Apply together with your friend!

Hey student, are you looking for a home? Would you like to move in with your friend? Would you like to get the apartment fast? Do you see yourself living with other awesome people?

This is your lucky day because now it is possible!

Apply together with your friend for the same shared apartment. AYY has a new pilot where you can apply together for the same shared apartment. The lease contract starts 1st of August and each tenant has their own lease.

Do you need more information about what it means to move into a single room in a shared apartment? One apartment can have 2-12 single rooms and a common space with a kitchen, possible living room, toilet and/or bathroom. Keeping the common areas clean is the responsibility of all tenants. The room doors have locks that only work with the tenant’s key. Communal spaces can be accessed with any of the tenant keys. These shared single room apartments are for students and exchange students studying in Aalto University, who are members of AYY.

You can apply starting from 17th of June until 26th of June. The lease starts at 1st of August and you can get the keys already one week before on the 25th of July.

Please note! These apartments will only be rented starting 1st August, not later.

AYY members with right of residence are able to apply these apartments. More information here.

We will offer the apartments on the 26th and 27th of June so remember to check your email. If you already live in a AYY apartment, please sign the new lease first and Domo will automatically send you a notice of the current apartment.

If you are interested, please contact us with this form.


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