Call for applications for student representatives in the administration of Aalto University

The Student Union of Aalto University (AYY) has decided on the 9st of January 2018 to open a call for applications for student representatives in the Aalto University administration for the year 2018. All students of Aalto University are eligible to apply. The descriptions for the different organs of trust contain more detailed information about possible requirements and restrictions.

Open places

Creative sustainability programme committee, 1 member and 1 debuty

Aalto Entrepreneurship Education Steering Group, 1-2 members

Learning IT -working group, 1 debuty

Restaurant committee, 1 debuty

Steering group of Open University, 1 member ja 1 debuty

Entrepreneship programme committee, 1 member ja 1 debuty


The call for applications opens on the 9th of January and closes on the 28th of January 2018, at 23:59, by which the applications must be handed in. The application is done via the electronic application form available at The application instructions and the regulations for student representatives can be found on the Aalto University Student Union website at .

The names of the applicants and their applications may be handed to special status associations of the Aalto University Student Union for the purpose of giving recommendations when choosing the student representatives that represent associations. The Student Union also wishes international students and students of all genders to apply for the student representative positions.

The Board of the Aalto University Student Union chooses the student representatives by the end of January.

The selection will follow the requirements of the administrative procedure act, the act on equality between women and men, and the non-discrimination act.

Criteria for selection

The maximum length of the application is 2000 characters (not counting spaces), and the application should clearly show the experience relevant to the position, motivation and the applicant’s field of study.

The criteria used for selection include interest in the task, proven knowledge of how the organ of trust works and commitment for the entire term of office. Previous experience as a student representative and broad contacts to students via e.g. organizations, associations or other types of activity are considered a plus. Representation from different fields of expertise or study and possibly the stage of the candidates’ studies are taken into consideration when making the selection.

In Otaniemi, on the 9st of January 2018

Aalto University Student Union Board

More information:

Susanna Koistinen

Specialist, Academic Affairs, +358 50 520 9438

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