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Searching for a graphic designer to create the visual outlook of Otaniemi Night of Arts festival

We are searching for an Aalto graphic designer or graphic design student to create the visual outlook for the cross-artistic campus festival Otaniemi Night of Arts, coming up in September.


The designer will create the program booklet, poster, advert for calendar, Facebook banner and web page graphics.


You are who we seek if:

  • you can handle creating both printed and digital material
  • have a good imagination
  • are bold with the use of colours
  • you can think ”outside the box”


The task is remunerated with a sum of 850€ with an income tax card or 1110€ if invoiced.


Need for the visual material is on June-August and first deadline is calendar advert 15th of June.


Send an application with draft of the visual outlook and work examples to no later than 4th of June, 12:00.


More information about last year’s festiva program leaflet and visual outlook:


We will inform the applicant latest at Friday 7th of June.


More information about the task:

Tero Uuttana, taidetoiminnan asiantuntija


AYY added Veera Krouglov’s and Siina Levonoja’s sculptures in its art collection

In 2017, AYY started to accumulate its own art collection. The two paintings chosen then can be seen in the Undergraduate Centre even now. This year, AYY’s Steering Group of Artistic Activities decided to add a sculpture or an installation to the art collection and set up an open call for applications for all Aalto students.

A total of 10 artworks were submitted for this. Each piece was highly unique, and they were all very interesting and of high quality. The two chosen ones spoke to the panel especially. The panel’s members were member of AYY board Marianne Honkasaari, Dean of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture Tuomas Auvinen as well as Mahnaz Khanpour Monazedi, student of the Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art master’s programme.

The first piece is entitled ‘Bubblegum.’ The piece manages to win over the viewer instantly and bring a smile to their face. It manifests innocence, purity and goodness in a messy world. On the other hand, its lack of expression makes you wonder what it is really thinking about behind its carefree, pretty and shiny facade.

The artist Veera Krouglov is studying Visual Narrative at the Department of Media at master’s level. She has Animation as a second subject. Veera did her bachelor’s in Scotland, in an art school called Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, where she focused mostly on ceramics and drawing. This is how the artist describes her piece: “The piece is based on a character who often appears quite unnoticed in my sketchbook and notes. The character usually seems to be expressing some kind of emotion or personality. This particular creature has a bubble-gum-like head and a colourful outfit. It’s carefree and maybe a bit naive – in a good way. It’s sitting and dreaming.”

The second sculpture is entitled ‘Brownie.’ The coarse and organic nature of “Brownie” brings to mind decay and the destruction of the pristine. The distorted fingers of desaturated coral are lazily grasping for something – maybe salvation, vitality, a new beginning. The viewer will however understand that the stoneware can’t be affected by time, at least in the way the character it depicts seems to long for. Although, perhaps it has settled. The viewer can decide.

The artist, Siina Levonoja, is currently preparing her final project in the Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art (ViCCA) master’s programme. In her project, she deals with the relationship of humans and animals as well as animals’ part in art. ‘Brownie’ was inspired by the artist’s completed three-piece artwork ‘Kingdom: Animalia,’ and the piece itself is currently in the sketch phase. AYY will receive the completed artwork in week 22. This is how the artist describes her piece:  “The ‘Brownie’ sculpture tells a story of life in a coral reef. In my art, I study the living environments and animals of coral reefs, and I portray my imaginings of the secret underwater world through my artwork. Another motive for the piece is to spread the word about the impoverishment of nature’s diversity and the climate crisis. Despite the serious premise of my art, the end result can be subtly humoristic. I want to remind the viewer in a gentle way of the vulnerability of life and to guide them to think about themselves and their living environment.”

Thank you to all applicants, and congratulations to Veera Krouglov and Siina Levonoja. Both artworks will later be put on display on campus for all to see.

AYY added two sculptures in its art collection. One of them is ‘Bubblegum’ by artist Veera Krouglov. Photo: Atte Mäkinen

AYY handed out acknowledgements and awards at its ninth Annual Ball

Press release

Aalto University Student Union

Free for release on 18 May 2019 at 9.00 pm

Aalto University Student Union AYY celebrated its ninth Annual Ball on Saturday 18 May 2019 at Helsinki’s Kaivohuone. At the Annual Ball, AYY rewarded distinguished members and associations of the Aalto community and revealed the new artworks acquired for its art collection. AYY handed out awards for the Learning Promotion Deed of 2019 and the International Deed of 2019 as well as the Student Union’s official acknowledgements. For the first time, the AYY Master of Ceremonies’ staff, designed and executed by Aino Hautala, was also in use at the Annual Ball.

The award for the Learning Promotion Deed of 2019 was given to the studyfication of volunteer operations. The award was accepted by University Lecturer Jari Ylitalo, who is the leading teacher of the ‘Influencing in a community’ and ‘Growing into an influential leader’ courses and the father of the whole idea. The courses enable the success, growth and development of many of the hundreds of volunteers of the Aalto community. Both courses are also excellent platforms for the internal networking of student actives.

The International Deed award for 2019 went to Junction. They were awarded on the strength of an inspiring and proactive level of internationality both within the Aalto community and abroad. Through their activities and events, the people at Junction have encouraged international students to join the volunteer operations, enabled many kinds of multicultural encounters and made our community’s ‘can-do’ attitude known around the world. In addition to this, an honorary mention for an International Deed was given to Kamil Marwat, who has been actively involved in advocacy work on behalf of tuition-fee-paying students both at Aalto and nationally.

In 2017, AYY started to accumulate its own art collection. This year, AYY’s Steering Group of Artistic Activities decided to add two sculptures to the art collection. The first piece is ‘Bubblegum’ by artist Veera Krouglov, and the second is artist Siiri Levonoja’s sculpture ‘Brownie.’

AYY awarded its highest acknowledgement, the badge of honour, to the Student Union’s first Financial Director Reija Väätäinen as well as the long-standing AYY active Jari Isaksson.

AYY also awarded two hero badges, received by Radiodiodi and Campus Development.

In addition, 10 badges of merit and 20 community badges were awarded, and these are listed below.

Aalto University Student Union congratulates all acknowledgement recipients and thanks them for the good and important work they have done for the Aalto community.

Hero badge


Campus Development

Badge of honour

Reija Väätäinen

Jari Isaksson

Badge of merit

Tyko Viertiö

Noora Vänttinen

Rosa Väisänen

Onni Lampi

Mikko Latva-Käyrä

Oskar Niemenoja

Kaisa Talvitie

Joona Orpana

Iina Ryhänen

Hilja Korhonen

Community badge

Aino Hautala

Henri Heilala

Totti Tyynilä

Tuukka Ahtola

Ville Mansikkaniemi

Christian Segercrantz

Emma Savela

Irma Savolainen

Jenina Noki

Tuomas Rantataro

Viet Tran

Emilia Mäenmaa

Titta Saari

Tuomo Leino

Ville Kauhanen

Roope Pääkkönen

Pietari Peltonen

Joonas Palosuo

Katariina Helin

Roope Vesterinen

Tapio Hautamäki’s speech on AYY’s ninth annual ball 18.5.2019

Dear friends, guests, dear Aalto people

Often serene, adaptable, cooperative, eager and quick to learn. May, however, occasionally be clinging, defiant and need special attention and support in new challenges. Wants to be big and independent at times, and at times just wants to cuddle up to you. This is how the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare describes a nine-year-old child, but I think this description could also very well be used for our nine-year-old Student Union.

In nine years, the new University has got its walls up and found its place in society. The name of Aalto University is known and familiar around Finland and the world. You could also think that this is somehow the end of the beginning, as we are no longer the youngest student union but have been succeeded by two new ones, the University of the Arts Student Union and the Student Union of Tampere University.

By Aalto’s side, we have had a good place to grow and put up our own walls, and along the years, plenty of the best student’s life in the world has already been seen within these walls. For the first time ever, all Aalto students – apart from those in Mikkeli – have spent this academic year on the same campus. In the interviews given around the First of May, many reporters were asking how this has manifested itself in Otaniemi. I think the shared campus has already given us a great deal: encounters with new people, new courses, new thoughts. We have got closer to one another, which has brought a great deal more life and energy into the Aalto community.

It is good to keep in mind, however, that in the minds of many students, the move is still incomplete. Many things are being worked on, and people are getting used to the new facilities. But this is also something we as a community can help with. Let’s be open. Let’s get used to new things. Let’s give feedback. Let’s wonder and be surprised. And let’s also learn to tolerate occasional uncertainty and to work outside our own comfort zone.

When forming the Board last autumn, I was in a really privileged position. The Board received applications from 22 extremely qualified people from different Schools and backgrounds. In my mind, this means that over the years, AYY has managed to grow more and more into the Student Union of all Aalto people. I hope that this is the way we are heading. That each year, also more and more Arts and Design or Chemical Technology students, international or Swedish-language students and KY people feel that AYY works for them. I would hope for the number of applicants to the Board and AYY’s volunteer activities to grow and diversify even further. This way, the gang working from the office would represent the whole community even better. What is key is that our Student Union’s operations are guided, stage by stage, to line up with the principles that were decided in the community structures project.

I find the Tempaus project of 2016 a great example of how working together can create stories and legends and weld the community together. I would like to think that for a long time to come, stories will be told of how Aalto students spent a couple of days visiting 1500 schools to motivate pupils to learn. It is not necessary to always pull a stunt, but this is a good reminder of how acting together makes us more powerful and gets our voice heard even outside the campus area and the Finnish borders.

Having influence also means having responsibility. We must take even more responsibility for ourselves and the world around us. At AYY, environmental themes have been taken seriously and incorporated into the operations, and we will surely be cooperating on them with Aalto, Espoo and our other partners alike. If we are unable to solve the challenges related to climate change and the collapse of biodiversity, there will be a lot less to celebrate at the Annual Balls of future generations.

Dear Aalto people,

There is a vast number of people sitting in this hall who have been involved with the production of various great things. There is no need to explain the Student Union’s administration or the principles of event organising to you. You know how much work it takes to successfully put on an Annual Ball week or a dinner party for a few hundred heads. Or to successfully lobby that small but oh-so-important word into the University’s strategy. Or for that statue there by the Market Square to get her student cap. These kinds of huge efforts – or any accomplishments of a smaller scale, for that matter – would not be possible without you, the amazing operators of AYY. Here are some thanks:

Firstly, the responsible, enthusiastic and quickly-learning volunteers. Without you, AYY’s event field would be very empty, and we would not be in the know of what goes on in various organisations or university working groups. Thank you for taking the students’ voice to all corners of our community. You make the students visible. Thank you to student representatives in administration, to the sections, the Teekkari Section, Aava, Campus Section, Edujory, Museum Section, 10-year Anniversary Section, as well as the committees, all together and individually, and to our producers Niina and Anu, who are keeping everything in hand and creating the foundations for all this amazingness to come true.

In this community, only change is permanent. For example, more than 20 people were recruited at AYY last year. This nine-year-old’s serenity, adaptability and cooperative skills are guaranteed by our diamond team of specialists. Thank you for your fantastic work. Thank you for adjusting to change and for being there to support the Board and the whole office. It would be impossible to function without you.

May, however, occasionally be clinging, defiant and need special attention and support in new challenges. Thus, behind all this visible work, there is a large support team and people who create the framework for all this. They plan which data system enables our operations best. How much money do the different activities take? How do the processes work? … and so on.

One of these people, the pillar of all pillars, is here celebrating with us today. AYY’s first Financial Director Reija had her last working day yesterday. And so, I cannot resist taking this opportunity to thank you one more time. Thank you, Reija, for giving us your iron professionalism! Thanks to you, our nine-year-old knows a lot more than most others.

You may have seen Reija with these big, black notebooks. Reija went and revealed at the eleventh hour that they contain records of all the juicy secrets and incidents from years past. Apparently, they cannot be made public yet, what with Reija herself not remembering everything she has written in there. But she promised that they are all now being moved to the summer house for a preliminary inspection. And even though Reija is not very much driven by deadlines, maybe one will come in handy with this. Reija, I’m expecting a presentation of the best bits for next year’s party.

For me, the Aalto community has been offering the best student’s life in the world for many years now. It has contained successes, world-widening conversations and amazing people who have been great to work and improve the world with. It has provided an arena for growing as a person and for seeing that all kinds of people have a place in this world and this community.

As the MLL description said, sometimes a nine-year-old just wants to cuddle up. The way I see it is that sometimes, what is already there is good enough and that new inventions are not always needed. On the other hand, a nine-year-old wants to be big and independent. So, let’s keep an open mind, let’s be flexible and playful and let’s make the most influential new openings in the world. We can mature, but let’s not grow up, at least not yet.

Our nine-year-old is already fairly independent, but it needs a big group of people for support, backing, inspiration, visibility. This hall is full of such people. We can all help AYY grow into a ten-year-old and turn its gaze into a bright future.

Congratulations AYY of 9 years.

Student Centre — name and logo competition

The Student Centre is a collaborative project of Aalto University Student Union (AYY), Aalto University Business Students (KY) and Teknologföreningen (TF) for a collective building for students in a central location on the Otaniemi campus, next to the metro station entrance and opposite the Harald Herlin Learning Centre.

We are now looking for a collective visual identity for the Student Centre project in the shape of a name and logo competition!  In the future, the name and logo will be used e.g. on the project’s brochures, website and social media. The competition starts on 6 May 2019, and its deadline is 27 May 2019 at 4.00 pm. The reward paid in the contest is a total of 500 €, which may be split into multiple parts by decision of the panel of judges.


Competition’s rules

1. Competition duration and right of participation

The competition period runs from 6 May 2019 to 27 May 2019 at 4.00 pm.
All Aalto University students have a right to participate in the contest.

2. Design instructions

In its assessment, the panel emphasises personal touch and a solution that reflects the student culture of Aalto, not forgetting visual quality. The name and/or logo of the Student Centre should indicate in some way that this is a project and future meeting place shared by AYY, KY and TF. The look may incorporate elements from the existing visual materials of AYY, KY and TF, but this is not a requirement.

Consider the following aspects, for example, when creating your proposal:

  • How do the name and logo represent the student culture of Aalto and the new building shared by its students? Be bold and unique with your proposal!
  • How do the name and logo represent the students of Aalto? Think about which elements constitute the collective identity of Aalto people and how this could be expressed in the visual look. Also, think about how the project’s three organisations are visible in your proposal.
  • What is a good name or logo like? Is the logo made up of the name, a part of it or another element? Note that the name should be memorable and short enough.
  • What is special about the name and logo you are proposing? Make sure that the panel picks up on the great qualities of the visual identity you have designed. Provide explanatory descriptions of your choices. Give short and sweet reasons for your decisions.
  • How does the name work in everyday language? Is it inviting? Does the name give the impression that the place tempts visitors? How does the name work in different languages?

3. Submission of proposals

The proposal must be fitted onto one sheet that is A3-sized at most. The competition proposals can be submitted electronically OR as a physical copy. The competition is anonymous.

1) Electronic submission

Submit your proposal as an email attachment to by 4.00 pm on Monday 27 May 2019 at the latest. The email should contain:

  • the proposal equipped with an alias as a pdf file (the proposals are handled anonymously, and the panel of judges cannot see the sender’s contact details) and
  • the contact details of the maker(s) in the message field (name, study field, email, tel. no.).
  • Write “Student Centre name competition” in the subject field.

2) Physical submission

Bring your proposal to the AYY/KY/TF Office on Monday 27 May by 4.00 pm. To maintain anonymity, the proposals should be equipped with an alias, and a sealed envelope equipped with the alias and containing the names and contact details (name, study field, email, tel. no.) of the maker(s) is submitted with them.

If you want, you can submit a name suggestion only at . The name suggestions submitted alone are not handled as part of the competition.

Any questions regarding the competition can be sent to

4. Design framework

The look (which can be sketch-like) should contain at least the following:

  • name and logo proposal
  • colours (at least 2 main colours)
  • font map
  • other possible graphic elements

The proposal must be fitted onto one sheet that is A3-sized at most.

5. Choosing the winner

The winner of the name and logo competition is chosen by the panel of judges appointed by AYY, KY and TF. The panel consists of representatives of AYY, KY and TF as well as a specialist member on visual communication design. Panel members cannot take part in the competition themselves. The panel will give feedback on the submitted works and choose the winner.

6. Finalising the winning proposal

Possible finalising work on the winning proposal will be agreed upon separately with the designer. The existing resources of the different parties will be utilised in the finalising work.

7. Other

AYY, KY & TF reserve the right to make changes.

Any questions regarding the competition can be sent to


Association newsletter for week 19/2019

If you want to receive the AYY association newsletter by email, please subscribe at


This is the AYY association newsletter for week 19/2019

Are you wondering about something association-related? Come and meet other association operators and AYY’s Organisation Sector at the afterwork on Wednesday (item 2).

Upcoming events and important dates for associations
4 May: Village clean-up (
6 May: Advance booking of rentable facilities starts (see exact dates at item 3)
6 May: Info event on Otaniemi Night of Arts (
8 May: Associations’ afterwork (item 2,
13 May: Flower Day
14 May: Advance booking of rentable facilities for special status associations (item 3)
16 May: Representative Council meeting (
18 May: AYY 9th Annual Ball (
21 May: Advance booking of rentable facilities for other 1st list associations (item 3)



Contents of the newsletter
1. ATTENTION! Thieves on campus
2. Associations’ afterwork on Wed 8 May
3. Advance booking of rentable facilities starts on Monday 6 May for special status associations
4. FYI – biggest AYY events in autumn 2019
5. Overalls and student clothing for the herring brunch of AYY’s Annual Ball
6. Remember wellbeing in association operations
7. AYY’s guide for event organisers

1. ATTENTION! Thieves on campus
The spring has brought thieves onto campus as well, and last week was an unfortunately busy one in terms of theft. AYY and the University advise everyone to take general caution on campus and ask you to take particularly good care of your own and your friends’ possessions.

In case of a possible theft, report the incident to the police. Thieves generally visit multiple places around the campus, so it would be important to report any thefts also to the University’s Head of Security for her to be aware of the situation as a whole. The Head of Security Seija Piiponniemi-Lahti can be reached by email at or by phone at +358 500 813 084.

Let’s take care of each other and our belongings. If you suspect that thieves have visited your association’s event, please contact the bodies mentioned above.


2. Associations’ afterwork on Wed 8 May
As it is almost summer, it is time to gather the Board members, officials and active members of associations operating within AYY for an afterwork in Fat Lizard in Otaniemi to have a laid-back chat about how everyone is doing. We can discuss the current topics that your association is wondering about and meet other associations’ operators at the same time. Essi and Anna from AYY’s Organisation Sector will also be present to answer your questions.

Let us know that you are coming so that we can reserve a big enough table:

What: Associations’ afterwork
Where: Fat Lizard, Tietotie 1
When: Wed 8 May from 4.30 onwards
Why: Peer support and networking for association operators
FB event:


3. Advance booking of rentable facilities starts on Monday 6 May for special status associations
The advance booking of AYY’s rentable facilities, also known as tilakähmyt, will start on Monday 6 May 2019 for associations. As usual, the bookings are made using AYY’s own booking system TILA. TILA can be found at, and users can log on with the Aalto University IT user details. The easiest way to get started is to read the instructions behind the Help link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

You can make advance bookings for the period of Mon 12 Aug 2019–Sun 5 Jan 2020.

The schedule for facility reservations in the system is as follows:

  1. AYY’s internal operators, 15 Apr–3 May 2019
  2. Special status associations
    The reservation period begins at 12 noon on Mon 6 May 2019 and ends at 12 noon on Tue 14 May.
    Booking session 1: Tue 14 May from 4.30 pm onwards in hall R001/M232 M1 of the Undergraduate Centre (Otakaari 1).
  3. Other associations in the 1st list
    The reservation period begins at 12 noon on Wed 15 May 2019 and ends at 12 noon on Tue 21 May.
    Booking session 2: Tue 21 May from 4.30 pm onwards in hall R001/M232 M1 of the Undergraduate Centre (Otakaari 1).

More detailed booking instructions will be announced in a separate email sent to all associations.


4. FYI – biggest AYY events in autumn 2019
The volunteers and employees of Aalto University Student Union organise various big events aimed at all Aalto people, some of whose dates have been listed below. These are for your information and to support the planning of other events, especially if you want to be aware of these when making future facility bookings. Welcome along!

3 Sept: Aalto Party
21 Sept: Otaniemi Night of Arts
30 Sept: Lakinlaskijaiset
31 Oct: Aalto Talent Expo
2–9 Nov: Teekkari Tradition Week
8 Nov: Teekkari Tradition Party
2–4 Dec: Association training (preliminary)


5. Overalls and student clothing for the herring brunch of AYY’s Annual Ball
The Annual Ball Committee is looking for student overalls and coats of student associations and guilds for the brunch of AYY’s Annual Ball. This is an excellent opportunity to get rid of some of your organisation’s spare overalls and coats, as well as to make your organisation’s clothing highly visible at the collective party of the entire AYY!

If your association has spare, unused overalls or coats from past years that you could donate to the herring brunch, get in touch with the Annual Ball Committee either by email at or on Telegram @lohenscowl.


6. Remember wellbeing in association operations
In addition to fun communal activities, it is also necessary to remember to pay attention to the coping and wellbeing of the membership and actives in association operations. In Board operations, for example, the division of the workload fairly and taking into account individuals’ coping is key to the wellbeing of the operators. Additionally, it is important to remember to express gratitude and appreciation towards the work done by others. Recreational outings for the operators can also be a good way to reward them and help them cope.

Read more in the Association Guide:


7. AYY’s guide for event organisers
The AYY Event Organiser Guide contains a huge spread of information all the way from event organisers’ legal obligations to an event safety checklist, equality and environmental issues, crisis communications, first aid instructions and many other guidelines important for event organisers.

You can find the Event Guide here, in the Association Guide’s Materials bank: (in Finnish).




Send us your short text by 10 am on Wednesday to tiedotteet (a) The news will be translated, so you only have to use one language.

The information in the newsletter is edited by the AYY Association and Communications Specialist, Essi Puustinen (essi.puustinen (a), tel. 050 520 9442).

Want to unsubscribe from the association newsletter mailing list? Click on the link and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page: