System update in Domo on Wednesday 16th of January

Domo system will be updated on Wednesday the 16th of January and the system will be out of use for an hour starting 4 p.m. During the downtime it is not possible to accept apartment offers or renew applications so now is a good time to log into Domo system and check that everything is in order.

During the downtime the system will also update the order of the applications made for Miestentie 2 and Jämeräntaival 3 C apartments. This means that the order of the applications will change. Before the apartments were offered, the order of the applications was raffled. Now that all the apartments have been offered, the placement of the applications in the queues will be based on the scoring and the submission date of the application. Therefore your application’s place in the queue can change considerably on Wednesday.

Vacant apartments available for all students – apply now!

Three-room apartment in Kirkonkyläntie, Malmi

Three-room apartment in Kirkonkyläntie 16, Malmi is available for rent immediately. The apartment is suitable both for families and for friends: it has two separate bed rooms, living room, spacious kitchen and a wide balcony. There is a sauna in the building and the tenants can freely book sauna shifts with no extra cost. From Malmi it is easy to get to Helsinki city center by train, and there is also a direct bus connection from Malmi to Otaniemi.

More information about the apartment:
Address: Kirkonkyläntie 16 A 12, 00700 Helsinki
Size: 61,5m2
Rent: 699,27 € (the rent is 737,88 € starting from 1st of March)
Water and internet are included in the rent. The tenant needs to make an electricity contract for the apartment.


Two four-room apartments in Pohjavedenkatu, Vuosaari

In Pohjavedenkatu 4, Vuosaari we have two four-room apartments available for rent immediately. These apartments are also ideal both for families and to friends to live together – there are three bedrooms in the apartments, a big living room and roomy kitchen. Both apartments include also a sauna, a separate bathroom and a balcony/terrace. The apartments are located close to the subway station and a trip to Otaniemi takes about half an hour.

More information about the apartment:
Address: Pohjavedenkatu 4 A 02 and Pohjavedenkatu 4 A 13, 00980 Helsinki
Size: 88,5m2
Rent: 1070,85 €
Water and internet are included in the rent. The tenant needs to make an electricity contract for the apartment.


Any student can apply for the apartments, so you don’t need to be a student in Aalto university. However, AYY rents apartments primarily favoring members of the Student Union. AYY member does not need to have right of residence. Right of residence for these apartments is three (3) years from the start of the contract. Please note that if you are already living in an AYY apartment, the period of notice is one whole month, starting from the end of the month in which you submit the written notice. Lease agreements for these apartments can be started either on the 15th of January or the 2nd of February.

If you are interested in the apartments, be quick and contact the housing office using this form. More information about these apartments on Domo.

Four-room apartments available in Vuosaari starting from 1st of January!

AYY is piloting a new way for applying for an apartment with friends. We have two four-room apartments in Vuosaari that become vacant in 1st of January 2019 and both apartments have three bedrooms, a living room and kitchen and a balcony and sauna also. You can apply for these apartments with your friends and at least one of the applicants needs to be a member of AYY. Both apartments will be rented for one of the applicants and they can sublease the apartment for whoever they want. This way they won’t have a joint lease agreement.


The apartments (Pohjavedenkatu 4 A 02 and 13) are 88,5 m2 and the rent is 1070,85 €. Rent includes water and internet but it is the tenant’s responsibility to make an electricity contract for the apartment. The main tenant pays the whole rent for AYY and they can agree about the details of the rental payment with the subtenants.


You can apply for the apartments with this form. The form needs to be filled by the person who is a member of AYY and willing to rent the apartment as a main tenant. You need to add the names and possible student status / AYY membership of the other applicants that would move in with you as subtenants.


The apartments are identical and the apartment number 02 can be visited starting from Tuesday 27th of November. If you are interested in seeing the apartment you can loan the keys from AYY’s office at Otakaari 11. Rental agreements for the apartments are made starting from 1st of January. Pohjavedenkatu is located near to the Vuosaari subway station and the subway ride to Otaniemi takes about 30 minutes.

Applications for the renovated Jämeräntaival 3 C apartments and for the new apartments at Miestentie 2 open from the 12th of November to the 9th of December

In February 2019, a total of 131 apartments will be completed at Miestentie 2 , 107 of which are studio apartments and the rest are two-room apartments. Renovation of Jämeräntaival 3 C will be completed also in February and most of the apartments in the building are shared studios. Residents can move in to the apartments starting from the 1st of February 2019.

The AYY Board has decided that all AYY’s members with valid right of residence are given equal opportunity to apply for the Jämeräntaival 3 C and Miestentie 2 apartments. Lots will be drawn to determine who gets an apartment.

The application process for the apartments differs somewhat from the usual:

  • You can apply for the apartments between the 12th of November and 9th of December 2018.
  • The place in the queue for all applications submitted within the deadline will be drawn by lot.
  • The lots will be drawn within different score groups.
  • After the 9th of December 2018, the applications will continue according to the normal queuing process.

A shared studio apartment is a cross between a shared apartment and a studio. Each tenant has a personal room with their own toilet/bathroom and a kitchenette, equipped with a fridge, freezer, oven and stove. Keeping the communal spaces clean and tidy is the responsibility of the tenants.

Read the application instructions: https://ayy.fi/en/housing/apartment-seekers/how-to-apply-for-housing/

Find out more about the apartments and send your application to us via Domo: https://domo.ayy.fi

AYY tenant – participate on our photo contest and win free sauna turns for a year or one of AYY’s rental facilites for one day!

Have you ever wondered how AYY apartments look like? We would like to see how our tenants make their AYY apartments look and feel like a home. Therefore we are challenging all our tenants to take part on our photo contest on Instagram! You can participate on the contest by sharing a photo of your AYY apartment on Instagram and using hashtag #ayyhousing. The contest is valid for November but we encourage our tenants to share the photos also in the future. Photos taken by the tenants are also shared on our “AYY Housing” Instagram account. All photos shared until 30th of November will take part in the draw and three winners will get a prize. The winners can choose whether they want to have free sauna turns for one year or one free reservation for one of AYY’s rental facilities.


Instructions and rules for the contest:

  • All the tenants living in AYY apartments can take part on the contest during 1.-30.11.2018.
  • You can take part in the competition on Instagram by sharing a photo of your AYY apartment and using the hashtag #ayyhousing. You can post more than one photo and there can be people in the pictures if you have confirmed that it’s okay for them that you’ll be posting pictures.
  • Three winners will be drawn from the participants and the draw will take place on 4.12.2018. Winners will be notified personally. If the winners can’t be reached in two weeks the draw will be repeated.
  • The winners can choose whether they want to have free sauna turns for one year in some of AYY’s buildings or one free reservation for one of AYY’s rental facilities. Winners can reserve a sauna turn from their own building or from JMT 3, 5 or 6. Smökki and Rantasauna are excluded from the options so the winners can’t choose to reserve them as a prize. The reservation for a rental facility needs to be used before the 31st of July in 2019.
  • The contest is not sponsored, recommended, or managed by Instagram. Participants agree to comply with the rules of the contest and also to the terms of Instagram.

Presenting AYY’s Emergency Housing Coordinator

Larissa Haggrén. Photo: Riikka Koskela

Once again, the demand for student accommodation spikes as the new students arrive on campuses. At AYY, newcomers lacking accommodation will this autumn be assisted by Emergency Housing Coordinator Larissa Haggrén. The art education student has previously worked in AYY’s member services at the now-closed Arabia service point and also been actively involved with student associations. “I’ve been helping out new students quite a lot even before through my work and association roles, in my current position I’m just mainly focusing on housing services,” says Haggrén.

Haggrén anticipates a similar demand for emergency housing as in previous years. For now, there have only been a few lodgers, but with September approaching, there are more and more inquiries. “The service is most useful for international students who cannot get to apartment viewings before they arrive in Finland. We can’t make flats appear out of thin air, but we are doing our best,” ensures Haggrén.

The task of the Emergency Housing Coordinator is to give advice and tips on looking for an apartment, as well as informing people about emergency housing. However, emergency housing is only used as the last option, as there are limited places available. Haggrén also points out that a place can only be reserved a maximum of three working days before arrival. “If emergency housing is decided upon, I’ll arrange picking up the keys and other practicalities with the student.”

Haggrén advises new students with no prearranged accommodation to keep their search criteria as broad as possible. In addition to AYY and HOAS, it’s worth looking for apartments elsewhere, such as the private market. “The broader the criteria you can give, the better the chances of finding an apartment. Studios are the most requested housing type, so if you’re looking on your own, it’s definitely worth applying for a room in shared apartments as well and, if possible, bigger apartments too.”

If you can’t find permanent accommodation straightaway, staying in a hotel or a hostel, for example, might be a temporary solution. Haggrén encourages anyone who is concerned about their accommodation situation to get in touch with her. “There’s not much room in emergency housing and we can’t make any definite promises, but we aim to find a place for everybody who needs one.”

The Emergency Housing Coordinator can be reached until 28 Sept 2018. Her contact details and more information on emergency housing can be found here: https://ayy.fi/en/housing/apartment-seekers/how-to-apply-for-housing/emergency-housing/