Elina Nieminen becomes Executive Director of the AYY

Elina Nieminen has been elected Executive Director of the Aalto University’s Student Union, the AYY, for the next three-year term. The selection was done by the Council of the AYY in its meeting on 17.4.2019.

Previously, Nieminen has worked, amongst other things, as the leader of the volunteers of Ruisrock. Last year, he helmed the AYY’s Community structures project. Previously, he has acted as a Member of the Board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki and in numerous other positions of responsibility.

“The feeling’s just fantastic!”, Nieminen commented, fresh from the selection. “I’m very grateful for the trust and I am looking forward for the next three years.”

Nieminen is beginning her work by familiarising herself with things during the spring and summer, and her term will go on until April 2022.

The Aalto University Student Union (AYY) is a service and interest organisation for around 14,000 students of Aalto University. Tasks of the Executive Director include close cooperation with the Board and Representative Council. Cooperation with stakeholders and representing the Student Union are also a central part of the Executive Director’s tasks. Executive Director directs multiple teams and acts as the manager of approximately 20 employees. Executive Director replaces the current post of General Secretary.

Further information:

The incumbent General Secretary Niko Ferm, niko.ferm@ayy.fi, tel. 050 520 9415
The new Executive Director Elina Nieminen, elina.nieminen@ayy.fi, tel. 040 681 9612

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