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Association newsletter 13/2018

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This is AYY’s association newsletter for the week 13/2018

This is the final reminder: Please remember to fill in your association notice and applications for operating grants by the 29th of March, 12:00. You should also check out the important training on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which also concerns all associations working within AYY’s sphere of influence (item 2).

Upcoming events and important dates and events for associations
1st March 12:00 noon–29th March 12:00 noon: Submissions for association notices and operating grant applications (see item 1 and instructions)
29th March: Deadline for the main administrator notifications of Otax (see item 3)
8th February–6th April: #LuovutusAalto vol. 3 (campaign page)
9th April at 16:00-20:00: Association training on the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (see item 2 and more information)

Content of the newsletter
1. IMPORTANT: Submissions for association notices and operating grant applications – last call!
2. Training on the 9th of April: Data protection legislation is changing, is your association prepared?
3. The main administrator notifications of Otax must be done by March 29th
4. The Aalto chaplains are here for you + egg hunt

1. IMPORTANT: Submissions for association notices and operating grant applications – last call!

Submissions for association notices and operating grant applications are open, and the submission period will end on next Thursday, March 29th, at 12:00 noon. If your association has not done these tasks yet, you should do so now. No quarter will be given to people who are late! You can work on the application litte by little and check out your previous application from the TAHLO system by changing the year from the tab.

All associations within AYY must fill out a yearly association notice. Failing to fill out the notice for two consecutive years or submitting an association notice with clearly inadequate information may lead to the association being removed from the AYY Association Register. Only associations belonging to the first list of AYY’s Association Register can apply for operating grants. You can check which list your association belongs to from the TAHLO system or from the organizational sector (jarjestoasiat at

Where to start? What should I do? Check out the comprehensive instructions: (you can find the answer to almost everything here, read the instructions carefully)

What operating grant? More information:

I know what to do! Direct link to the application system:

Questions or problems? Send a message to the organizational sector (jarjestoasiat at or call our Organizational Affairs Specialist at 050 520 9442. To make sure you get your answer on time, please send us your questions well before the deadline.

The operating grant applications and association notices will be handled as soon as possible during April. Any possible delays will be informed of separately.


2. Training on the 9th of April: Data protection legislation is changing, is your association prepared?

All organizations handling personal information must use the new EU GDPR on data protection, starting from May. The law also applies to association within AYY’s sphere of influence. Join the training to learn what you need to learn about the new data protection regulation (GDPR=General Data Protection Regulation).

The training is in Finnish, but one workshop does a summary of the most important points in English. Chairpersons and people who handle member information (like the member register and event signups) should attend the event.

The training is organized at the Aalto University learning center in Otaniemi on the 9th of April from 15:30 to 19:30. The training starts with coffee, followed by the lecture from 16:00 to 18:00 and the workshops from 18:15 to 19:30. If you cannot attend, there is also an online stream for the lecture (16:00-18:00). After the lecture in Finnish, there will be a workshop in English (18:15-19:15). The workshop will summarize the key points of the webinar and give brief instructions and tips on how student organizations should develop their practices regarding personal data.

The event is organized in cooperation with Tekniikan Akateemiset and the Helsinki University Student Union.

More information on workshops and the event:
Link straight to the signup:


3. The main administrator notifications of Otax must be done by March 29th

Concerning associations that have webpages or IDs at AYY’s web hotel service Otax. The main administrator notifications of Otax must be done by March 29th. The IDs of accounts from which notifications have not been made will be locked on April 1st, and the site will be closed down.

The notifier must also check the applications that are running, users who have access to the ID, etc. You can find more detailed instructions in the notification form. Please set aside enough time to make the notification and check the site.

You can make the notification at

More information on Otax and other IT services offered by AYY to associations can be found at


4. The Aalto chaplains are here for you + egg hunt

Hi! We’re Anu Morikawa and Marjut Mulari, Aalto University chaplains, or just Aalto chaplains for short. We’re at the disposal of the entire university community: the students, staff and associations, regardless of your religion or beliefs.

Life is made up of many elements, and fitting them together is not always easy. Sometimes it’s good to stop and think about what kind of resources you have at your disposal. We like to think that, at its best, our work is preventive – it’s always better to air out your thoughts or concerns in life when things haven’t yet become a complete mess. Sometimes it’s enough to talk to a friend, relative or someone else close to you. Sometimes there are things that you may not want to share with your loved ones, and sometimes talking with a so-called outsider can help open up new perspectives. As chaplains, we have an absolute obligation of secrecy, and you can usually reserve a time to talk with us already for the same day.

We don’t organize any regular activities, but there are events at the Otaniemi Chapel from time to time. In the spring of 2018, there are at least Sunday brunches, creative writing afternoons and, of course, the #munajahti2018 (#egghunt2018) for associations! You can find us on Into: and on Instagram: @aaltopapit.

Don’t be afraid to contact us in all big and small questions you may have in your life. You can book a time for a discussion by email or by phone. We’re happy to help all associations in both happy matters as well as in times of crisis and sorrow. You can also just invite us over for a coffee to your guild room, we’ll be happy to come.

The Aalto chaplains’ workstation is located in the Undergraduate Center, room M 136.

Anu Morikawa, 050 4644 375
Marjut Mulari, 050 365 2256

The most energetic EGGHUNT of the year at the Otaniemi chapel on Monday 26th of March from 14:00 to 16:00!
The traditional chapel #munajahti2018 is here again! At the egg hunt, teams have 3 minutes to find, gather, hoard, hunt and chase the eggs hidden in the chapel. The eight fastest guild teams are participating, so act fast! Come up with a name for your guild team and sign up for your own laptime on doodle at: The hunt will be followed with coffee. The hunt is organized by the Aalto chaplains and the Tapiola parish. Don’t miss it!



Send your short text to us by Tuesday 10:00 AM (earlier than usual because of Easter) to the address tiedotteet (a) The news will be translated, so you can send them only in a single language if you wish.

The information in the newsletter is edited by the AYY Association and Communications Specialist, Essi Puustinen (essi.puustinen (a), phone: 050 520 9442).



Release of the National union of university students in Finland (SYL) 5.3.2018

The legislation concerning the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) and its operations will change as part of the overall reform of social services and healthcare in 2020. The legislation on student healthcare is only being prepared now and the details of it will be confirmed in June 2018. However, based on information in the media, we can deduce the following:

  • The access to FSHS’s services will be widened to encompass students at universities of applied sciences (UAS), including students studying for a UAS Master’s degree.
  • Foreign students without degree rights will be excluded from the FSHS’s services.
  • The healthcare fee will be increased from 54 euros to 75 euros. At the same time, all FSHS’s client fees will be abandoned.
  • With the Sote reform, healthcare legislation will be streamlined. As a part of this process, the tasks of student healthcare will also be changed. This means that there will be less specialist medical care provided at FSHS.

However, the fact that specialist medical services such as gynaecologists and dermatologists will no longer be provided does not mean that students no longer will receive treatment for such. General practitioners can provide many of the services currently provided by FSHS. If a student needs the services of a specialist, FSHS will direct the student to specialist services.

The information we comment on here is based on the draft legislation as of now and there might still be changes to the draft.

Following people in Aalto university student union answer student queries and provide other informatio if necessary

Lauri Jurvanen, Specialist student advocy +358 50 520 9418

Lauri Seppäläinen, board member, +358 40 651 5656

Suggest recipients for AYY’s acknowledgements by March 18th

Do you know a pioneer, unconventional bridge-builder or a cross-disciplinary hard worker in the Aalto community who deserves recognition?

Suggest a recipient for the Aalto University Student Union acknowledgement reward for 2018.

You can make suggestions until March 18th. After the suggestion period is over, the acknowledgement working group will propose the final recipients of acknowledgements to AYY’s Board. The acknowledgements can be given to the student union’s current or former members and employees.

Read more about the acknowledgements and suggest a recipient via this link:

If you’d like to take part in deciding who get the rewards, you can alsoapply for the acknowledgement working group.

The acknowledgment working group receives the proposals for the acknowledgment recipients, discusses the proposals and proposes a resolution on the final recipients to AYY’s Board.

The group is looking for motivated students with different backgrounds. Apply here (in Finnish, translation coming soon):

AYY’s fresh staff members introduce themselves: Organizational Affairs and Communications Specialist and Sales Coordinator

Organizational Affairs and Communications specialist Essi Puustinen and Sales Coordinator Rasmus Ruohola have started their work in February at AYY. Get to know our new members of staff!

The new Organizational Affairs and Communications Specialist Essi Puustinen knows the Aalto community; after all, she has studied materials technology at the School of Chemical Engineering. After graduation she has worked at the Tekniikan Akateemiset as a field agent for students, and as member correspondent.

During her studies, Puustinen held positions like the Freshman Major for the Vuorimieskilta, familiarizing new students to Teekkari culture. She has also worked as the producer for the Teekkarispeksi, in addition to other smaller tasks.

” It will be fun to see AYY’s activities and the Aalto student community from a staff members point of view, and to see how they have developed since I graduated”, Puustinen says. She graduated in 2015.

The Organizational Affairs and Communications Specialist trains, supports and advises the 200+ organizations working in AYY’s sphere of influence, handles the operating grants and takes care of AYY’s organization register. They are also in charge of various kinds of tasks pertaining to internal communications in the Student Union.

” You spend a lot of time diving into the intricacies of the Associations Act for sure. It is nice that I get to develop my own communications skills in addition to helping and training others in this job,” Puustinen continues.

Even as an Aalto alumnus, Puustinen has occasionally been surprised of how diverse the Aalto community is.

” It’s interesting to delve further into what kind of communities operate in AYY’s sphere of influence, and how new ones are constantly born. For example, there is a group planning to build their own formula car; it’s cool that things like this are happening!”

Sales Coordinator Rasmus Ruohola started his work at the corporate relations sector. His tasks include searching for new corporate contacts for AYY, negotiating deals and planning corporate cooperation.

Ruohola studies bioinformation technology at the School of Electrical Engineering. He has previously garnered experience in corporate relations as the corporate relations master of the bioinformation technology student guild Inkubio.

” The corporate relations post of the guild interested me, and I excelled at the task. The AYY call for applications went live just as my job at the guild ended, so I decided this would be an effective way to continue on the same path.”

Ruohola says that working on a whole new scale has required getting used to. Responsibility feels greater when instead of a small guild you work for the entire 15 000-strong Student Union. Ruohola still has an optimistic feel of the future.

” Of course, I anticipate success”, he continues with a laugh.

” The recruitment fair which we are planning later this year is a particular interest of mine. My interest began last year when AYY tossed the ball to guild actives: Tell us your wildest ideas and we will see if we can make some of them happen. It’s awesome to be a part of organizing the fair”, he adds.

Puustinen and Ruohola remind that the staff is here for the members of the Student Union. You can always send the staff messages or come to the central office with any questions or thoughts.

” I will do my best to help organization actives in all things that they require. You can come and just say hi, too”, Puustinen concludes with a smile.

” If you have any innovative ideas or good leads, tip me off! What kind of corporate cooperation would you want to see the Student Union carry out?” Ruohola asks.

AYY’s new Advocacy Specialists introduce themselves

Two new experts have started working at the Aalto University Student Union in February. The new Specialist in Academic Affairs Minna Mäkitalo, and the new Student Advocacy Specialist for ARTS students and Executive Manager for TOKYO Tero Uuttana.

AYY’s new Specialist in Academic Affairs Minna Mäkitalo graduated as a candidate in theology from the Helsinki University, and currently studies the master’s degree for theology. She has also worked in the Board of the Helsinki University Student Union, and worked in the Tampere University Student Union.

Aalto University is also familiar to Mäkitalo.

”When studying in the Helsinki University, our faculty organization organized a lot in cooperation with the Otaniemi friendship teekkarit, after which I myself started studying industrial engineering and management as a minor subject.”

Mäkitalo smiles as she tells that even with plans to focus on her studies this year, she could not resist the allure of study policies as the AYY call for applications went out. Student advocacy has been dear to her for a long time.

”I’ve been active in the field of student advocacy since 2011, when I started in the Helsinki University as the student representative of the administration. I’m especially anxious to get to develop the well-being and equality of students at AYY.”

The tasks of Specialist in Academic Affairs include advocacy pertaining to the due process of students, development of the Aalto University and national educational policy, giving statements and coordinating the student representatives (hallopeds) and guiding them in their tasks.

”I’m a bit of a save-the-world type, but because I’m also quite pragmatic, I decided to focus on the University and advocacy”, Mäkitalo says with a smile.

The new Student Advocacy Specialist for ARTS students and Executive Manager for TOKYO Tero Uuttana has graduated from the Jyväskylä University cultural politics master’s programme, majoring in social politics. Previously he has worked, amongst other things, as the producer of the Jyväskylä ”Yläkaupungin yö” city festical.

Uuttana works simultaneously for both TOKYO and AYY. His job includes event production, leadership, and advocacy of all Aalto ARTS students.

Uuttana says that the largest project of 2018 is of course the moving of ARTS to Otaniemi. Some of the ARTS students have already moved, but during the summer of 2018 the last of the ARTS students will move to the new Väre building in Otaniemi.

”The ARTS students have never studied all in the same campus. Now ARTS is moving into common facilities to study and to join the Otaniemi campus. We need to get the ARTS community to make Otaniemi their own”, Uuttana says.

The move is celebrated through the year with different kinds of Taidevuosi 2018 (Arts year 2018) events. For the Fall there are plans for an Otaniemen Yö – evening arts event (Similar to the Helsinki Taiteiden Yö event, which it mirrors), which Uuttana is already anxiously anticipating.

”Since we’re doing this for the first time there is no full assurance on how things will work in practice, but I wish it will be an awesome event. The plans are in motion, and very lofty!”

Both Mäkitalo and Uuttana agree that there is still a lot to learn in the Aalto and AYY organizations and working culture. You learn best through work, though, and both agree that you learn and uncover new things every day.

”Aalto and AYY have a good, fresh atmosphere of getting things done. I like that”, Uuttana states.

”I think it’s great that the work in student unions is done with such real passion. The best part is when you get to do things you are passionate about with other individuals that feel the same way”, Mäkitalo sums up.

The Aalto University Student Union is looking for interns!

The Aalto University Student Union is a dynamic service and advocacy organization that represents 15 000 students. Now you have the opportunity to work with us and show us your skills! AYY is looking for 1 to 3 interns for a variety of tasks.


Possible tasks

Organizational development intern

Your duties include various support tasks related to organizational development and well-being at work. You will work closely with the Financial Director, Secretary General and HR Manager of the Student Union. One of your most significant tasks will be contributing to the quality manual of the Student Union.

Automation intern

During your internship, you will examine what functions could be automated at AYY. Previous ideas related to automation have concerned e.g. the compilation and distribution of the weekly newsletter, the process of granting operating grants, and the general distribution of information within the Student Union.

Project funding intern

There are various funding channels for many associations and public entities, but the processes for obtaining funding are complex. As an intern, your task will be to look into different project sponsors and consider which of them would be suitable partners for the Student Union.

Voluntary activity intern

A lot of voluntary work is conducted within the Student Union and the Aalto Community. During your internship, you will investigate what kind of support the volunteers need to succeed in their tasks. You will also consider how this support could be organized in such a way that the acquired knowledge could be recognized as part of the studies.

Service design intern

Service design could be applied to several of the Student Union’s projects this year. Two of the most significant of these are AYY’s student center project and the Student Union website update. Other potential future development targets include a survey regarding member satisfaction and enhancing customer understanding. Service design could also be utilized in many other areas.

Data analytics intern

Collecting and analyzing data is currently a growing trend in every company, but the issue has not been discussed in much detail from the Student Union’s point of view. During your internship, you will have the chance to interview the organization extensively and think about what kind of data we would need to support our own operations and how it could benefit us.

Communications intern

As a communications intern, you will be able to try out new communication tools and ways to better reach out to the members and stakeholder groups of the Student Union.

Intern to promote student well-being

One of the main themes of the Student Union and the University in 2018 is the well-being of students. During your internship, you will investigate and implement various measures to improve student well-being in the long run.

Intern for the archives

As an intern for the archives, you will find out more about the statutory archiving tasks in public administration and develop our archiving operations.

Is the list missing a task that you would be particularly good at? Tell us about it and how it would benefit AYY!


Who can apply?

It is important that the internship is related to the intern’s studies. You will receive pay for the internship, and we hope that the intern can apply for an internship support granted by their school. For more information about the internship support for Aalto University students, please visit:

Non-Aalto students from other higher education institutions can also apply for the internship.

Time of the internship

The internship lasts three months, and the more detailed duration can be agreed upon separately. The internship will take place between April and August, however. Depending on the content of the internship, it can be done for example between May and July or in May, June and August.

What we expect from the interns

  • Passion to create the best student’s life in the world within the Aalto community
  • Ability to comprehend wide-ranging issues
  • Good communication skills
  • Positive attitude towards development and teamwork
  • Fluent skills in English and Finnish, both oral and written

Application process

  1. Submit your application and CV as applicable to
  2. In your application, tell us what task you would like to undertake and why you want to intern with us.
  3. Also tell what time would suit you.

We will fill the vacancies as soon as we find the suitable candidates, so be quick!


The Aalto University Student Union (AYY) is a service and advocate association for nearly 15 000 students of the Aalto University. AYY employs about 40 people, and hundreds of volunteers and associations work within its sphere of influence. AYY is a young and innovative player in the student union field, one where you can implement your own ideas and create something new. As a working environment, AYY is young and very flexible. Offering affordable student housing near your place of study is a central member service of AYY. AYY owns about 2500 apartments, which are rented to AYY members. AYY focuses on equality and diversity in its actions. We hope to receive applicants from various different backgrounds and genders.