Submissions for association notices and operating grant applications

Missing association notices:
Associations that have not yet filed an association notice for 2018 must do so between the 6th of June, 12:00 noon, and 29th of June, 12:00 noon, at It is no longer possible to apply for operating grants this year. If the association fails to fill an association notice in the allocated time for the second year in a row, the association can be removed from the Student Union’s list of associations. Follow the instructions below.

(Submissions for association notices and operating grant applications start on Thursday, March 1st, at 12:00 noon, and end on Thursday, March 29th, at 12:00 noon)

All associations within AYY must fill out a yearly association notice. Failing to fill out the notice for two consecutive years or submitting an association notice with clearly inadequate information may lead to the association being removed from the AYY Association Register. Only associations belonging to the first list of AYY’s Association Register can apply for operating grants. You can check which list your association belongs to from the TAHLO system when it opens on March 1st, or you can contact the organizational sector before that (jarjestoasiat at

The operating grant applications and association notices will be handled as soon as possible during April. Any possible delays will be informed of separately.

More information about the operating grants can be found at, where you can also find the scoring model that is used for distributing the grants and the amount of grants distributed in the past years. In any unclear matters, please contact the organisational sector (jarjestoasiat at You can also contact the Organisational Affairs Specialist by phone at 050 520 9442, available from Monday to Friday between 10-14.

NB! Funding for projects outside the regular operations and for new mind-blowing ideas can be applied through the TTE-Fund (


Using the association database TAHLO

The association notice is filled out and the operating grants are applied for via the TAHLO system (Operating grant application). The system can be found at

You can log in by using the association’s username and password. These are the same as during the last round of operating grant applications. If you have forgotten your username or password, you can recover it and have it sent to the association’s contact e-mail address at If you still have problems logging in, please contact the organisational sector (jarjestoasiat at If your association does not already have a username and password, please contact the organisational sector immediately (jarjestoasiat at, and they will create a username and password for you. Store the TAHLO password somewhere safe: you will need it again next year.

Take care when filling out the information. The information from the previous year is copied from the old system. The basic information for 2017 (name of the association, address, etc.) are filled out automatically also for this year, so you do not need to fill out all the fields again. You can update the form up until it closes on 29th March, at 12:00, so you do not need to do everything at once. Remember to save your changes before exiting a tab! Please also note that the form has some fields that the association cannot fill in by themselves (for example the class within the Association Register that the association belongs to). These fields will be filled in by the organisational sector.

If you have any problems with the system, spot any spelling mistakes or anything else that is out of place, please notify us at jarjestoasiat(at) We try to be alert if, for example, the system goes down, but letting us know of any problems will help us react even faster.

NB! Special status associations also need to fill out the Special status tab. This is compulsory for all special status associations. The tab asks you to answer how the association currently fulfils the requirements of a special status association, as laid down in AYY’s association regulations. The information is used to examine the special status and to develop the association field of the Student Union. The information entered into the Special status tab does not affect the operating grant application, but the operating grant possibly awarded to the special status association will not be paid if the information is missing.


If you are only filling out the association notice without applying for the operating grant, you will need:
*   Rules in effect
*   The annual report for 2017
*   The strategy for 2018
*   A list of the officers

Fill out the following tabs: General, Board, Facilities and Attachments. Special status associations must also fill out the Special Status tab. You do not need to do anything with the tab labeled Application.

If you are also applying for the operating grant, you will need:
* Rules in effect
* The annual report for 2017
* The financial statement, balance sheet, profit and loss statement for 2017
* The strategy for 2018
* The budget for 2018
* A list of the officers

If you are going to be late with any of the documents, for example because of the date of the annual meeting, please let the organisational sector know well in advance (jarjestoasiat at! Additional time can be granted for good reasons, but missing documents will count negatively towards the awarded grant.

Take good care when filling out the tabs, especially the Operating Grant Application. The operating grants will be distributed according to the scoring model: . Make sure to answer all the questions carefully, as points will be distributed according to your answers.


Profile on the AYY website

A prerequisite for the operating grant is an association profile on the AYY website. The profile needs to exist in at least one of the official languages (Finnish or Swedish) and in English. The most important thing is that all association profiles can be found in all three language versions. You do not need to translate the profiles into all three languages; two out of three is sufficient. For example, the profile can be found in Finnish on the Finnish site ( and in English on the English and Swedish sites. You can add the translations from the editing page: under the Language bar on the right-hand side, you will find a section called Translations or Translate this Document.

Every association is responsible for updating their profile and its translated version. If there is no one in your association who knows either one of the official languages (Finnish or Swedish), please contact the Organisational Affairs Specialist.

You can edit the profile by logging in at The username is usually the abbreviation the association uses of itself. If you have forgotten the password, you can reset it via the login page. The usernames are usually connected to the e-mail address of the association’s board, so you should receive the confirmation e-mail there. If you have any problems, please contact the organisational sector (jarjestoasiat at

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