Accomplished members of the Aalto community were awarded at the AYY Annual Ball

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Accomplished members of the Aalto community were awarded at the AYY Annual Ball


The Aalto University Student Union AYY hosted its Annual Ball on Saturday, the 20th of May 2017. The boisterous celebrations were held at the Linnanmäki amusement park. The weather was sunny, and the partygoers had a chance to ride the rollercoasters and other amusement rides during breaks.

At the Ball, AYY rewarded commendable members and associations of the Aalto community. AYY handed out the 2016 Learning Contribution Achievement Award, 2016 International Achievement Award, the LuovutusAalto blood donation challenge award and gave out the Student Union’s official acknowledgments.

The 2016 Learning Contribution Achievement Award was given to Tomi Kauppinen and Lauri Malmi, who had headed the Aalto Online Learning digitalization project in an exemplary manner. The contributions of Kauppinen and Malmi created operations models used to develop teaching in Aalto. Also, thanks to their work, the digitalization of Aalto’s teaching advanced leaps and bounds in a very pedagogically sound manner.

The 2016 International Achievement Award 2016 was given to Codebus Africa. As a part of the Finland 100 anniversary year, the project took Aalto students on a 100-day trip to ten countries in Africa. During the trip, the students taught the local youth, especially girls, technical know-how and programming, with the aim of empowering them and creating change towards a better world. In addition, honorary mentions for the 2016 International Achievement were awarded to Reeta, who has been a part of the internationalization of the Aalto community for years, and Arthouse Family, whose international team organizes free dinners from recycled and leftover food.

In the spring of 2017, AYY organized the LuovutusAalto blood donation campaign with the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, the aim of which was to get AYY’s organizations and associations to donate blood. The campaign competition was won by the group that donated the most blood in relation to their size. The winner after two months of campaigning, with a clear margin, was the Bioinformation Technology guild Inkubio.

In addition, AYY awarded its highest honour, the Badge of Honour, to long time AYY active Lauri Lehtoruusu, who has been involved especially in the improvement of student housing, and whose work has been vital to the Student Union.

AYY also awarded Hero Badges to the Aalto Predators sports association, Tempaus 2016 and WiikonWappuSauna. AYY also awarded 6 Badges of Merit and 13 Community Badges, listed below.

The Aalto University Student Union congratulates all awarded individuals and thanks them for their good and important work for the Aalto community.

Hero Badge
Aalto Predators

Badge of Honour
Lauri Lehtoruusu

Badge of Merit
Santeri Nuotio
Henry Sanmark
Sirius Vuorikoski
Olli Halminen
Janne Koskenniemi
Elli Leppisaari

Community Badge
Heikki Koponen
Elina Virtanen
Jyri Heimo
Lauri Pulkkinen
Henrikki Soininen
Lotta Aarikka
Antti Kurkinen
Saila Rappumäki
Rosa Nylen
Nova Pokkinen
Saana Rossi
Venla Keskinen
Matleena Kukkonen


More information:
Board Vice President, Petteri Heliste, 050 520 9428

Board member in charge of international affairs and new students, Emmi Kosomaa, 045 896 5901

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