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New year, new board and new volunteers for AYY year 2019. See all the names here!

New year, new board and new volunteers. AYY’s board has start its work already in early January and now, almost all sectiona and committees for year 2019 have been selected.

As Chair of the Board this year is Tapio Hautamäki, a master’s level student from the School of Science. Other members of the board are:

  • Iida Palosuo, ARTS, Vice Chair, Services
  • Ellen Heikkilä, ARTS, Real Estate, Campus and Sustainable Development
  • Leila Kettunen, CHEM, Elections, Brand and Education Policy
  • Lumi Ketola, ENG, CHEM, Education Policy
  • Taneli Myllykangas, ELEC, Internationality and Corporate Relations, Archive and Museum
  • Anna Halsas, BIZ, Organisations, New Students and Council
  • Marianne Honkasaari, SCI, Student Centre and Artistic Activities
  • Antti Pentikäinen, BIZ, Social Policy, Municipal Influencing and Sports
  • Olli Kesseli, SCI, Community, Volunteers and Alumni

    AYY:n hallitus vuosimallia 2019

AYY Section members for 2019 are:

Teekkari section Teekkarijaosto 2019:

Chair: Erna Virtanen
FTMK:n puheenjohtaja: Jere Vänskä
KVTMK:n puheenjohtaja: Susanna Karlqvist
ITMK:n puheenjohtaja: Otto Takkinen
IE-tirehtööri: Tuukka Harvela
Lukkaritirehtööri: Toni Heinilä
Perinnetirehtööri: Anni Parkkila
Kulttuuritirehtööri: Roope Pääkkönen
Kulttuuritirehtööri: Samuli Vehkomäki
Wapputirehtööri: Mikael Liimatainen
Lakinlaskijaistirehtööri: Pauliina Tomberg
Fuksimajuri: Noora Salminen
ISOtirehtööri: Tuomo Leino
KV-tirehtööri: Joel Kauppi

Campus section 2019:

Chair: Paavo Hietala
Viestintä & brändi: Laura Nikola
Linnanisännät: Annika Niittylä
Asuminen: Sampo Hanhirova
Tapahtumat, kunnossapito: Sanna Halmkrona
Tapahtumat, Wappuriehan julistus: Aaro Hämeri
Tapahtumat, Kukanpäivä: Suvi Ojala
Projektit & perinteet: Markus Nevalainen
Projektit, JMT3: Pekka Mattila
Projektit, JMT5: Otso Brummer

Community section Aava 2019:

Puheenjohtaja: Kaisa Talvitie
Viestintävastaava: Tommi Alajoki
Projektivastaava: Christian Segercrantz
Yhteisövastaava Santeri Pigg
Afterpartyvastaava: Tommi Koivisto
Afterpartyvastaava: Anniina Savolainen
Ulkopelivastaava: Kiti Kainulainen
Liikuntavastaava: Ida Rouhiainen
Hyvinvointivastaava: Jonatan Lehtinen
Vuosijuhlavastaava: Suvi Rantamäki
Maisterivastaava: Miio Taarna

EduJoRy 2019:

ENG – Emilia Jurvanen
ELEC – Pinja Venäläinen
ARTS – Michel Nader Sajun
SCI – Saara Niemeläinen
CHEM – Aleksi Heikkinen
BIZ – Heikki Helaniemi
OPNpj – Tarmo Kivioja
TF – Carl-Victor Schauman

Museum Section 2019:
Intendentti: Nuutti Sten
Intendentti: Rasmus Ruohola

AYY10 jubilee year’s section chair: Titta Saari

Yrityssuhtetoimikunnan puheenjohtaja: Leo Norilo

Vuosijuhlatoimikunnassa (yhteisöjaosto Aava) toimivat
Puheenjohtaja Suvi Rantamäki
Juho Heikkilä
Tuuli Aaltonen
Elena Pitkänen
Joonas Nurmi
Riku Wessman
Minttu Patajoki
Henni Huttunen

Afterparty- ja ulkofestaritoimikunnassa (yhteisöjaosto Aava) toimivat
Puheenjohtajat Anniina Savolainen ja Tommi Koivisto
Antti Regelin
Helmi Takala
Mari Niemelä
Oula Siljamo
Petter Selänniemi
Sara Argillander

Juhlatoimikunnassa (Teekkarijaosto) toimivat
Wapputirehtööri Mikael Liimatainen ja Lakinlaskijaistirehtööri Pauliina Tomberg
Ville Mansikkaniemi
Inka Hirvonen
Tuomas Ansamaa
Toni Pellinen
Elisa Naskali
Jussi Impiö
Paavo Kekkonen
Rebecca Adrianzen
Iida Haavisto

Teekkariperinnetoimikunnassa (Teekkarijaosto) toimivat
Teekkariperinnetirehtööri Anni Parkkila
Mari Pulkkinen
Tuomas Kontola
Markus Järvelä
Joel Himanen
Joni Palin
Patrik Lahti
Anni Niemelä

Ps. You can still apply for Aava’s outdoor plays committee ( ) and new Mosaic-committee Mosaic ( Application is open until 27th Jan.

Milla Elo and Neea Nieminen strengthen the Member Services and Real Estate Team

Neea Nieminen ja toimistokoira Latte (vas) ja Milla Elo. Kuva: Aino Korpinen

AYY’s Member Services and Real Estate Team gained reinforcements at the end of 2018, when Milla Elo started as Secretary of Member Services and Neea Nieminen as Real Estate Assistant. Milla is in charge of member services, such as administering keys to the rentable facilities at the Services Office, while Neea assists the Real Estate Team in terms of resident communications and email traffic, for example.

Milla joined AYY from an IT company, where she worked as an administrative assistant and in reception services. “My old company moved, and once I had dealt with everything related to the move, I thought this might be a good time to change jobs,” explains Milla. She found AYY’s job advert by chance. “Friends of mine have studied in Otaniemi and I was familiar with AYY’s name, but the Student Union’s services and operations were new to me. I was tempted especially by the description of a relaxed work community.”

Milla started in her position in the beginning of December. “I am getting into the routine of things, yet there is something new ahead every day, which I enjoy. It is especially nice to help out the international students, with whom it is interesting to talk about their experiences of Finland, for example.”

After graduating from high school, Milla has studied nursing, but for now, her studies are on hold. Milla does not see herself returning to full-time studying, but blended learning that can be done alongside work might be a good option to gain education at a later stage. “The field of social and health work is close to my heart and still on my mind. Working with people and my hands is my thing. Working as a midwife or a paramedic, for example, might be interesting.”

Milla can be found at the customer service desk of Member Services during the Services Office’s opening hours. “Here’s hoping that in the future, the rentable facilities are accessible with a door code. This will make things easier for the users, as they will no longer have to pick up the keys at the office. You can still always come around to ask questions or phone us! That’s what we are here for!”

Structure into the Real Estate sector’s chaos

Real Estate Assistant Neea Nieminen arrived to strengthen AYY’s Real Estate Team in November 2018. Her position is new at AYY. On her desk, she has a wide spectrum of little jobs belonging to the Real Estate sector, the biggest of which include resident communications and answering emails, among others. In addition to her part-time job, Neea studies in Aalto’s School of Chemical Engineering, but from now on, she plans to direct her studies towards water and environmental technology. “Acting as a Castle Warden for a year and a half got me even more interested in living environments, which led to me applying for this position.”

AYY’s Real Estate Team is responsible for a wide spectrum of different things, which adds up to a rather chaotic whole. From the start, Neea has been involved with creating new operating models and making the Real Estate Team’s operating methods more effective. In practice, this means creating better templates for tables and documents, for example. “I hope this comes across to the customers as a feeling of things getting done quickly and the different matters being openly communicated to the residents.”

For many students, AYY’s apartments are the first home of their own. Especially for residents coming from abroad, living in Finland and the ways to live independently are foreign. Hence, one of Neea’s biggest projects is planning the improvement of resident guidelines. “There is a need for clear and thorough instructions on how to live in our apartments. Building-specific folders are probably a thing of the past, but electronic instructions or a booklet might work,” Neea thinks.

Neea hopes that different improvement ideas or ways to do things better are shared with her. “The other members of the team already have an established amount of duties in their hands, so they may not necessarily have time for new things, but I have plenty of time to grab hold of new ideas and start to execute them.”

Good atmosphere and nice work mates

As one, Milla and Neea exclaim that AYY has a pleasant and relaxed working environment. “The atmosphere is really good, the other staff members are helpful and everyone has welcomed us with open arms.” For Neea, the opportunity to work alongside studying is a big plus.

Finally, a glance in the crystal ball: what will you be when you grow up? “I could see myself in a managerial role in the field of social and health work,” says Milla. For her part, Neea wants to build a more sustainable society by applying her technological skills. Now there’s some excellent goals!

AYY has selected the Student Representatives in Administration for 2019

The Board of Aalto University Student Union has selected the Student Representatives in Administration for 2019 in its meeting on 18 Dec.

Student Representatives in Administration are ordinary students who operate in the University’s administrative bodies in accordance with the Universities Act. Aalto University has Student Representatives on University level, on School levels and on Department level as well as in smaller working groups. The term of office of Student Representatives in Administration, i.e. Hallopeds, is one calendar year.

The selection of Student Representatives in Administration is a statutory task of Aalto University Student Union. The application period was 31 Oct–3 Dec, during which most of the open positions were filled. For a few positions, the call for applications was continued until 11 Dec. A total of 216 applications was received. The largest number of applications in relation to open positions came in for the Equality Committee of Aalto University, for which one ordinary and one deputy member were sought and 10 applications received.

In early 2019, a call for applications will be announced for a few positions. Otherwise, the positions will be filled throughout the year as required.

Vacant apartments available for all students – apply now!

Three-room apartment in Kirkonkyläntie, Malmi

Three-room apartment in Kirkonkyläntie 16, Malmi is available for rent immediately. The apartment is suitable both for families and for friends: it has two separate bed rooms, living room, spacious kitchen and a wide balcony. There is a sauna in the building and the tenants can freely book sauna shifts with no extra cost. From Malmi it is easy to get to Helsinki city center by train, and there is also a direct bus connection from Malmi to Otaniemi.

More information about the apartment:
Address: Kirkonkyläntie 16 A 12, 00700 Helsinki
Size: 61,5m2
Rent: 699,27 € (the rent is 737,88 € starting from 1st of March)
Water and internet are included in the rent. The tenant needs to make an electricity contract for the apartment.


Two four-room apartments in Pohjavedenkatu, Vuosaari

In Pohjavedenkatu 4, Vuosaari we have two four-room apartments available for rent immediately. These apartments are also ideal both for families and to friends to live together – there are three bedrooms in the apartments, a big living room and roomy kitchen. Both apartments include also a sauna, a separate bathroom and a balcony/terrace. The apartments are located close to the subway station and a trip to Otaniemi takes about half an hour.

More information about the apartment:
Address: Pohjavedenkatu 4 A 02 and Pohjavedenkatu 4 A 13, 00980 Helsinki
Size: 88,5m2
Rent: 1070,85 €
Water and internet are included in the rent. The tenant needs to make an electricity contract for the apartment.


Any student can apply for the apartments, so you don’t need to be a student in Aalto university. However, AYY rents apartments primarily favoring members of the Student Union. AYY member does not need to have right of residence. Right of residence for these apartments is three (3) years from the start of the contract. Please note that if you are already living in an AYY apartment, the period of notice is one whole month, starting from the end of the month in which you submit the written notice. Lease agreements for these apartments can be started either on the 15th of January or the 2nd of February.

If you are interested in the apartments, be quick and contact the housing office using this form. More information about these apartments on Domo.

Will the next Design Calendar be your handiwork? Calendar contest by AYY & TOKYO

Calendar contest by AYY & TOKYO

Will the next Design Calendar be your handiwork?

Aalto University Student Union and Arts and Design Students TOKYO ry are announcing the design contest for the Design Calendar for the academic year 2019–2020.  TOKYO ry, the association for Aalto University Arts and Design Students, has published an annual design calendar since 1975. In the academic year 2019–2020, the calendar will be executed for the second time together with AYY and distributed to all Aalto University students. The designer of the calendar will be chosen with a traditional contest from among the students.

The previous contest was won by Master’s-level Interior Design student Reetta Vartiala. For the upcoming academic year, the calendar will be made for the time period of 1 Aug 2019–30 Sept 2020. The contest starts on 1 Jan 2019, and its deadline is on Thursday 31 January 2019 at 4 pm!


Contest rules:

1. Contest duration and right of participation

The contest period runs from 1 Jan 2019 to 31 Jan 2019 at 4 pm.

All Aalto University students have a right to participate in the contest. Preparing a calendar design requires fluent skills in Finnish or English.

2. Submission of proposals

Contest proposals must be handed in at AYY’s Service Office (Otakaari 11) by Thursday 31 January 2019 at 4 pm. To ensure anonymity, the proposals should be accompanied by a working title and a sealed envelope labelled with an alias, containing the name(s) of the designer(s) and their contact details. The proposal must be attached onto white cardboard or board.

3. Design framework

The proposal must contain at least the following designs:

  • calendar cover
  • weekly spread with space for possible adverts on the bottom
  • Student Union information pages
  • possible project calendar
  • suggestion for materials

The calendar is pocket-sized, at most A6-sized, i.e. approx. 105 x 148 mm. Flexibility will be determined based on the final design and the printer to be decided later. Calendar pages must be presented in their actual size.

Colour: There are four-colour advertisements and information sections at the beginning and end of the calendar. The calendar proper and part of the information section are bicolour.

Print run: 8000

Language: Finnish, English and Swedish (festive dates and info pages). Main language can be English, but trilingualism is a plus.

4. Choosing the winner

The winner will be chosen by a calendar panel appointed by AYY and TOKYO. The panel consists of representatives of AYY and TOKYO as well as a specialist member on visual communication design. Panel members cannot participate in the competition themselves. The panel will give feedback on the submitted works and choose the winner.

5. Winner’s commission

The winner(s) will be commissioned with the final design for the 2019–2020 calendar. The final design work will take place in early 2019. The designer(s) will be paid a remuneration of 1800€ for their work.

6. Content of the design work

The design work includes making print-ready files in cooperation with AYY’s Communications. If necessary, AYY offers work facilities on the Otaniemi campus. When preparing the final design, the commissioning party’s requirements regarding the calendar’s usability and printing costs must be taken into account. Other terms for the work will be settled when making the contract.

7. Other

Marking the national holidays must be considered in the design. Qualities to be considered in the design include ease of use, sustainability, clarity and accessibility (e.g. dyslexia), individuality and eco-friendliness. Based on experience, other good features in a calendar include ample writing space, paper that suits various pen types and durable cover material. However, these are not regular features in all calendars.


Please note that the panel will favour the following issues when assessing the designs:

♡ Does the calendar reflect both the Arts students’ TOKYO and all of Aalto? The calendar must look and feel like TOKYO, Finland’s biggest and most beautiful art student association, as much as the entire Aalto community.

♡ How does your calendar continue the TOKYO design calendar family? You can view a part of TOKYO’s calendar cavalcade from past years in the TOKYO Space in Otaniemi. There are past calendars from both TOKYO and AYY on display there.

♡ What does the calendar look like? How does it work? The panel also values the presentation-technical quality of the proposal. Present your proposal with sensible rhythm, preferably with signs and a visual model. Introduce the materials, paper types, fonts and colours you have used. Names alone tell the panel nothing: include samples in your presentation. Avoid graphic-designer jargon.

♡ What is special about the calendar? Ensure that the panel is aware of the new and cool features of your calendar. Write clarifying descriptions of how the calendar works. Give short and sweet reasons for your solutions.

♡ Is your proposal completely thought-through? Lead the panel’s imagination by submitting a firm proposal. The proposal is not the finished calendar, but present it as if it were.

♡ Can you take the project all the way to completion? Your knowledge of graphic design and ability to take the calendar from proposal to finished product must be apparent from your proposal. This does not mean that you have to be a graphic designer, but the work requires knowledge and experience of the technicalities of printing. Submit your proposal on time: being late suggests that the calendar itself will be late as well.

More information is available from AYY’s Communications Specialist Henna Palonen (

You can read more about the calendar and its history on the TOKYO website (


Free your creative powers and produce the world’s best calendar design!

The scholarships of autumn 2018 have been decided

In its meeting on December the 14th, 2018, the board of AYY has accepted the proposal of the exchange scholarship committee for the distribution of the autumn 2018 scholarships, and dealt out scholarships and grants based on them.

There were 120 applications in total.


Arponen Jenna 375,00 €
Björklund Oscar 400,00 €
Forsberg Jukka-Pekka 600,00 €
Ganszauge Lauri 500,00 €
Haukkovaara Rosa 375,00 €
Heikkilä Paulus 400,00 €
Holopainen Patrik 400,00 €
Hurskainen Riku 600,00 €
Hyppönen Jaakko 550,00 €
Höglund Simo 500,00 €
Itälinna Veera 500,00 €
Kankare Anni 500,00 €
Koskinen Tomi 350,00 €
Kärkkäinen Emma 500,00 €
Lencioni Henri 500,00 €
Nieminen Antti-Juho 500,00 €
Niiranen Janina 350,00 €
Saksi Henri 500,00 €
Schulman Anna 600,00 €
Sippola Mikko 625,00 €
Tasa Ida 375,00 €