A step towards more sustainable recycling — tenants of Teekkari Village can now recycle their plastic waste

AYY strives to promote the principles of sustainable development in housing and we want to enable our residents to sort waste as ecologically as possible. Containers for plastic are located near the following buildings:

  • Jämeräntaival 3, 5, 6 ja 7
  • Otakaari 18 ja Otakaari 20
  • Otaranta 8.

Instructions for recycling plastic have been distributed on the notice boards in all the properties mentioned above. Plastic waste is collected in Molok waste bins at recycling points.

Why recycle plastic waste?

Plastic packages are collected and turned into raw materials for new plastic products. This is how materials can be kept in the cycle, as a part of the circular economy. Collected plastic packages are turned, for instance, into plastic bags, flowerpots and buckets.

How to recycle plastic?

Most of plastic packaging can be recycled. Empty plastic packages for food stuff, such as yoghurt containers and packages for cold cuts, cheese and convenience food can be put into the collection container for plastic packages. Empty shampoo and soap bottles and plastic bags can also be put in the collection containers. Rinse or wipe clean empty packages, if necessary. It is clean enough if there is no odour nuisance.

Dispose of other plastic products, such as broken sledges, toys, watering cans and kitchen utensils in the mixed waste container.

More detailed instructions for recycling you’ll find here: https://www.hsy.fi/en/residents/sorting/instructions/Pages/Plastic.aspx.

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