directs the day-to-day activity of the student union and is responsible for executing the AYY action plan. The Board is the most visible part of the student union and it oversees AYY administration and exercises executive power within the guidelines set by the AYY constitution and the Representative Council. The Board is responsible to the Council for all its actions. Each Board Member has one or more sectors they are responsible for.

The Board aims to convene weekly during academic terms. Resolutions of the meetings can be viewed on the official notice board of AYY as well as on this website.

Board members 2018

You can reach the whole board via email address

All email addresses take the form

Noora Vänttinen
Chair of the Board
040 731 6120
Tapio Hautamäki
Vice Chair, Societal Influencing, Student Advocacy

040 757 9629
Julius Luukkanen
Artistic Activities, Brand, Communications,  Archive and Museum
044 052 1553
Mikhael Koufos
Corporate Relations, Working Life and Alumni
040 682 2333
 alt=Suvi Vendelin
Student Advocacy: Educational Policy and Development Cooperation

050 520 9447
Lauri Seppäläinen
Student Advocacy: Social Affairs, Municipal Affairs, WSC and Sports
040 651 5656
Mikael Liimatainen
Student Advocacy: Internationality
040 656 8837
Emma Savela
Housing, Student Centre, Real Estate and Services
050 520 9444
Noora Tanska
Associations, Council of Special Status Associations and Student Centre
040 656 9557
Hilja Korhonen
Community, Volunteers, Events and Freshmen

040 551 6530