Futuretalks: Election spring

14.5. Eurovision Semi final screening (CANCELLED)


15.5. This time I’m voting (too)

The jigsaw overall badge that started with the parliamentary election is continued when the European Elections are here! The European Parliament election takes place on 26 May 2019 and the advance voting on 15–21 May.

Aalto University Student Union is distributing overall badges to voters at the Harald Herlin advance polling station on Wednesday 15 May from 9 am onwards. There are badges for the first 500, and the distribution continues on Thursday and Friday if there are badges remaining.

Vote for a better Europe for students! #thistimeimvoting #educationprkl


21.5. Movie night: The Grand Budapest Hotel

In honour of the upcoming parliamentary election (26 May), AYY is offering its members a chance to see the societal comedy film The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014).

The Grand Budapest hotel is a quirky adventure directed by Wes Anderson and set in an imaginary state of Zubrowka in interwar era Europe.

Has Europe learned from its troubled past?

Before the screening, Secretary-General of the Finnish League for Human Rights Kaari Mattila speaks on the current status of Europe.

The film is screened on 21 May at 6.00 pm at TOKYO ry’s Kino Sheryl cinema. The facility is accessible. The event is English-language.

The event is free! There are 80 tickets available to the screening. Binding sign-up via the link below: https://lomake.ayy.fi/vaikuttaminen/ilmoittautuminen-anmalning-registration-the-grand-budapest-hotel-2014/

26.5. European Parliamentary election

Read more about European Elections.

Support Your Local Brits

Britain is in the midst of turmoil, not having managed to work out a Brexit agreement. This has caused some worry and concern amongst our British students. With this card campaign, you can show them your support!

Send the local Brits your best wishes via the attached form and show that we do not leave anyone alone. Cards will be printed from the messages and hung on display in Väre.

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