Vacant apartments available for all students – apply now!

Edit: These apartments have been rented!

Three-room apartment in Kirkonkyläntie, Malmi

Three-room apartment in Kirkonkyläntie 16, Malmi is available for rent immediately. The apartment is suitable both for families and for friends: it has two separate bed rooms, living room, spacious kitchen and a wide balcony. There is a sauna in the building and the tenants can freely book sauna shifts with no extra cost. From Malmi it is easy to get to Helsinki city center by train, and there is also a direct bus connection from Malmi to Otaniemi.

More information about the apartment:
Address: Kirkonkyläntie 16 A 12, 00700 Helsinki
Size: 61,5m2
Rent: 699,27 € (the rent is 737,88 € starting from 1st of March)
Water and internet are included in the rent. The tenant needs to make an electricity contract for the apartment.


Two four-room apartments in Pohjavedenkatu, Vuosaari

In Pohjavedenkatu 4, Vuosaari we have two four-room apartments available for rent immediately. These apartments are also ideal both for families and to friends to live together – there are three bedrooms in the apartments, a big living room and roomy kitchen. Both apartments include also a sauna, a separate bathroom and a balcony/terrace. The apartments are located close to the subway station and a trip to Otaniemi takes about half an hour.

More information about the apartment:
Address: Pohjavedenkatu 4 A 02 and Pohjavedenkatu 4 A 13, 00980 Helsinki
Size: 88,5m2
Rent: 1070,85 €
Water and internet are included in the rent. The tenant needs to make an electricity contract for the apartment.


Any student can apply for the apartments, so you don’t need to be a student in Aalto university. However, AYY rents apartments primarily favoring members of the Student Union. AYY member does not need to have right of residence. Right of residence for these apartments is three (3) years from the start of the contract. Please note that if you are already living in an AYY apartment, the period of notice is one whole month, starting from the end of the month in which you submit the written notice. Lease agreements for these apartments can be started either on the 15th of January or the 2nd of February.

If you are interested in the apartments, be quick and contact the housing office using this form. More information about these apartments on Domo.

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