Futuretalks: Election spring

26.3. Panel discussion: Lifelong Learning 2.0

Without know-how, there will be no wellbeing, research or economic growth. How can people be enabled to gain work experience in their own field while still studying? Or how can it be ensured that their know-how remains relevant through a decade-long working career?

Aalto University and Aalto University Student Union are organising a parliamentary election panel with a focal point on combining work and studying as well as lifelong learning. The event is Finnish-language.


28.3. Cilmate change – Finland in the climate arena

Have you seen the hashtag #NytOnPakko around social media? Have you been wondering, what are Finland’s climate goals? Now you have a chance to collectively discuss climate change, hear about the IPCC report, see how Finland is doing globally on the climate arena, assess the climate goals of different political parties and think, how you can participate in climate action.


1.4. Movie night: Vice (2018)

In honour of the upcoming parliamentary election (14 Apr), AYY is offering its members a chance to see the societal comedy film Vice (2018).

In the main role, Christian Bale – familiar from the Batman films, among others – undergoes an astounding transformation into one of the men with the biggest impact on the recent history of the United States. Vice is about the life and career of former Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney, as well as about the consequences of the concentration of power in Cabinets instead of the people.

Could the same happen in Finland as well?

Before the film screening, one of the makers of the Politbyroo podcast, the quick-witted Sini Korpinen and Juha Töyrylä present an introduction to the topic.

The film is screened at TOKYO ry’s Kino Sheryl cinema. The cinema is accessible. The discussion will be held in Finnish.

There are 80 tickets available to the screening. Binding sign-up via the link below:



14.4. Finnish Parliamentary election

Read more about eduskuntavaaleista.

14.5. Brexit room & Eurovision


9.5. Panel discussion: Making use of sustainability science in the European Parliament


21.5. Movie night: TBA


26.5. European Parliamentary election

Read more about European Elections.

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