Football player Katarina Naumanen is Aalto Athlete of 2018

Aalto University Student Union (AYY) is presenting football player Katarina Naumanen with the award of Aalto Athlete of 2018. The winner was announced at the Aalto 10km/5km running event on Sunday 16 Sept 2018. Naumanen was not able to attend the event herself but will receive the award from the Student Union at a later point in time.

Naumanen plays football for the women’s league team of Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi (HJK), which is one the most successful teams in Finnish football history. Naumanen plays defence, and additionally coaches the girls’ team of HJK.

Naumanen is also in Finland’s national women’s football team. She played her first international match in February 2014 and, by the end of 2018, she has played a total of 16 international matches.

Naumanen graduated last spring from Aalto University’s Bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Administration and is presently continuing her master’s level studies.

The AYY Board chooses the Aalto Athlete of the year based on the suggestions made by members of the Student Union. In addition to sports achievements, the selection criteria emphasise academic performance and fair and honest participation in the student community’s activities.

Fellow students gave the following reasons for selecting Naumanen:

“Katarina Naumanen has a phenomenal ability to combine elite sport and studying and to succeed in both sectors. In addition to studying and sports, Katarina has managed to make space in her calendar for taking part in student associations’ activities, too. Kata has been an active member of Nordiska Ekonomie Studerandes Union (NESU) which promotes the collaboration of Nordic economy students, the sports tutoring association EnerKY and the Women of Aalto association. In these associations’ activities, Kata’s sunny and encouraging personality cheers up everyone around her. You rarely hear her moan about anything.

Those who know Kata say she is always ready to participate and to help, whether it is about organising events or completing course assignments.”

Aalto Athlete of the year is an award presented yearly by Aalto University Student Union. The award is presented to an Aalto student who has gained sporting success at national or international level, is successful in their studies, and is fair and honest in their participation in the student community’s activities.

More information: Lauri Seppäläinen, Board member of Aalto University Student Union

Aalto 10K and Aalto 5K – registration now open!

The traditional Aalto 10K and Aalto 5K take place on Sunday 18 September 2016 at 13.00. You can run, jog, walk, or Nordic walk the distance of your choice.

The event is part of Espoo marathon and half-marathon, which also Aalto members are welcome to take part in. This event takes place on Saturday 17 September 2016.

The start line for both events is at Espoo Otaranta, by Laajalahti shore.

Aalto-kymppi / Aalto-vitonen - Espoo, Finland - 20/09/2015 Some of the Aalto participants in the 2015 event. - photo by Lasse Lecklin
Aalto-kymppi / Aalto-vitonen – Espoo, Finland – 20/09/2015 Some of the Aalto participants in the 2015 event. – photo by Lasse Lecklin

Participation fees

  • If you participate in Aalto 10K or 5K, the university takes care of the participation fees.
  • Espoo marathon and half-marathon participation fee for Aalto University staff/students is 40€. (Fee is 0€ if you register as a volunteer official to work for few hours during either Friday 16 September or on Sunday 18 September at the Aalto 10K/5K event) Register as a volunteer, more info in here ( or read text below)

All Participants will receive a technical “Rantamaraton 2016” running shirt, which has e.g. the university’s logo on it.


  • Registration for Aalto 10K and 5K is open as of Mon 1 Feb 2016 at 9.00, and it ends on Sun 11 Sep 2016 at 23.59.
  • Registration for the marathon and half-marathon is open as of Monday 1 Feb 2016 at 9.00, and it closes (at Aalto fee) on Sun 11 Sep 2016 at 23.59.
  • Make sure, that you select ‘Aalto University’ in the ‘Organisation’ box. That way the organisers will know that you are qualified for a discounted participation fee. Student number or place of work will also need to be given on the registration form.
  • Tähän linkki vapaaehtoisten toimitsijoiden hakuun

Come and have a fun day out!

Aalto 10K and Aalto 5K form a social event for staff, students and alumni. The event is organised close to the beginning of the academic year. Last year, some 1 500 Aalto members took part in the event.

More information:

Jenni Ståhl, HR,  tel: 0505961099

Espoo marathon and half-marathon (


Officials needed for Aalto 10K -running event on September 2016

Aalto University will recruit again 20 volunteer officials to work as the maintenance staff of Aalto 10K – running event which is held as part of the Espoo Rantamarathon running event, on the weekend of 16.9 -18.9.2016.

Warming up during Aalto-kymppi on 2015 ©Lasse Lecklin
Warming up during Aalto-kymppi on 2015 ©Lasse Lecklin

Come and join and help us make the event happen again 2016 !

The programme of the weekend 16.9-18.9.2016
Friday 16 September 2016  Marathon/running event office opens
Saturday 17 September 2016 Espoo Rantamarathon (42,195km)
Saturday 17 September 2016 Espoo half-marathon (21,1km)
Sunday 18 September 2016 Aalto 10K  (“Aalto-kymppi”) (10km)
Sunday 18 September 2016 Aalto 5 K (“Aalto vitonen”) (5km)

Volunteer official shifts are (minimum shift length is 4-5 hours):

  • on Friday 16 September at 13-19 (event office tasks at Otahalli/ Otaniemi)
  • on Sunday 18 September at 9-14 (event office tasks at Otahalli/Otaniemi)
  • on Sunday 18 September at 13-16 (maintaining the water stands during the race)

The officials will get the technical sports shirt with Aalto and Rantamaraton logos, some packed lunch and the possibility to participate the marathons (full marathon or half marathon) on Saturday 17 September free of charge (value 40 euros).

In case you would like to volunteer AND run the Aalto 10K(10km) on Sunday 18 September, you can either take the Friday shift or then the Sunday 18 September morning shift 9-14 (you can leave your volunteer tasks slightly earlier to prepare yourself for the run ).

Registration as a volunteer

Registration is done by email. Provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Telephone number
  • Shift you would like to take
  • And in case you want to get the free of charge run at the Epoo Rantamarathon or half marathon on Saturday 17.9.2016  as a compensation of being a volunteer, let me know which run you are taking (marathon or half marathon) and your date of birth. (we’ll sign you in to the marathon/half marathon on your behalf)

Register at latest Wednesday 31 August 2016 by sending the email to

Kindly note, that volunteer officials, who choose to take the possibility to run the Espoo Rantamartahon/half marathon free of charge need to provide doctor’s statement in case they do not show up to their volunteer tasks. In case no-show, bill (40 euro Espoo Rantamarathon fee) will be sent to the volunteer.

More information:

Jenni Ståhl, tel 050 5961099,

Officials needed for Aalto-kymppi

Aalto University will recruit 30 officials to work in the maintenance staff of  Aalto-kymppi on 20th September or on 18th September. The shifts will be on Sunday, 8.30-13.30 or 12.30-16.30 or on Friday 12.00 – 16.00.

The officials will get the technical sports shirt with Aalto and Rantamaraton logos, some packed lunch and either the possibility to participate the marathons on 19.9. free of charge, or a 40€ sports gift token to Intersport Forum.

Registrations to `Mara´ Martti Kyykoski on Friday 5.9. at the latest.

Contact information:

Martti Kyykoski, gsm 0400 744 258,

Registration for Aalto 10K and Aalto 5K will start on 16 February

Aalto 10K and Aalto 5 K – A social running event for Aalto students, staff and alumni on 20 September

Aalto-kymppi (Aalto 10 km) and Aalto-vitonen (5 km), is a kick-off event of Aalto University academic year in term of sports, which will be organized on 20 September 2015. Aalto 10 km and Aalto 5 km are organized together with Espoo 10 km run and are part of the

The running event, starting in the afternoon, is intended to anyone who wishes to take part in the 10-kilometer or 5-kilometer course in free-form and style according to your fitness level by walking, nordic walking, jogging, running, forwards or backwards or in any other appropriate manner – even stopping to enjoy the beautiful scenery on along the route. Last year, more than 1600 Aalto colleagues enrolled to the event!

Aalto University will pay the Aalto 10 km and 5 km registration fee for all its student, staff and alumni. All Aalto participants will receive a free technical T-shirt with Aalto and Rantamaraton logo.

If you are joining the event with work colleagues or student friends, come up with a name for your “team” which all team members then marks down on the registration form.


Registration for Aalto 10 km and Aalto 5 km is done in the MyNextRun -service. The registration link is available on the Rantamaraton webpage

Registrations will start on 16 February and it will be closed on 13 September 2015.

Contact information:
Martti Kyykoski, gsm 040 353 8221 or 0400 744 258,

Nordic Students’ Beach Volleyball Championship 2015

We hereby open a preliminary call for all Nordic higher education students to
participate in the first Nordic Students’ Beach Volleyball Championship
(NSBVC) tournament! This preliminary registration is non-binding and will
not cost you anything. However, the registration will give you a priority in an
upcoming binding registration call. We encourage players to a prompt
enrolment, as we use them to evaluate the amount of potential participants.
You may enroll even if you do not have a partner yet.

You can make non-binding earlybird registration here:
or send an email to .

Tournament: The tournament venue is in Finland, at the public port of Kuopio.
The NSBVC is a 2-day tournament between Following the
student tournament, an international FIVB-tournament is held at the same
venue (5. 9.8). Thus, you may compete against fellow students and
afterwards enjoy the expetional thrill of a world-class beach volleyball
tourney! The technical details of the game field will be in line with the FIVB’s
strict guidelines. Something else to look forward to are the prizes, as the
winners of the last years students’ championship received brand new Lenovo

The organizing committee (OC): The OC has experience from two National
Students’ Beach Volleyball Championships in Finland, the latter of which
being organized in cooperation with the offcial Finnish National Beachvolley
championship finals (Trust Kapital OPEN 2014). The OC has vast experience
on near-professional level tournament management, and furthermore, the
support of the adjacent FIVB-level tournament.

Eligible participants: 1) must have citizenship of a Nordic country; 2) must be
currently studying a higher education degree, or must have graduated from such
within the past year. The pairs must be of same gender.

Eligible Nordic countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia.

Additional information: More information will be spread through the Nordic students
sport associations, NSBVC mailing lists, and in the near future, our official
tournament website. A tournament fee has not yet been set, but it is estimated to vary
from 50 to 100 € per participant. You do NOT need to pay anything before a later
binding registration. The preliminary registration does NOT bind you to any fees.
Potential players are encouraged to start enquiring their student associations and
institutions for travel/participancy grants. Additional enquiries should be directed to

Best regards on behalf of the organizing committee,

Antti-Pekka Elomaa
University of Eastern Finland

Teemu Soininen
Event Manager, Vice-Chairman
University of Eastern Finland

Olli-Pekka Sartanen
University of Eastern Finland


SELL Student Games in Lithuania 15th-17th of May 2015

Dear Student!

SELL Student Games is a multisport event and open to all university and polytechnic students from all over the world. The games became to be known as SELL Games according to the first letters of the original names of the host countries (Suomi, Eesti, Latvija, Liettuva). The traditional friendship-games are organized by these four countries and they gather 1800-2000 participants per year. There are no age limits or level requirements, and the event offers sports and opponents to sports enthusiasts on all levels.

SELL Student Games 2015 will be held in Kaunas Lithuania the 15th-17th of May 2015. The registration will start at the beginning of 2015. The SELL-sports in Kaunas are: athletics, volleyball, orienteering, mini-football, table tennis, swimming, judo, power lifting and basketball. If you are interested of participating, please study more from:

SELL Student Games offers you a budget-friendly opportunity to participate in entertaining and memorable student-competitions! The participation fee is only 25 euros/night/person from SELL-countries, 30e/night/person non SELL countries, when you register before the 12th of April 2015.