AYY is looking for a Graphic Designer for its Communications team!

Join us in producing versatile visual content related to volunteering, events, advocacy work and other Student Union services!

The Graphic Designer’s tasks incluse designing and laying out AYY’s publications and materials. In practice, these take the form of different posters and brochures as well as the annual report. In terms of the online content, the Graphic Designer also executes the Facebook banners, website banners and some of the Facebook and Instagram posts. Smaller projects include business cards, ID cards, invitations and other running matters.

You will use the Adobe CS software as your working environment, and your design work is eased by a subscription to the Shutterstock image bank.

An absolute prerequisite for applying to the position is a professional knowledge of graphic design and layout. Skills in illustration and photography are considered beneficial, and extra points are also available for video filming and editing abilities. We hope the applicants to be able to manage projects independently and to prioritise their working hours. Applicants must have good communication skills in Finnish as well as English. Swedish skills are considered beneficial.

Working at the Student Union requires enthusiasm, efficiency and occasional flexibility with the working hours. Familiarity with the Aalto community is an advantage in this position, as it will ease the design of visual elements. You will be working in a team with the Advocacy and Communications Manager and two Communications Specialists, who will help guide your work, spur you on and bounce ideas with you.

The work is permanent and part-time (25 h/week). The salary is determined by the collective labour agreement for student unions (salary class II, acknowledging also possible education and experience supplements). The recruited person will have the opportunity to apply for residence in the Student Union’s apartments. The AYY Office is located in Otaniemi, Espoo, and has good transport connections.

We will be contacting the recommenders of the proceeding applicants during the application process. Please add the contact details of your recommenders to your CV or application.

Send your freely formatted application with your CV to rekrytointi(at) by 24 Feb 2019. You will be notified of the receipt of your application. Interviews are intended to take place in week 9 or 10, and applicants will be notified of the selection shortly afterwards.

More information on the position is available from Advocacy and Communications Manager Heikki Isotalo (heikki.isotalo(a), 040 575 9092) and Administrative and HR Manager Johanna Pietiläinen (johanna.pietilainen(a), 050 520 9434).

Learn about our operations at

Aalto University Student Union AYY is the advocacy and service organisation of around 14 000 students. Altogether, AYY employs about 40 people and has hundreds of volunteers and organisations operating within it. The provision of reasonably-priced student apartments near the place of study is a central member service of AYY’s. AYY has around 2500 apartments that are rented out to AYY members. As a working environment, AYY is youthful and very flexible. AYY highlights equality and versatility in its operations. We are hoping for applicants with different backgrounds.

AYY has appointed the Chair of the Representative Council and the former of the Board for 2019

Press release

Aalto University Student Union

1 Nov 2018

Free for immediate release


AYY has appointed the Chair of the Representative Council and the former of the Board for 2019

The Representative Council of Aalto University Student Union (AYY) has appointed the Chair of the Representative Council and the former of the Board for the year 2019 in their meeting on Thursday 1 Nov 2018. Next year, Werneri Huhtinen will act as the Chair of the Representative Council and Tapio Hautamäki as the former of the Board.

Werneri Huhtinen is a fifth-year student of the School of Chemical Technology. “Representative Council work has become important for me in the last years, and I want to do my share in influencing the flexibility and effectivity of the Student Union’s centre of decision-making,” says Huhtinen.

Tapio Hautamäki is a Student Union active from the School of Science. “The Aalto community has offered me the best student’s life in the world: successes, discussions that have broadened my world and great people that have been wonderful to work with. This is the community and the student’s life I want to promote as the former of next year’s Board,” says Hautamäki.

The former of the Board will make a proposal on the AYY Board for 2019 to the Representative Council, who will appoint the new Board in its meeting on 20 Nov 2018.

Aalto University Student Union AYY is the service and advocacy organisation for approximately 14 000 Aalto University students. AYY acts as its members’ advocate particularly in matters regarding educational policies and social benefits for students. The Representative Council is AYY’s highest decision-making organ who, for example, appoints the Student Union’s Board and decides upon its budget.


More information:

Niko Ferm, Secretary General,, 050 520 9415

AYY: Suvi Vendelin to chair SYL in 2019

Press release

Aalto University Student Union

4 Oct 2018

Free for release

Aalto University Student Union AYY nominates Suvi Vendelin as their candidate for Chair of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) for 2019.

Suvi Vendelin. Kuva: Johanna Vuorelma

Vendelin, 24, studies architecture at Aalto University. This year, she has been a member of the AYY Board and in charge of Educational Policy advocacy and Development Cooperation. During the year, Vendelin’s duties have included e.g. coordinating and directing the 130 student representatives at Aalto and monitoring the implementation of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s vision for higher education. Previously, Vendelin has, for instance, acted as Chair of AYY’s Study Council and been on the Board  and held several positions in Aalto University’s Guild of Architecture.

“Next year will be of primary importance to the student movement. Three elections, negotiations over the Government Programme and Finland’s EU Presidency demand attention from each student influencer,” emphasises Vendelin.

“Suvi’s advocacy abilities are unparalleled at Aalto as well as on a national level. She has worked hard and open-mindedly to make influencing work more visible in the community and succeeded in this mission often thought impossible,” states AYY Chair of the Board Noora Vänttinen.

SYL will elect its Board for 2019 in its General Assembly in Otaniemi on 16–17 November. SYL represents university students in Finland on national level and makes statements on issues relating to educational and social policies as well as international issues.

More information:

Suvi Vendelin,, 040 752 4692

AYY Chair of the Board Noora Vänttinen,, 050 520 9420

Association newsletter for week 40/2018

If you want to receive the AYY association newsletter by email, please subscribe at


This is the AYY association newsletter for week 40/2018

Next week is going to be a busy one! On Monday, there is the Otatarha race and Lakinlaskijaiset, and on Saturday, Otaniemi Night of Arts. Before that, there is still time to answer AYY’s survey for associations (item 1), apply for a volunteer position at Otaniemi Night of Arts (item 2) and apply for some money from TTE Fund (item 3).

Upcoming events and important dates for associations
30 Sept: Third application round of TTE Fund ends (item 3)
1 Oct: Answering time of the AYY service questionnaire ends (item 4 and a direct link to questionnaire)
1 Oct: Otatarha race, Alvari Square (
1 Oct: Lakinlaskijaiset, Dipoli (
3 Oct: Answering time of community survey ends (item 1)
6 Oct: Otaniemi Night of Arts (item2 and
21 Oct: Nomination for honorary members of PTK ends (, form in Finnish)
27 Nov: Save the date: association training in Finnish
28 Nov: Save the date: association training in Finnish
29 Nov: Save the date: association training in English


Contents of the newsletter
1. Answer AYY’s survey for associations by 3 Oct at the latest!
2. Volunteer at Otaniemi Night of Arts on 6 Oct
3. Third application round of TTE Fund for 2018 ends on Sunday!
4. AYY service questionnaire 2018 to be passed on to all members
5. Member lists of Special Status Associations available from AYY
6. Follow AYY on social media!
7. Take over AYY’s Instagram Story for a day


1. Answer AYY’s survey for associations by Wed 3 Oct at the latest!
On Friday 21 Sept, a survey was sent to the email address your association has provided in TAHLO regarding the development project of community and organisational structures. The goal of the project is to discover via surveys, interviews and discussions how the structures of the Aalto community and the cooperation of the Student Union and the associations within it could be developed in a way that would make the roles of different parties clearer than before. The goal of the project is a more unified student community in which the students of the different schools will be taken into account as equals better than before.

The survey is meant to help chart the associations’ views on what the relationships between parties operating within AYY are based upon now, and how the different associations and student cultures can be taken into account more equally in the operations.

The survey is answered by way of one representative of the association filling in the association’s views on the survey form based on the discussion that was had in the association’s Board meeting or other get-together. So, reserve some time from your meetings next week to answer the survey. The survey can be answered until Wednesday 3 Oct at 11.59 pm. Thank you!

You can access the survey for the first and second list associations here:
You can access the survey for the Special Status Associations here:

More information and questions regarding the project:
Elina Nieminen
Project Coordinator
tel. 0406819612


2. Volunteer at Otaniemi Night of Arts on 6 Oct
We are looking for volunteers for Otaniemi Night of Arts on Saturday 6 Oct. The event is an interartistic festival featuring different kinds of events e.g. at Väre, Dipoli and all around the campus. The volunteers’ shifts take place between 1 pm and 9 pm and last for 3–5 hours. Volunteers will be directing festival-goers to the right locations, handing out the programme booklets and answering the audience’s questions. Volunteers are also needed to photograph, to take care of the backstage area and for other assisting tasks. There will be a short volunteer info on Tues 2 Oct at 4.30 pm at the Central Office of Aalto University Student Union (Otakaari 11).

In return for their shift, the volunteers will get food, a cinema ticket for the screening of their choosing at the Elossa festival (29 Oct–3 Nov) and an invitation to the Otaniemi Night of Arts afterparty organised later.

Sign up by filling in the form at

Facebook event at
Website at

More information from volunteer coordinator: julius.luukkanen(a)


3. Third application round of TTE Fund for 2018 ends on Sunday!
The third application round of TTE Fund for 2018 is open! The Fund can grant financial aid for all AYY members and the associations within it. TTE Fund supports activities that reach for the stars, get other people excited and can be seen and heard.

You can apply for grants from TTE Fund in two ways: through the application rounds arranged approximately three times a year, or via the continuous application process which is open during semesters. Via the continuous application process, the maximum amount of a grant is 2000€, whereas the amount of project funding in the actual application rounds is not limited.

Application time for the third round of 2018 ends on Sunday 30 Sept 2018 at 11.59 pm. Instructions for the application and its attachments can be found on the Fund’s website at To apply for a grant, fill in the online form found at

The times of the application rounds for autumn 2018 and other information is available on the TTE Fund website at Also, check out the Facebook page at (in Finnish).


4. AYY service questionnaire 2018 to be passed on to all members
Welcome to answering the AYY service questionnaire! The Student Union produces many different services for its members, such as community, housing and sports services. This questionnaire will help us find out our members’ opinions and experiences of their necessity and quality and the related communication. The questionnaire will produce useful information to support the operational development of both the Student Union and the University.

You can access the questionnaire here:

The research is conducted by the Research Foundation for Studies and Education Otus. For more information on the research, please contact Otus researcher Rasmus Reinikainen (rasmus.reinikainen(at)

Filling in the questionnaire will take about 20 minutes and can be done until Monday 1 Oct. Lots will be drawn from among all respondents for the lucky winners of ten cinema tickets and one free rental space use (excluding Servin mökki or Rantasauna). The winners will be notified personally. The contact details you leave for the raffle will not be connected to your answers.

With autumnal greetings on behalf of the whole AYY,
Noora Vänttinen, AYY Chair of the Board

5. Member lists of Special Status Associations available from AYY
All Special Status Associations whose membership fee has been payable via Oodi in connection with the AYY membership fee can request their member lists from AYY.

The member list includes the members’ names, home municipalities and email addresses. More information about data disclosure can be found in AYY’s member register’s data protection statement at (in Finnish). The data will not be disclosed by email but must be collected either in printed form or loaded onto a personal memory drive. Agree on a pick-up time by contacting either AYY’s IT Support (tietotekniikka (a) or Administrative and HR Manager (johanna.pietilainen (a)!

Receiving the membership fees from AYY:
The first part of Special Status Associations’ membership fees paid in connection with the annual enrolment were paid out towards the end of August, and the remaining membership fees for this autumn will be paid out during October at the latest.


6. Follow AYY on social media!
Do you want to be among the first to know what your Student Union is doing and what is going on in the Aalto Community? Follow AYY’s social media accounts to instantly find out what is going on:


Also keep in mind the Facebook groups AYY Events, Aalto International and AYY Study Events and AYY: Advocacy, as well as the Telegram groups AYY: Advocacy and Aalto International!


7. Take over AYY’s Instagram Story for a day
Do you want to talk about your operations, showcase your association or maybe show how an event is organised your way? Your association has the opportunity to tell AYY’s 1900 Instagram followers what it is that you do and how you do it. Via the Stories, the followers get to see what a versatile and multifaceted organisation field AYY has, and your association will reach new people at the same time.

Are you interested in taking over AYY’s Instagram Story? Send a note to AYY Information Officer Henna Palonen (henna.palonen(a) and agree on your day.



Send us your short text by 10 am on Wednesday to tiedotteet (a) The news will be translated, so you only have to use one language.

The information in the newsletter is edited by the AYY Association and Communications Specialist, Essi Puustinen (essi.puustinen (a), tel. 050 520 9442).

Want to unsubscribe from the association newsletter mailing list? Click on the link and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page:

More than 50 free subevents at the Otaniemi Night of Arts art festival

Press release
Aalto University Student Union
Free for release from 21 Sept 2018

Aalto University Student Union AYY combines forces with student organisations and sets up Otaniemi Night of Arts, an interartistic art festival, on Saturday 6 Oct. The full programme of the free event aimed at all residents of the metropolitan area has now been published.

Otaniemi Night of Arts is a new kind of art festival organised for the first time on the Otaniemi campus of Aalto University. The event, taking place on the first Saturday of October, is characterised by student initiative and a broad conception of art.

The festival consists of more than 50 independent subevents organised by Aalto University students and other members of the Aalto community. The event is coordinated by the Student Union.

“We were delighted with the amount and variety of subevents, which exceeded our expectations,” says Julius Laakkonen, who is in charge of artistic activities on the Board of Aalto University Student Union.

Traditional, experimental and surprising art in the programme

All of the more than 50 events in the Otaniemi Night of Arts programme are free of charge. The first events start at 1.30 in the afternoon, and there is plenty of activity around the campus until the early hours.

The programme includes, for example, music from rap to traditional student choirs, dance, media art – and some more unusual works of art, such as a painting to be collectively coloured in using paintball guns. Many of the subevents, such as the art tapestry and ukulele workshops, are suitable for the whole family.

“The range of the events makes Otaniemi the leading arts district in Espoo, at least for a day. Otaniemi will become the Berlin of Espoo,” announces Luukkanen with a twinkle in his eye.

The detailed programme and schedule of the festival can be found at

The student community showcases its creativity

Otaniemi Night of Arts is part of Aalto University Student Union’s theme year, the Year of Art.

The purpose of the year is to highlight the collective creativity of Aalto University’s interdisciplinary student community. Hence, the festival is being organised by a combination of students from all Aalto schools as well as several student associations from hobby clubs to subject organisations.

The free event is aimed at all citizens.

“At the Student Union, we see daily that the Aalto community is capable of a multitude of things. I’m excited that we can now invite the whole metropolitan area to get to know the artistic, surprising side of our community,” remarks Luukkanen.


More information and interview requests: Tero Uuttana, Student Advocacy Specialist for ARTS students, 050 520 9439 or

Festival programme and schedule:

Festival website:

Facebook event:

Football player Katarina Naumanen is Aalto Athlete of 2018

Aalto University Student Union (AYY) is presenting football player Katarina Naumanen with the award of Aalto Athlete of 2018. The winner was announced at the Aalto 10km/5km running event on Sunday 16 Sept 2018. Naumanen was not able to attend the event herself but will receive the award from the Student Union at a later point in time.

Naumanen plays football for the women’s league team of Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi (HJK), which is one the most successful teams in Finnish football history. Naumanen plays defence, and additionally coaches the girls’ team of HJK.

Naumanen is also in Finland’s national women’s football team. She played her first international match in February 2014 and, by the end of 2018, she has played a total of 16 international matches.

Naumanen graduated last spring from Aalto University’s Bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Administration and is presently continuing her master’s level studies.

The AYY Board chooses the Aalto Athlete of the year based on the suggestions made by members of the Student Union. In addition to sports achievements, the selection criteria emphasise academic performance and fair and honest participation in the student community’s activities.

Fellow students gave the following reasons for selecting Naumanen:

“Katarina Naumanen has a phenomenal ability to combine elite sport and studying and to succeed in both sectors. In addition to studying and sports, Katarina has managed to make space in her calendar for taking part in student associations’ activities, too. Kata has been an active member of Nordiska Ekonomie Studerandes Union (NESU) which promotes the collaboration of Nordic economy students, the sports tutoring association EnerKY and the Women of Aalto association. In these associations’ activities, Kata’s sunny and encouraging personality cheers up everyone around her. You rarely hear her moan about anything.

Those who know Kata say she is always ready to participate and to help, whether it is about organising events or completing course assignments.”

Aalto Athlete of the year is an award presented yearly by Aalto University Student Union. The award is presented to an Aalto student who has gained sporting success at national or international level, is successful in their studies, and is fair and honest in their participation in the student community’s activities.

More information: Lauri Seppäläinen, Board member of Aalto University Student Union