Association newsletter for week 3/2019

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This is the AYY association newsletter for week 3/2019

Happy New Year 2019, and welcome onto the list, all you new operators! The association newsletter acts as a channel for keeping all associations operating within AYY informed, and it comes out every Friday. If you want your own news to appear in the association newsletter, please deliver your materials by Wednesday 10 am to tiedotteet(a) More information on the newsletter:

Upcoming events and important dates for associations
11 Jan: Registration for Winter Day checkpoint organiser ends (
15 Jan: Association training in Mikkeli
15 Jan: Winter Day (
20 Jan: TTE-Fund application period I ends (


Contents of the newsletter
1. AYY’s Organisation Sector in 2019
2. Organise a checkpoint for Winter Day on 15 Jan 2019!
3. New Board members onto associations’ mailing list and into Tahlo
4. Attention, persons in charge of studies!
5. Development of the JMT3 rentable facilities
6. First application round of TTE Fund for 2019 is open!
7. Here you are – the new Association Guide!
8. AYY’s guide for event organisers


1. AYY’s Organisation Sector in 2019
In 2019, the AYY Board member in charge of organisational matters is Anna Halsas. In addition to organisations, Halsas is in charge of new students and the Council that brings together the Chairs of special status associations. Essi Puustinen continues as Association and Communications Specialist. The contact address for the Organisation Sector is still, and you are welcome to get in touch with anything related to association matters.


2. Organise a checkpoint for Winter Day on 15 Jan 2019!
Snow, frosty temperatures and the new year mean that Winter Day is back again! As usual, checkpoint organisers are needed for Winter Day, and all associations, guilds and ISO persons are warmly welcome to organise one for the freshmen. The crawl takes place on Tuesday 15 Jan 2019, and the checkpoints open at 2.30 pm and close at 5.30 pm. The Otaniemi saunas will be heating up from 5 pm onwards, and the afterparty starts in Smökki at 8.30 pm.

You can register as a checkpoint organiser until Friday 11 Jan 2019 using this form:

There is more info on the event on Facebook:

If you come up with any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

With regards,
Noora Salminen
Freshman Major

Aalto University Student Union AYY
+358 50 4687157 | noora.salminen(a)


3. New Board members onto associations’ mailing list and into Tahlo
Many associations’ operators are changing with the new year, and it would be important for them to receive association-related emails via AYY’s associations’ mailing list as soon as the year begins. Please remember to add the operators of 2019 onto the list here: You should also check that your Board’s mailing list is forwarded to the right persons to smooth out the transition phase.

For other possible contact needs, it would also be good to have all Board members’ contact details in the Tahlo system of AYY’s association register. Using your association’s log-in details, you can add the contact details via the Board tab: While you are at it, you can introduce your successor to using the system and remind them of the association notices ahead in March.

Any questions regarding the association mailing list and the Tahlo system can be sent to jarjestoasiat(a)


4. Attention, persons in charge of studies!
Are you the person in charge of studies in your organisation in 2019? The Study Council, which brings together the persons in charge of studies from associations operating within AYY, is starting its operations. For the persons in charge of studies, the Study Council offers peer support, interdisciplinary friends and current information on study matters.

If you are interested in taking part, contact the Chair, Tarmo Kivioja, at tarmo.kivioja(a) or Leila Kettunen from AYY’s Board at leila.kettunen(a)


5. Development of the JMT3 rentable facilities
Join the Campus Section in developing AYY’s rentable facilities!

Let us know what your association has been using the soon-to-be-renovated facilities for and what kinds of wishes you have for the them in the future. The survey focuses particularly on the following facilities: Rooftop Sauna, Game Room, Takka Cabinet, Sitsi Kitchen.


The survey closes on 31 Jan 2019.


6. First application round of TTE Fund for 2019 is open!
The first application round of TTE Fund for 2019 is open! The Fund can grant financial aid for all AYY members as well as communities operating in connection with it. TTE Fund supports operations that reach for the stars, get other people excited to join in and can be seen and heard.

You can apply for grants from TTE Fund in two ways: through the application rounds organised around three times a year, or via the continuous application process which is open during semesters. Via the continuous application process, the maximum amount of a grant is 2000 €, whereas the amount of project funding in the actual application rounds is not limited.

Application time for the first round of 2019 ends on Sunday 20 Jan 2019 at 11.59 pm. Instructions for preparing an application and its attachments can be found on the Fund’s website at The grants are applied for by filling in an online form that can be found at

The times of the application rounds for autumn 2019 and other information is available on the TTE Fund website at Also, check out the Facebook page at (in Finnish).


7. Here you are – the new Association Guide!
The Association Guide features a multitude of information that associations operating within AYY need to support their operations. The themes cover founding an association, its financial management, administration and equality alike. And plenty of other things! In addition, the extensive Materials bank helps you find essential external sources of information. Right now, the sections regarding the financial statement are particularly topical for many.

The Association Guide can be found here:

It is advisable to go through this website carefully at the beginning of your term in office and to keep returning to it along the way. Feedback is definitely welcome, as there are always little things to fix. There are still a few sections missing from the Swedish and English versions, but these will be uploaded as soon as the translations are completed.

You can also find the materials from the association training of November 2018 here:

In the future, you should first look for answers in the Association Guide and only afterwards contact the Organisation Sector: jarjestoasiat(a)


8. AYY’s guide for event organisers
The AYY Event Organiser Guide contains a huge spread of information all the way from event organisers’ legal obligations to an event safety checklist, equality and environmental issues, crisis communications, first aid instructions and many other guidelines important for event organisers.

You can find the Event Guide here, in the Association Guide’s Materials bank: (in Finnish).




Send us your short text by 10 am on Wednesday to tiedotteet (a) The news will be translated, so you only have to use one language.

The information in the newsletter is edited by the AYY Association and Communications Specialist, Essi Puustinen (essi.puustinen (a), tel. 050 520 9442).

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