File your missing association notices by Sunday, the 30th of June

All associations within AYY must fill out a yearly association notice. Associations that have not yet filed an association notice for 2019 must do so before the 30th of June, at 11.59 pm. It is no longer possible to apply for operating grants this year.


Associations operating within AYY must submit an association notice annually. This is essentially our way of making sure that the association continues to meet the requirements set by the Association Regulation. Hence, the most important appendix is the current rules. In accordance with the Association Regulation, an association that fails to submit the association notice in two consecutive years may be removed from the register by decision of the Board.

The association notice consists of tabs to be filled in and the required appendices. As appendices, we require:

– the current rules
– the previous operating year’s annual report
– the current operating year’s operational plan



  1. Have the required appendices ready (rules, annual report and operational plan).
  2. Log in to the Tahlo system at with your association’s user details. If the user details have gone missing, they can generally be restored to your Board’s email address at
  3. Carefully fill in the tabs General, Board, Facilities and Attachments. Save each tab separately as you fill them in.
  4. If you do not submit all of the required appendices, the association notice is inadequate. You can request more time to submit the appendices, but a justified and valid reason is required for this. Send a message to, tell us your reasoning and when the appendices will be ready. In any case, late appendices must be delivered to AYY by 31 May 2019.
  5. Great, you have done it! You have now submitted the required association notice.
  6. In addition, you can update or create an association profile for your association.



AYY’s Organisation Sector ( will answer all questions regarding the operating grants. You can also reach the Organisation Sector by phone at 050 520 9442 (weekdays).

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