Application period of the AYY operating grant has begun

The submitting of AYY’s association notices and the application period for the operating grant will begun on 1 March at here. Application period will close at 31 March at 23:59. All associations in the register must fill out the association notice. If the association notice is not submitted in two consecutive years, the association will be removed from AYY’s association register. All associations approved in the first list of AYY’s association register may apply for the operating grant. In addition, your association may also apply for an increased operating grant, which is usually granted for one-time special events or projects during the year. Further information on the allocated grants is available at, which includes the scoring model used for the allocation of the operating grants and the grant amounts of the previous year.

You can receive additional information and help with the association notice and the operating grant application from the organisation sector, which can be reached at You can also contact the organisation specialist by phone at 050 520 9442. The best time to reach the organisation specialist by phone is on weekdays from 10am to 2pm.

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