AYY selected the board for 2018 – Noora Vänttinen becomes the Chairperson

Aalto University Student Union

Press release 30.11.2017

For immediate release


The Council of Aalto University Student Union (AYY) selected the Board for the Student Union for the year 2018 in its meeting on Wednesday, the 29th of November. The Council chose Noora Vänttinen, Master’s student at the School of Electrical Engineering as the new Chair of Board. Vänttinen has worked in the AYY board in 2017, handling communications, the brand, museum and archives. Previously Vänttinen has worked with the Tempaus 2016 project, among others.

The other nine (9) members of the board are:

Tapio Hautamäki, SCI

Mikael Liimatainen, ELEC

Suvi Vendelin, ARTS

Emma Savela, ARTS

Lauri Seppäläinen, SCI

Noora Tanska, SCI

Hilja Korhonen, CHEM

Mikhael Koufos, BIZ

Julius Luukkanen, SCI


During the coming year, AYY will focus on issues such as ARTS students’ move to Otaniemi, planning of the new student centre, and the wellbeing of students. “It’s going to be quite a year full of cooperation that will build a basis for an even tighter Aalto community,” Vänttinen says.

The term of the Board will begin in January and last a calendar year. The new Board will organise itself in its first meeting.

The Student Union of Aalto University, AYY, is a service and advocacy organisation for around 15,000 students of Aalto University. AYY acts as the advocate of the interests of its members, particularly in education policy and study-social matters.

Further information:

Noora Vänttinen, hallituksen puheenjohtaja, noora.vanttinen@ayy.fi

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