AYY Crowns Manta on the Eve of the First of May – Wappu Appeal Ongoing to Raise Funds for Mental Health Work

Aalto University Student Union AYY

Press release

8 Apr 2019

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This year, it is Aalto University Student Union AYY’s turn to crown the Havis Amanda statue at Helsinki’s Market Square on the eve of the First of May. The event begins with the cleaning of the statue at 5 pm, and the white student cap is laid on Manta’s curls at 6.00 pm.

The Cap itself has already come out of its hibernation and commenced its journey towards Manta. For example, the Cap has been sledding at the students’ Shrove Tuesday party at Ullanlinnanmäki and enjoyed the best student’s life in the world at various events of the Aalto community.

For students, Wappu is a joyous and rowdy party year after year. Unfortunately, however, research shows that from the year 2000 to the present day, psychological problems have become more common among students. According to the Finnish Student Health Service (2016), 30 per cent of students show symptoms of mental health issues. The most common problems were a constant feeling of overexertion, feeling unhappy and depressed, not sleeping because of worries, and losing self-confidence. The change in students’ wellbeing can also be seen in the Aalto community.

Last week, the Cap was honoured to take part in the first-year students’ Fuksipeijaiset, in connection with which Aalto University Student Union’s Freshman Committee opened the Wappupotti appeal to collect funds for mental health services. The original goal was to raise 500 euros but, with this sum being collected in minutes, the goal was increased to 10 000 euros.  The purpose of the appeal is to evoke discussion and to shatter the taboo surrounding mental health issues – and, of course, to support the important work of the Finnish Association for Mental Health. AYY also wants to remind everyone that in the midst of the busy and eventful Wappu frolics, it is important to take care of yourself and others and to ask your family, friends and yourself how you are really doing.

Before the eve of the First of May, there is still plenty that Manta’s Cap will get up to. It will be meeting with political decision-makers, influencers, prominent figures as well as Aalto University alumni. Discussions will be had on at least mental health, the environment and, of course, Wappu. You can follow the Cap’s journey and visits on Instagram with the hashtag #matkallamantalle.

More information:

Producer Niina Palm, niina.palm@ayy.fi, 050 520 9435

Communications Specialist Henna Palonen, henna.palonen@ayy.fi, 050 520 9440

Wappu appeal: www.wappu.fi/mielelle (in Finnish)

The Finnish Student Health Service 2016: https://www.yths.fi/filebank/4310-KOTT_englanti_2016.pdf

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