Brainstorming workshop: 30 000 euros towards Teekkaris

Kandidaattikeskus, tila Y115

Otakaari 1

26.2.2019 15:00—17:00

Come brainstorm about what the scholarship donated towards promoting the Teekkari culture by the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland (TEK) could be used on. The event begins with a concise presentation of the student survey’s results and the current status of the Teekkari culture and guild operations. All Teekkari students, acting volunteers in the guilds or at AYY as well as everyone interested in Teekkaris is welcome to join us for coming up with what to spend the money on. The best ideas will reach a lot of people and live on for years to come.

The brainstorming workshop takes place on Tue 26 Feb at 3–5 pm in the Undergraduate Centre, room Y115. The presentations are held in Finnish, but everyone is welcome to brainstorm in their own language. The facility is accessible, and more information is available from

More information on the TEK donation: (in Finnish).


AYY 050 520 9442