Information about the renovation of Jämeräntaival 3, 5, 7

The complete renovation of the Jämeräntaival 3, 5, 7 property is on schedule. Tenants have already moved to their apartments in Jämeräntaival 7 B and C, final finishes for the apartments in Jämeräntaival 7 A are made in the beginning of February. The whole renovation project is estimated to be completed in the summer of 2019.

Instructions for residents:

Living in the property will be impossible during the renovation work. Due to the renovation work, the rental contracts of residents and users will have to be terminated in stages. In the terminations, the termination period that is in accordance with the Tenancy Act shall be complied with, which is 6 months on the part of the lessor. AYY seeks to offer residents whose contracts are being terminated the possibility to move to a comparable flat in the Teekkari Village. The resident can decide whether they want to apply for another AYY flat or arrange their accommodation themselves in some other way after the termination.

For transfer applications, one additional queue point shall be given upon the decision of the Board of AYY, so that they are first in the queue. The additional point is valid until the applicant has received an offer for a shared flat or a flat that corresponds to the terminated one and as long as the need for accommodation is urgent due to the complete renovation. If you turn down the first accommodation offer, you will be treated as a normal accommodation seeker after that.

Residents can also apply for other flats of AYY. However, no additional points will be granted for other accommodation queues due to the renovation, but instead they will be scored in accordance with the normal rules. An exception to this is residents who live in a one-bedroom flat, but who are applying for a shared flat. The additional points for an urgent need for accommodation will be granted normally on the basis of termination done by the lessor for the queues where the additional points in question are in use.

  • When you have received notice of termination on the basis of a complete renovation, you can apply for a replacement flat from AYY
  • Make an application in the normal way in the queue of the domo system
  • State in the attachment to the application that you are seeking a replacement flat due to a complete renovation
  • At the same time, make sure that the e-mail address is correct in the system!
  • A possible accommodation offer will be sent by e-mail

If necessary, you can ask for further information from the housing office asuntotoimisto(at)ayy.fi

You can ask for more information about the complete renovation from the Construction Foreman of AYY, Hannes Helminen hannes.helminen(at)ayy.fi

AYY Housing for Exchange Students

Are you a new exchange student coming to study at Aalto University? Welcome!

Make sure you have a place to stay for the first few nights you’re staying in Finland. Aalto University Student Union (AYY) owns approximately 2600 apartments in Espoo and Helsinki. Still, unfortunately we cannot offer housing for all applicants, even if they are coming from abroad. All apartment offers are made through the Domo system.

If you have already accepted an offer from AYY about an apartment:
Please note that all AYY apartments are unfurnished. No bed, no table, no lights. All AYY apartments have a kitchen with a stove and a fridge, though. For more information about furniture for AYY apartments check this page. More information about all the buildings can be found here.

More information:


Revised opening hours in the festive season

AYY’s service points have the following opening times during Christmas holidays:

Otaniemi service point & housing office

Dec 22 open at 12-14

Dec 23 – Jan 1 closed

Jan 2 open at 10-16

Open for picking up keys to facilities rented on one-time basis: Thu 28 Dec at 14-16

If you’re unable to pick up the keys in the time mentioned, please contact us via email (ayy@ayy.fi) to arrange a time for the key pick up.

Arabia service point

Closed Dec 21 2017 – Jan 7 2018

The coolest wall painting competition is here again

The coolest wall painting competition is here again! The Campus Section wants to encourage AYY members who live in shared or friends apartments to work together for a nicer living environment. AYY offers up to 200 euros to use at the hardware store Stark for each dorm for painting supplies.

The competition begins on 16.10.2017 and ends 10.12.2017.

The winners will be announced at the Village Christmas party on 13.12.2017, and there are some amazing prizes in store!
1. place: AYY sauna space with refreshments, a 300€ gift card to a furniture store and a weekly sauna reservation for a year
2. place: A 300€ gift card to a furniture store and a weekly sauna reservation for a year
3. place: A 300€ gift card to a furniture store and a weekly sauna reservation for a year

To participate, you should document your working and final painting by photos or videos and send the material to the Campus Section either on Facebook or to the e-mail address kampusjaosto@list.ayy.fi by 10.12.2017. It should be clear from the documentation that at least two tenants have been active in the work.

Evaluation criteria: Creativity and beauty of the painting, community spirit and identity of the apartment along with the level of participating the tenants of the apartment.

Rules on painting walls in AYY apartments: https://ayy.fi/en/housing/instructions/tuning-of-ayys-apartments/
It is prohibited to paint the floor or ceiling.
It is prohibited to paint heaters, sockets or skirtings.
It is prohibited to paint doors and window frames.
Use only water-soluble indoor paints that can easily be painted on top of.
No inappropriate subject-matter. In the case of lewd paintings, AYY will cover the painting with white.

Take part in the competition by signing up in the AYY form system:https://lomake.ayy.fi/asuminen/seinamaalaus/
You can pick up your payment slip from the AYY housing office 24 hours after you have signed up, and then start painting! Remember to check the office’s opening hours.

WHAT: Coolest wall painting competition
WHERE: AYY shared and friends apartments
WHEN: 16.10.2017 – 10.12.2017
WHY: Because of art, home and prizes!

Available Apartments Starting 1.12.2017 – Apply Now!

Are you a member of AYY and looking for a new home? We have a few vacant apartments starting 1st of December!

The apartments listed below are will be vacant in the beginning of December. If you are interested in one of them, be quick and contact the housing office using this form.

When renting a vacant apartment the lease begins immediately, these apartments can not be rented later (for example in the beginning of January). Also note that the list of vacant apartments may include some apartments that have already been offered to someone. The situation is changing rapidly.

Please note that if you are already living in an AYY apartment, you will have to pay double rent for December. The reason for this is that the period of notice for the termination is one whole month, starting from the end of the month in which you submit the written notice.

Available Apartments Starting 1.12.2017:

Single room in a shared apartment, Espoo

  • Jämeräntaival 3 A 166 – THIS APARTMENT HAS BEEN RENTED
  • Jämeräntaival 3 B 213 – THIS APARTMENT HAS BEEN RENTED
  • Jämeräntaival 3 B 283 – THIS APARTMENT HAS BEEN RENTED
  • Jämeräntaival 3 C 394
  • Jämeräntaival 5 A 134  (renovation of this building starts 1.4.2018)
  • Jämeräntaival 5 A 151  (renovation of this building starts 1.4.2018)
  • Jämeräntaival 5 A 183  (renovation of this building starts 1.4.2018)
  • Rummunlyöjänkatu 3 A 29/3 – male

Single room in a shared apartment, Helsinki

  •  Pohjavedenkatu 4 A 2c  – female
  •  Pohjavedenkatu 4 A 13a – female
  •  Pohjavedenkatu 4 A 23a – male

Studio, Helsinki

  • Ruusulankatu 5 702
  • Turkismiehentie 8 A 24
  • Kääpiöidenpolku 4 B 36 – THIS APARTMENT HAS BEEN RENTED

More information about these apartments on Domo.

The effects of the general housing allowance on rental agreements

The transition to general housing allowance has caused difficulties for students living together, since students living under joint lease agreements are interpreted by Kela as a single household. This means that students who live together apply for housing allowance together, and the allowance is determined by their total income. As a solution to the problem, many students have drafted separate lease agreements or changed to a main tenant/subtenant arrangement.

In the private rental market, lessors seldom agree to make separate contracts for tenants, since from the lessor’s point of view, it is simpler and safer for the whole group to jointly pay for the rent. For AYY, making separate contracts is challenging, as it would practically require installing locks on the doors of bedrooms of two-room apartments and larger apartments, in which case living would resemble that in a shared apartment. The problem with this procedure is the gradual transformation of 2-room apartments (and larger apartments) into shared apartments. When a tenant would move out of an apartment shared by friends, AYY would pick the first person in the shared apartment queue to replace them if the conditions for a friend swap are not fulfilled. Consequently, apartments used as friend apartments would gradually become regular shared apartments. As a mode of living, shared apartments are not the preferred choice for many tenants, and they are seen rather as the last option and as a temporary housing solution. “Shared-apartmentization” would also be a challenge for AYY as a lessor, as tenant turnover is high in shared apartments, and each moving to and from an apartment causes wear and tear on the apartment, and the failure to maintain common facilities is a very common problem in shared apartments that keeps the housing office and the real estate sector busy. AYY will modify its housing stock through renovations so that shared apartments will be replaced by, for example, studio rooms in shared apartments, so that the apartments can better match the housing needs of students.

With AYY, applying for an apartment is based on a transparent queuing system governed by the housing regulation. The queuing system has been created so that there are no unjustified shortcuts; for example, a person who is not already a principal tenant in an AYY apartment cannot be suggested as a candidate for a friend swap. As a result, the transformation of apartments with two or more rooms into shared apartments cannot be prevented within the framework of the current regulation by allowing all friends to move to an apartment in a friend swap. All applicants for AYY’s apartments are equal, and the housing queue cannot be ignored just because a room would become free in an apartment shared by friends and the applicant knows one of the tenants.

According to the housing regulation, AYY’s two-bedroom and larger flats cannot be applied for alone. This means that AYY cannot, under the present regulation, allow a main tenant/subtenant arrangement to be carried out, where a two-room or bigger apartment would be leased to one of the principal tenants, who could then take anybody as their subtenant. In addition, living in AYY’s apartments has been considered as a member benefit, meaning that AYY has sought to provide housing to as many AYY members as possible. In a main tenant/subtenant arrangement, AYY cannot control whom the apartments are sub-leased to, meaning that the proportion of AYY’s tenants would likely decrease. Also, a main tenant/subtenant arrangement does not automatically guarantee that the tenants would form their own households according to KELA and thus be granted their own housing allowances.


AYY aims to make its friend and family apartment agreements more equal so that in the future, all residents of a friend apartment would be able to reside in the apartment for as long as at least one resident has a valid right of residence. Additionally, AYY is currently developing the possibility of seeking shared apartments together, allowing friends to live in the same apartment with separate leases. The housing regulation will also be reviewed and updated extensively next year, so changes in the subject matter are possible.


For further information, please contact Onni Lampi, Member of the Board (email: onni.lampi@ayy.fi, tel: 050 520 9444).