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The scholarships of spring 2019 have been decided

In its meeting on May the 28th, 2019, the board of AYY has accepted the proposal of the scholarship committees for the distribution of the spring 2019 scholarships, and dealt out scholarships and grants based on them.

There were 363 applicants in total. The applications were as follows:
• Exchange scholarship: 185 applications
• Community scholarship: 87 applications
• Study scholarship: 183 applications.


Study Scholarship:
Aaltonen Silla 500 €
Erkamo Helmi 500 €
Kauppi Joel 500 €
Korhonen Hilja 500 €
Lehtiniemi Sampsa 500 €
Niiranen Janina 500 €
Nurmi Kasper 500 €
Närekorpi Anton 500 €
Oksala Ella 500 €
Pusula Jani 500 €
Pääkkönen Roope 500 €
Raitanen Pinja 500 €
Saari Titta 500 €
Santikko Santeri 500 €
Seppä-Lassila Juhani 500 €
Tanska Noora 500 €
Tuukkanen Einari 500 €
Törrönen Terhi 500 €
Ukkonen Minna 500 €
Viertiö Jaakko 500 €

Community Scholarship:
Heinilä Toni 500 €
Hurskainen Riku 500 €
Kariluoto Joni 500 €
Kirjonen Ville 500 €
Kuutti Elina 500 €
Lammi Pekka 500 €
Leino Tuomo 500 €
Liimatainen Mikael 500 €
Noki Jenina 500 €
Ojala Suvi 500 €
Salminen Noora 500 €
Segercrantz Christian 500 €
Seppäläinen Lauri 500 €
Sivaro Niklas 500 €
Soivio Topi 500 €
Sørensen Jette 500 €
Tiitinen Janne-Joonas 500 €
Tran Viet 500 €
Vähä-Savo Lauri 500 €
Vänttinen Noora 500 €

Exchange Scholarship:
Haukipuro Eeva-Sofia 350 €
Hautala Aino 500 €
Hellemaa Sara 375 €
Huuki Konsta 375 €
Hynynen Kaisa 500 €
Hämäläinen Anette 375 €
Kosomaa Emmi 375 €
Kulikoff Joel 600 €
Kuuttiniemi Krista 625 €
Lampela Nina 375 €
Lauritsalo Anna 375 €
Leinonen Milja 375 €
Muttonen Sini 575 €
Mäkinen Jani 550 €
Oksala Ella 350 €
Orpana Joona 375 €
Pitkänen Elena 375 €
Raitanen Pinja 350 €
Takala Timo 375 €
Tolonen Meeri 350 €
Törrönen Terhi 375 €
Wederhorn Linda 500 €
Viitikko Samuel 625 €

Association newsletter for week 23/2019

This is the AYY association newsletter for week 23/2019

The AYY Board has decided upon the grants distributed to associations in its meeting (item 1). If you missed out on submitting your association notice in March, the late submission is now open and ends on 30 Jun (item 2). Additionally, you can check your association’s profile in the beta version of the new website and report any changes to us (item 3).

The association newsletter is starting its summer break after this newsletter. Have a sunny and relaxing summer, everyone!
Upcoming events and important dates for associations
3 Sept: Aalto Party and Aalto Afterparty
21 Sept: Otaniemi Night of Arts
28 Oct–5 Nov: AYY Representative Council election
2–4 Dec: AYY’s association training
16 May 2020: Save the Date: AYY 10th Annual Ball, Finlandia Hall


Contents of the newsletter
1. Operating grants for 2019 have now been allocated
2. Missing association notices must be made by Sun 30 Jun
3. Association profiles and link to update form on AYY’s new website
4. Association Guide and training materials for new Boards
5. Get your association into shape for the summer with these tips!
6. Advertise your association’s services in the association newsletter
7. Organise a subevent for Otaniemi Night of Arts on 21 Sept
8. Store traces of your association operations in history – remember to archive
9. Internationalisation A to Z guide to help out your association
1.Operating grants for 2019 have now been allocated
The operating grants for 2019 have been allocated, and the grant amounts can be found at

Grants will be paid out to a total of 120 associations. The operating grants will be paid out once all the grant conditions have been met. The payment orders will be made soon, and the funds will be available on the account recorded in the TAHLO system in Midsummer week at the latest if everything is in order with your association.

Missing appendices? Both the appendices that were granted extra time and those that were otherwise missing must be submitted before the grant is paid out. Submit the missing appendices via the TAHLO system or to by 30 Jun at the latest. Associations will not be separately contacted regarding appendices that were granted extra time but these must be submitted in accordance with the instructions sent as the extra time was granted. Others will be sent a message and told which appendices were missing or inadequate. Check the required appendices here:

Faulty profile? If there are flaws in an association’s profile on the AYY website or anything else needing attention, you will be contacted separately. The renewed update instructions can be found at item 3. The profile must be in order in accordance with the instructions given during the application round before an operating grant is paid out.

Once you have submitted or corrected something that was missing (appendices, profiles, numbers of members), please let us know at jarjestoasiat(a) and we will make the payment order for your grant.

Feedback received on the new type of application has been mainly positive. If you want to send us more positives or negatives, we can develop the grant application process further:


2. Missing association notices must be made by Sun 30 Jun
Each association operating within AYY must submit an association notice annually. Associations that have not yet filed an association notice for 2019 must do so by 11.59 pm on 30 Jun. Operating grants can no longer be applied for. If the association fails to file an association notice in the allocated time for the second year in a row, it may be removed from the Student Union’s association register altogether.

The association notice is submitted in the TAHLO system, available at You log in with your association’s user details, and forgotten user details can be restored to the email recorded as the association’s shared address at

Carefully fill in all details on TAHLO’s tabs General, Board, Facilities and Attachments. The information can be updated until the form closes at 11.59 pm on 30 Jun, so everything does not have to be done at once. Remember to save the changes before you exit the tab!

When filling in the association notice, you need the following appendices:

*   the current rules
*   the annual report from 2018
*   the operational plan for 2019

Remember to also update your association profile on the AYY website at For more detailed instructions, see If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact the Organisation Sector (jarjestoasiat at


3. Association profiles and link to update form on AYY’s new website
The beta version of AYY’s new website will be published on Monday 3.6. (We apologize that, for a little while, the address is redirecting to sitefactory. We’ll get the “real” beta running as soon as possible) As usual, you can find the associations’ profiles on there, grouped based on their operations. If you spot something in your profile that needs fixing or have been asked to update it to receive an operating grant, submit the new text or contact details via the form.

Check your association’s profile here: -> Student activities -> List of Associations

The contents have been copied from the old website, but some need to be updated. From now on, associations cannot edit their own section on the AYY website but any changes are made using this form:

Remember to always edit all three language versions! The minimum requirement is to write the profile in two languages. Do not update your profile on the old website anymore. In early autumn, associations will be sent the user details for the website so that you can add your association’s open events into the calendar found on the site.

You can ask for more information and give feedback on the website at


4. Association Guide and training materials for new Boards
In some associations, a new Board will step in ahead of the summer. Hence, it is good to remind you of the help you have available, such as the Association Guide and the location of last autumn’s association training materials. Please pass this information on to your new operators!

The Association Guide features a multitude of information that associations operating within AYY need to support their operations. The themes cover founding an association, its financial management, administration and equality alike. And plenty of other things! In addition, the extensive Materials bank helps you find essential external sources of information. The sections regarding the financial statement are particularly topical for many of those whose term is ending in the summer.

The Association Guide can be found here:

It is advisable to go through this website carefully at the beginning of your term in office and to keep returning to it along the way. Feedback is definitely welcome, as there are always little things to fix. You can also find the materials from November 2018’s association training here:

In the future, you should first look for answers in the Association Guide and only afterwards contact the Organisation Sector: jarjestoasiat(a) Also, remember to add your new operators onto the associations’ mailing list here: You should also check that your Board’s mailing list is forwarded to the right persons and that the user details are transferred to the new operators to smooth out the transition phase.


  1. Get your association into shape for the summer with these tips!
    With summer approaching, the operations of many organisations start to slow down for summer hibernation. This makes now a good time to get your organisation’s matters into shape for the summer and to make sure that the things left unorganised from the spring will not be casting a shadow over the summer holidays.

Please make sure that your association’s finances are in order for the spring. This means at least that all of the spring’s transactions, expense claims and receipts are up to date. You can find help on matters related to financial management and accounting in the Association Guide: While you are at it, complete anything left hanging, such as sending messages and gathering the required signatures. If you need advice, jarjestoasiat(a) will answer your questions. Once all spring tasks have been finalised, it is easier to get ready for the autumn and nice to get back to your new tasks in the autumn!

Also, it is a good idea to take at least a bit of a break from organisation chores in the summer, so that your enthusiasm will carry you through the autumn as well. See you at Aalto Party on 3 Sept at the latest!


  1. Advertise your association’s services in the association newsletter
    Does your association have some equipment, tools, games, dishes or other handy things to lend or rent out to associations operating within AYY? To raise the utilisation rate of the equipment your association owns, try advertising in AYY’s association newsletter. Communal usage makes sense for your wallet as well as the environment! Borrowing and renting is a more sustainable way to get hold of things, as it prevents you from having to buy them new. Praise the sharing economy!

You can submit your compact text (about 50 words), title and link to more information or your contact details to tiedotteet(a) We will be publishing these adverts in the association newsletter throughout the year or at the time you wish.


  1. Organise a subevent for Otaniemi Night of Arts on 21 Sept
    Otaniemi Night of Arts, the interartistic, open-to-all, free-of-charge campus festival, is organised on 21 Sept this year! What artistic fun could your association bring to the event?

In Otaniemi Night of Arts, all willing Aalto students and student organisations get to put on their own kind of artistic and creative activities. The festival consists of several smaller subevents that are mainly organised by the Aalto community. The goal is to express the creativity and versatility of the entire Aalto community. The event takes place mostly in the vicinity of Väre and the School of Business but also at AYY’s own facilities.

Registration as a subevent organiser will remain open until the beginning of August. You can also sign up right now to take part in organising the biggest and most impressive interartistic event in Otaniemi at

More information is available on the abovementioned website and from


  1. Store traces of your association operations in history – remember to archive
    Is it easy to forget archiving? What is it necessary and worthwhile to archive in the first place? Is your archiving left to the end of the year without you even noticing? Just ahead of the summer is a good time to grab hold of the topic to get this spring’s or your last operating year’s materials safe.

The archive of Aalto University Student Union offers the associations operating within it storage space, equipment and advice on archiving. Archiving is meant to give future operators a vivid idea of the association’s operations. It is worth archiving all self-produced materials relating to the association’s operations as well as other materials that might interest the next generations, all marked appropriately. Tips for limiting your archiving can be found, for example, on the Yhdistystoimijat website (in Finnish).

What is important is that archiving is kept in mind and executed throughout the year. Don’t be afraid to ask for some tips and to contact arkisto(a)


  1. The Internationalisation A to Z guide to help out your association
    Every fifth Aalto person is an international student. Are they taken into account in the operations and events of your association? Do you need help with internationalisation?

Making student association operations more international may seem difficult, but it can also be implemented in small steps. This guide presents tangible ways to take the international perspective into account both at the association’s events and in its operating methods. The guide is divided in three sections, of which A includes things that are easy to implement, B some things that require more investment and C more thorough internationalisation measures that have a wider impact. The aims have been divided into four areas:

Advocacy: How does your association function? How do you take the international perspective into consideration?
New students: How can you get exchange students and international degree students to join the association’s operations?
Events: What kinds of events does your association organise?
Communication: Whom does your communication reach and how? What languages are used in your association?

You can find the Internationalisation A to Z guide in the Association Guide:

We hope that this guide is helpful to you and your association! If you need some help or tips regarding international students or internationalisation, you can reach our specialist Rosa Väisänen and Board member Taneli Myllykangas at Remember to also join the Aalto International channel on Telegram!



The association newsletter is starting its summer break and returns again in August. Send us your short text by 10 am to tiedotteet (a) The news will be translated, so you only have to use one language.

The information in the newsletter is edited by the AYY Association and Communications Specialist, Essi Puustinen (essi.puustinen (a), tel. 050 520 9442).

Want to unsubscribe from the association newsletter mailing list? Click on the link and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page:

“Not an internship in coffee-making, that’s for sure!” – Communications and sustainable development themes in the form of a university internship

Jasmin Järvinen (on the left) and Hanna Yletyinen have worked as university interns at AYY.

This spring and summer, two university interns have been working at Aalto University Student Union. Hanna Yletyinen completed her internship in March–May in the Communications team, while Jasmin Järvinen started to work on sustainable development themes in May. Hanna and Jasmin are both students of the University of Helsinki. Hanna is studying theology and communications, and Jasmin is doing master’s-level studies in the Environmental Change and Global Sustainability programme.

When she arrived at AYY, Hanna did not really know what to expect. She had been actively involved with organisations and putting on events in the Faculty Association for Theology Students, for example, but communications was fairly unknown territory for her. The internship has given Hanna a good perspective on what working in communications could be like and exceeded all her expectations. Her working days have consisted of various tasks related to communications. “There have been social media posts and meetings, but the most work has gone towards the soon-to-be-published new website,” she says. “I have also had a chance to be involved in different projects like the parliamentary and European Elections and the Manta crowning, so my duties have been extremely versatile.”

Jasmin’s internship has only just begun. In her first weeks, Jasmin says she has got stuck into some interesting and important things. “Among other things, I will be thinking about how AYY’s carbon footprint could be charted and measured. I’ll also be preparing some internal guidelines and planning trainings.” Jasmin has also got to work on the Climate Tip series for the coming autumn’s Design Calendar, aimed to encourage students to think about and change their lives in a way that is more sustainable for the environment. “It feels like I’m doing everything at once right now, because it’s all so inspiring that I can’t decide what I’d like to focus on first,” she laughs.

Both say that the AYY work community has been warm and welcoming. Nearing the end of her internship, Hanna says that compared to her past work communities, AYY has put particularly much effort on the wellbeing of employees. She feels that the regular discussions with her manager have been beneficial and the entire office’s communal morning meetings a good and easy way to learn about others’ work as well. “The best has been that I’ve got to do things that are real and tangible. And that’s where you learn best, too. This has not been an internship in coffee-making, that’s for sure,” Hanna says with a twinkle in her eye.

Jasmin has also been positively surprised by the fact that she has got to do tangible things from the start. “It’s also lovely that the work community has a relaxed attitude towards working and trusts that things will get done even if they are not on the clock.” Hanna agrees with Jasmin’s notions and continues: “You can see from everyone here that they enjoy what they do!”

During her internship, Jasmin would like to learn how sustainable development themes can be advanced in practice or integrated as part of everyday life and operations. “I’m also excited about getting to do some communications, to write a blog entry and to build my own expertise.”

In the future, Hanna could see herself working in communications for a living. “I’d like to do something where I can use my theological know-how. I’d like to learn to understand different kinds of people and to solve the typical issues of urbanisation, like social exclusion,” Hanna says. Jasmin would like to see herself as a specialist in environmental responsibility. “I see myself working on the big issues. I want to be a part of finding the solution to global environmental challenges, such as climate change,” Jasmin envisions.

File your missing association notices by Sunday, the 30th of June

All associations within AYY must fill out a yearly association notice. Associations that have not yet filed an association notice for 2019 must do so before the 30th of June, at 11.59 pm. It is no longer possible to apply for operating grants this year.


Associations operating within AYY must submit an association notice annually. This is essentially our way of making sure that the association continues to meet the requirements set by the Association Regulation. Hence, the most important appendix is the current rules. In accordance with the Association Regulation, an association that fails to submit the association notice in two consecutive years may be removed from the register by decision of the Board.

The association notice consists of tabs to be filled in and the required appendices. As appendices, we require:

– the current rules
– the previous operating year’s annual report
– the current operating year’s operational plan



  1. Have the required appendices ready (rules, annual report and operational plan).
  2. Log in to the Tahlo system at with your association’s user details. If the user details have gone missing, they can generally be restored to your Board’s email address at
  3. Carefully fill in the tabs General, Board, Facilities and Attachments. Save each tab separately as you fill them in.
  4. If you do not submit all of the required appendices, the association notice is inadequate. You can request more time to submit the appendices, but a justified and valid reason is required for this. Send a message to, tell us your reasoning and when the appendices will be ready. In any case, late appendices must be delivered to AYY by 31 May 2019.
  5. Great, you have done it! You have now submitted the required association notice.
  6. In addition, you can update or create an association profile for your association.



AYY’s Organisation Sector ( will answer all questions regarding the operating grants. You can also reach the Organisation Sector by phone at 050 520 9442 (weekdays).

Searching for a graphic designer to create the visual outlook of Otaniemi Night of Arts festival

We are searching for an Aalto graphic designer or graphic design student to create the visual outlook for the cross-artistic campus festival Otaniemi Night of Arts, coming up in September.


The designer will create the program booklet, poster, advert for calendar, Facebook banner and web page graphics.


You are who we seek if:

  • you can handle creating both printed and digital material
  • have a good imagination
  • are bold with the use of colours
  • you can think ”outside the box”


The task is remunerated with a sum of 850€ with an income tax card or 1110€ if invoiced.


Need for the visual material is on June-August and first deadline is calendar advert 15th of June.


Send an application with draft of the visual outlook and work examples to no later than 4th of June, 12:00.


More information about last year’s festiva program leaflet and visual outlook:


We will inform the applicant latest at Friday 7th of June.


More information about the task:

Tero Uuttana, taidetoiminnan asiantuntija


AYY added Veera Krouglov’s and Siina Levonoja’s sculptures in its art collection

In 2017, AYY started to accumulate its own art collection. The two paintings chosen then can be seen in the Undergraduate Centre even now. This year, AYY’s Steering Group of Artistic Activities decided to add a sculpture or an installation to the art collection and set up an open call for applications for all Aalto students.

A total of 10 artworks were submitted for this. Each piece was highly unique, and they were all very interesting and of high quality. The two chosen ones spoke to the panel especially. The panel’s members were member of AYY board Marianne Honkasaari, Dean of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture Tuomas Auvinen as well as Mahnaz Khanpour Monazedi, student of the Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art master’s programme.

The first piece is entitled ‘Bubblegum.’ The piece manages to win over the viewer instantly and bring a smile to their face. It manifests innocence, purity and goodness in a messy world. On the other hand, its lack of expression makes you wonder what it is really thinking about behind its carefree, pretty and shiny facade.

The artist Veera Krouglov is studying Visual Narrative at the Department of Media at master’s level. She has Animation as a second subject. Veera did her bachelor’s in Scotland, in an art school called Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, where she focused mostly on ceramics and drawing. This is how the artist describes her piece: “The piece is based on a character who often appears quite unnoticed in my sketchbook and notes. The character usually seems to be expressing some kind of emotion or personality. This particular creature has a bubble-gum-like head and a colourful outfit. It’s carefree and maybe a bit naive – in a good way. It’s sitting and dreaming.”

The second sculpture is entitled ‘Brownie.’ The coarse and organic nature of “Brownie” brings to mind decay and the destruction of the pristine. The distorted fingers of desaturated coral are lazily grasping for something – maybe salvation, vitality, a new beginning. The viewer will however understand that the stoneware can’t be affected by time, at least in the way the character it depicts seems to long for. Although, perhaps it has settled. The viewer can decide.

The artist, Siina Levonoja, is currently preparing her final project in the Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art (ViCCA) master’s programme. In her project, she deals with the relationship of humans and animals as well as animals’ part in art. ‘Brownie’ was inspired by the artist’s completed three-piece artwork ‘Kingdom: Animalia,’ and the piece itself is currently in the sketch phase. AYY will receive the completed artwork in week 22. This is how the artist describes her piece:  “The ‘Brownie’ sculpture tells a story of life in a coral reef. In my art, I study the living environments and animals of coral reefs, and I portray my imaginings of the secret underwater world through my artwork. Another motive for the piece is to spread the word about the impoverishment of nature’s diversity and the climate crisis. Despite the serious premise of my art, the end result can be subtly humoristic. I want to remind the viewer in a gentle way of the vulnerability of life and to guide them to think about themselves and their living environment.”

Thank you to all applicants, and congratulations to Veera Krouglov and Siina Levonoja. Both artworks will later be put on display on campus for all to see.

AYY added two sculptures in its art collection. One of them is ‘Bubblegum’ by artist Veera Krouglov. Photo: Atte Mäkinen