SELL Student Games in Lithuania 15th-17th of May 2015

Dear Student!

SELL Student Games is a multisport event and open to all university and polytechnic students from all over the world. The games became to be known as SELL Games according to the first letters of the original names of the host countries (Suomi, Eesti, Latvija, Liettuva). The traditional friendship-games are organized by these four countries and they gather 1800-2000 participants per year. There are no age limits or level requirements, and the event offers sports and opponents to sports enthusiasts on all levels.

SELL Student Games 2015 will be held in Kaunas Lithuania the 15th-17th of May 2015. The registration will start at the beginning of 2015. The SELL-sports in Kaunas are: athletics, volleyball, orienteering, mini-football, table tennis, swimming, judo, power lifting and basketball. If you are interested of participating, please study more from:

SELL Student Games offers you a budget-friendly opportunity to participate in entertaining and memorable student-competitions! The participation fee is only 25 euros/night/person from SELL-countries, 30e/night/person non SELL countries, when you register before the 12th of April 2015. 

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