AYY to help homeless students

Emergency Housing Coordinator Vera Moshina will operate in AYY until 31 Oct. Ms. Moshina helps all those AYY members who have problems in finding accommodation for the autumn of 2012. The emergency housing coordinator gives advice on how to find housing, organises temporary accommodation and helps with other matters related to housing.

The emergency housing coordinator is available at AYY’s Housing Office in Otaniemi at the following times:

  • 7 Aug – 29 Aug, 12noon-2pm
  • 30 Aug – 15 Sept, 12noon-4pm
  • 16 Sept – 1 Oct klo 12noon-2pm

At other times by appointment.

Vera can be reached by phone at 050 520 9413 and by email at emergencyhousing(at)ayy.fi

Aalto University Student Union also organises temporary accommodation on its premises during September. If you think you need short-term emergency housing, please contact the emergency housing coordinator. The coordinator receives requests for emergency housing and gives advice on practical arrangements. Emergency housing does not generally take reservations in advance and therefore temporary housing is available for those who have an acute need for it.

The emergency housing coordinator will also continuously update AYY’s own database for housing search in the metropolitan area. The database can be found here.

The coordinator has been hired in cooperation with Aalto University. For further information, please contact the emergency housing coordinator or Housing Specialist Jaakko Koivula (050 520 9444, firstname.lastname@ayy.fi).

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