Applications for the renovated Jämeräntaival 3 A apartments are open from the 28th of May to the 11th of June!

In August 2019 the renovation of Jämeräntaival 3 A will be completed and most of the apartments in the building are shared studios. Residents can move in to the apartments starting from the 1st of August 2019.

The AYY Board has decided that all AYY’s members with valid right of residence are given equal opportunity to apply for the Jämeräntaival 3 A apartments. Lots will be drawn to determine who gets an apartment.

The application process for the apartments differs somewhat from the usual:

  • You can apply for the apartments between the 28th of May and 11th of June 2019.
  • The place in the queue for all applications submitted within the deadline will be drawn by lot.
  • The lots will be drawn within different score groups.
  • After the 11th of June 2019, the applications will continue according to the normal queuing process.

A shared studio apartment is a cross between a shared apartment and a studio. Each tenant has a personal room with their own toilet/bathroom and a kitchenette, equipped with a fridge, oven and stove. Keeping the communal spaces clean and tidy is the responsibility of the tenants.

Read the application instructions here.

Find out more about the apartments and send your application to us via Domo starting Tuesday 28th May.

More information about the building & location

Jämeräntaival 3 was one of the first residential buildings to be constructed in the Teekkari Village. Work to build the Teekkari Village began in the 1950s when the decision was made to move the Helsinki University of Technology from Helsinki to Otaniemi, Espoo. Before the students moved in, Jämeräntaival 3 housed the athletes competing in the 1952 Summer Olympics!

Jämeräntaival 3 underwent renovations in 2018-2019. In connection with the renovation, the decision was made to move away from the larger shared apartments and to build studios and studio rooms in shared apartments, which better suit the living preferences of students today. The apartments’ surface materials, fixtures and fittings were replaced during the renovation and the apartments are ideal with regard to their condition and location. The building also contains spaces available to rent, such as the Rooftop sauna and the Takka Cabinet, and is therefore an essential part of the active student culture in the Teekkari Village.

Jämeräntaival 3 – location on a map

Photo: Jämeräntaival 3 before the renovation

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