Year tags are now available

All students who have paid their AYY membership fee for the academic year 2019–2020 can pick up a year tag from August 1st, 2019 on. The year tags can be picked in following locations:

Harald Herlin Learning Centre, temporary service point (Otaniementie 9)
Open: August 19th – September 6th 2019, Mon – Fri 12:00 noon – 18:00

Otaniemi services office (Otakaari 11)
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 12:00 noon – 16:00

Read the payment instructions for AYY membership fee here. Please note that all year tags will only be applied directly on student cards to avoid any misuse.

Digital student card

Frank has renewed the student card pricing and the digital student card is now free. If you don’t have the app yet, join the tens of thousands of other students and download the Frank App here:!


Frank’s digital student card is free again

Great news! Frank has renewed the student card pricing and onwards from Monday 26th of June, the digital student card is free! 

In addition, Frank is launching an ISIC -campaign with Danske Bank, where a five-year ISIC student card license is fully free of charge to the student card with payment feature! (Campaign benefit applies to Danske Bank’s new customers)

If you don’t have the app yet, join the tens of thousands of other students and download the Frank App here:!

The latest update to the app contains lots of usability improvements and more. Frank recommends that you update the app as soon as possible from the App Store or Google Play to ensure the best user experience.

Read more at!

P.S. New students in Autumn 2019; you can order your student card at the earliest in early August! If you wish, you can leave your email address with Frank and they’ll notify you when you can order your new student card:


Summer opening hours

AYY’s Services Office will partially be closed during the summer months of June – August.

Our office is closed Mon 8.7. – Fri 26.7.2019

Our office is open normally until Friday 5.7.2019 and from Monday 29.7.2019 on.
Normal opening hours: Mon-Fri 12:00–16:00. You can always check our opening hours here.

Even in July you can send us an e-mail:
Housing – use this contact form
Membership & fees, rental facilities etc. – use this contact form

Please note! Special opening hours:

  • Thursday, 20 June – our office is open 12:00–14:00
  • Friday, 21 June – our office is closed due to Midsummer
  • AYY Housing has no phone service on moving days: 1.7.2019 & 1.8.2019

Have a great summer!

The scholarships of spring 2019 have been decided

In its meeting on May the 28th, 2019, the board of AYY has accepted the proposal of the scholarship committees for the distribution of the spring 2019 scholarships, and dealt out scholarships and grants based on them.

There were 363 applicants in total. The applications were as follows:
• Exchange scholarship: 185 applications
• Community scholarship: 87 applications
• Study scholarship: 183 applications.


Study Scholarship:
Aaltonen Silla 500 €
Erkamo Helmi 500 €
Kauppi Joel 500 €
Korhonen Hilja 500 €
Lehtiniemi Sampsa 500 €
Niiranen Janina 500 €
Nurmi Kasper 500 €
Närekorpi Anton 500 €
Oksala Ella 500 €
Pusula Jani 500 €
Pääkkönen Roope 500 €
Raitanen Pinja 500 €
Saari Titta 500 €
Santikko Santeri 500 €
Seppä-Lassila Juhani 500 €
Tanska Noora 500 €
Tuukkanen Einari 500 €
Törrönen Terhi 500 €
Ukkonen Minna 500 €
Viertiö Jaakko 500 €

Community Scholarship:
Heinilä Toni 500 €
Hurskainen Riku 500 €
Kariluoto Joni 500 €
Kirjonen Ville 500 €
Kuutti Elina 500 €
Lammi Pekka 500 €
Leino Tuomo 500 €
Liimatainen Mikael 500 €
Noki Jenina 500 €
Ojala Suvi 500 €
Salminen Noora 500 €
Segercrantz Christian 500 €
Seppäläinen Lauri 500 €
Sivaro Niklas 500 €
Soivio Topi 500 €
Sørensen Jette 500 €
Tiitinen Janne-Joonas 500 €
Tran Viet 500 €
Vähä-Savo Lauri 500 €
Vänttinen Noora 500 €

Exchange Scholarship:
Haukipuro Eeva-Sofia 350 €
Hautala Aino 500 €
Hellemaa Sara 375 €
Huuki Konsta 375 €
Hynynen Kaisa 500 €
Hämäläinen Anette 375 €
Kosomaa Emmi 375 €
Kulikoff Joel 600 €
Kuuttiniemi Krista 625 €
Lampela Nina 375 €
Lauritsalo Anna 375 €
Leinonen Milja 375 €
Muttonen Sini 575 €
Mäkinen Jani 550 €
Oksala Ella 350 €
Orpana Joona 375 €
Pitkänen Elena 375 €
Raitanen Pinja 350 €
Takala Timo 375 €
Tolonen Meeri 350 €
Törrönen Terhi 375 €
Wederhorn Linda 500 €
Viitikko Samuel 625 €

Weekly Newsletter 23/2019

This is the spring’s last weekly newsletter. Have a sunny summer, everyone! The weekly newsletter will return from its summer break at the end of August.

To while away your summer, why not visit AYY’s new website at Send us feedback and improvement ideas so we can make the website even better!

Summer events

20 Jun: Hydepakki’s Midsummer paddling
27 Jun: Metal Club Mökä: Tuska pre-party
17 Aug: Tassufest (in Finnish)

Save the Date

3 Sept: Aalto Day One, Aalto Party and Aalto Afterparty
21 Sept: Otaniemi Night of Arts



  1. AYY’s new website has been published!
  2. Welcome to celebrate the JTM 5 rental facilities’ opening with an afterwork on Wednesday 5 Jun
  3. Jämeräntaival 3 A to complete renovations in August – apply now and enter the draw for apartments
  4. Moderators wanted for the autumn’s Humans vs Zombies game!


  1. Join this full-day training for building expertise in Corda on Wednesday 5 June 2019!


  1. Otaniemi Night of Arts on 21 Sept: Looking for a Graphic Designer and subevent organisers
  2. Kulttuurikontti brings art and culture to different parts of Espoo


  1. TASSUfest on 17 Aug


  1. Aalto 10 km & 5 km sporting event on 22 Sept


  1. Hyminä group to start in September!
  2. Campus restaurants’ opening hours in summer 2019


  1. Jokeri Light Rail being built



1. AYY’s new website has been published!

The beta version of AYY’s new website has been published! You can find it at Go have a look at the site and feel free to send us feedback and improvement ides! We apologize that, for a little while, the address is redirecting to sitefactory. We’ll get the “real” beta running as soon as possible

The new website will be updated during the summer, and some of the contents are still being uploaded. Good old will continue to stay by its side until the autumn.

2. Welcome to celebrate the JTM 5 rental facilities’ opening with an afterwork on Wednesday 5 Jun

Gorsu and the Village Living Room, both part of the rental facilities at JMT 5, have recently finished their renovations. The Campus Section wishes everyone welcome to celebrate the facilities’ opening by way of an afterwork on Wednesday 5 Jun from 5 pm. The evening’s programme will feature a barbeque, sauna and communal hanging out, and Campus Section members will also happily answer any questions regarding the facilities. The event is free of charge and open to all.

3. Jämeräntaival 3 A to complete renovations in August – apply now and enter the draw for apartments

The apartments have been fully renovated, meaning their surface materials and fixed furnishings have been renewed. Applications sent between 28 May and 11 Jun 2019 will be entered into the draw. All AYY members with a right of residence can apply for the apartments. The apartments will be ready to move in on 1 Aug 2019.

Read more on the website:

4. Moderators wanted for the autumn’s Humans vs Zombies game!

Aava’s Outdoor Games Committee (UPTMK) is looking for a few new members, aka moderators to join the organising of the autumn’s HvZ! HvZ is a moderated game of tag in which the zombie players attempt to spread the infection by tagging humans. Exciting missions and quests will be available every day.

If you want to take part in coming up with some twists or wild tasks to delight the players, apply now! In the Committee, you get to conceptualise and bring to fruition your dreams of what you think would make the best possible HvZ. You will also get an amazing HvZ hood to garnish your overalls and to take part in the Committee’s own events!

The autumn’s HvZ is played on 18–21 Sept, and planning for it will begin in early August. More information: Chair of the Outdoor Games Committee Kiti Kainulainen, TG @heikiti or

Application: by 30 Jun by email to Kiti (above), mention whether you have a background in playing HvZ or organising events.



5. Join this full-day training for building expertise in Corda on Wednesday 5 June 2019!

Are you a developer who is interested in learning how to utilise Corda the best way? Join this full-day training for building expertise in Corda on Wednesday 5 June 2019!

The demand for blockchain technologies is proliferating across industries. A full day of hands-on training with expert instructors will give you the know-how and assurance to become a true blockchain developer. This free Corda Bootcamp is led by the Corda developer relations team and will take place in Tieto’s HQ in Espoo, Finland.

The workshop is targeted at developers who are interested in learning about how to build applications with Corda and are familiar with Java.

Sign up here:



6. Otaniemi Night of Arts on 21 Sept: Looking for a Graphic Designer and subevent organisers

Otaniemi Night of Arts, the interartistic, open-to-all, free-of-charge campus festival, is organised on 21 Sept this year! What artistic fun could your association bring to the event?

Registration as a subevent organiser will remain open until the beginning of August. You can also sign up right now to take part in organising the biggest and most impressive interartistic event in Otaniemi at

We are also looking for a Graphic Designer to create the visual look of this year’s event. Application DL is Tue 4 Jun at 12 noon. A fee will be paid for the work. Read more and apply:

7. Kulttuurikontti brings art and culture to different parts of Espoo

Kulttuurikontti is a mobile cultural space built inside a sea container whose activities are open to all and free of charge. This year’s container features, for example, design and nice things to do for all ages. The workshops are organised by the design collective Maketti and artist Greta Muuri.

City Events Espoo is in charge of the production.

Kulttuurikontti is open in June–August on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 10 am–3 pm in Olari’s Asukaspuisto (18–29 Jun), in Otaniemi outside shopping centre A Bloc (9–20 Jul) and in Espoo Centre outside shopping centre Espoontori (30 Jul–10 Aug).

See the container’s detailed schedule, programme and workshops’ contents at (in Finnish).



8. TASSUfest on 17 Aug

Athene is celebrating the Athene 20 year and invites all of Otaniemi to join the festivities. TASSUfest will fill Alvari Square with festival atmosphere, stunning performers and the bubbly joys of a summer’s evening.

TASSUfest combines excellent music, Athenian easy going, creative artistic activities and the enchanting atmosphere of late summer. Finnish front-row artists along with Otaniemi bands and Athenian musicians will be seen on stage. In addition to performers, there will be e.g. a hot tub and sauna area, karaoke, a rave container, etc. in the programme.

Signed artists include e.g. Ruudolf, Tuuttimörkö, Wikirock, Kuahu and Adeola Ikuesan. More announcements on the way!



9. Aalto 10 km & 5 km sporting event on 22 Sept

Aalto 10 km & 5 km is an annual good-mood sporting event taking place in September. The event is organised as part of the Espoo Rantamaraton weekend on 21– 22 Sep 2019. Aalto 10 km & 5 km is meant for Aalto students, staff and alumni and is free for Aalto people. The event is organised for the tenth time in 2019, and there have been around 1500–1600 participants each year.

Read more and sign up at



10. Hyminä group to start in September!

Trouble with your studies? Struggling with everyday life? Lost your self-knowledge? The Hyminä group is meant for all Aalto University students who want to strengthen their self-knowledge and skills to manage everyday life. The group offers you a chance to find new perspectives to support your wellbeing and to share your experiences. The group is organised in cooperation by the FSHS, UniSport, Aalto chaplains, Study Psychologists, student advisors and AYY. The group meets in Otaniemi six times during the autumn between 25 Sept and 30 Oct 2019. Participation is free of charge. The group is Finnish-language.

Inquiries and registration by email: elli.pekkola(at)

11. Campus restaurants’ opening hours in summer 2019

The campus restaurants have reduced opening hours during the summer season. The summer’s opening hours of the Otaniemi campus restaurants have been updated on the Campus restaurants website at

Please notice that changes may occur to the opening hours. Always check the latest information from the restaurant’s own website.



12. Jokeri Light Rail being built

The construction of the Jokeri Light Rail will begin on 3 Jun in several parts of both Helsinki and Espoo. There will also be a Jokeri Light Rail stop in Otaniemi. The transport connections of the Otaniemi campus will take another step forward with the Jokeri Light Rail!

The Jokeri Light Rail project office has published a website where detailed information will be added on the different construction sites and temporary transport arrangements as these are confirmed. The website is available at There is also a feedback channel on the website where the feedback can be placed on a map:



This is Aalto University Student Union’s weekly newsletter for week 23/2019. The newsletter gives you the news on AYY and its associations and sections, as well as other useful information.

If you want your own piece to appear in the newsletter, send your finalised text to by 10 am on Thursday for publication the following week. The recommended length of the text is 500 characters and the maximum length 1 000 characters.

You can also read the newsletter on AYY’s website at

News concerning associations can be found in the association newsletter. Read them at

Want to unsubscribe from the weekly newsletter mailing list? Click on the link and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page:

Applications for the renovated Jämeräntaival 3 A apartments are open from the 28th of May to the 11th of June!

In August 2019 the renovation of Jämeräntaival 3 A will be completed and most of the apartments in the building are shared studios. Residents can move in to the apartments starting from the 1st of August 2019.

The AYY Board has decided that all AYY’s members with valid right of residence are given equal opportunity to apply for the Jämeräntaival 3 A apartments. Lots will be drawn to determine who gets an apartment.

The application process for the apartments differs somewhat from the usual:

  • You can apply for the apartments between the 28th of May and 11th of June 2019.
  • The place in the queue for all applications submitted within the deadline will be drawn by lot.
  • The lots will be drawn within different score groups.
  • After the 11th of June 2019, the applications will continue according to the normal queuing process.

A shared studio apartment is a cross between a shared apartment and a studio. Each tenant has a personal room with their own toilet/bathroom and a kitchenette, equipped with a fridge, oven and stove. Keeping the communal spaces clean and tidy is the responsibility of the tenants.

Read the application instructions here.

Find out more about the apartments and send your application to us via Domo starting Tuesday 28th May.

More information about the building & location

Jämeräntaival 3 was one of the first residential buildings to be constructed in the Teekkari Village. Work to build the Teekkari Village began in the 1950s when the decision was made to move the Helsinki University of Technology from Helsinki to Otaniemi, Espoo. Before the students moved in, Jämeräntaival 3 housed the athletes competing in the 1952 Summer Olympics!

Jämeräntaival 3 underwent renovations in 2018-2019. In connection with the renovation, the decision was made to move away from the larger shared apartments and to build studios and studio rooms in shared apartments, which better suit the living preferences of students today. The apartments’ surface materials, fixtures and fittings were replaced during the renovation and the apartments are ideal with regard to their condition and location. The building also contains spaces available to rent, such as the Rooftop sauna and the Takka Cabinet, and is therefore an essential part of the active student culture in the Teekkari Village.

Jämeräntaival 3 – location on a map

Photo: Jämeräntaival 3 before the renovation