Apply to the Student Union’s Central Election Committee for 2019!

AYY’s highest decision-making body, the 45-member Representative Council, will be elected again next autumn. However, the Council election does not organise itself, so we are in need of volunteers.

Would you like to be involved with making AYY’s next Council election more visible, resonating and participatory than ever?

The call for applications to the Central Election Committee operating at the heart of the Council election has now been opened. For example, the Central Election Committee decides upon the polling and advance polling stations’ locations, establishes the Election Committees, reviews the candidacy notices and agreements on electoral alliances and groups, conducts the recount of the votes and oversees the election proceedings in general. A member of the Central Election Committee is not eligible to stand in the Representative Council election 2019.

Applications to the Central Election Committee are submitted via the electronic form at

The application period runs until Sunday 17 Mar 2019 at 11.59 pm.

Further information: Administrative and HR Manager Johanna Pietiläinen (johanna.pietilainen (a), +358 50 520 9434.

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