Application of the operating grant and the submitting of association notices will begin on Thursday, 1 March

AYY allocates the operating grant to the associations entered in the first register of the association list. The association notice can be submitted and the operating grant can be applied for by filling out the online form starting on Thursday, 1 March 2012.

The specific address will be announced in the morning of the application date on front page. The application period will end on 1 April 2012. Each association should submit their applications on time as late applications will not be processed and there will be no exceptions to this principle. At this stage, you should first check that all necessary documents are in order (annual report, action plan, budget, income statement and balance sheet, list of officials and association rules).

Please remember that even if your association does not apply for financial operating grant (all associations in the second register, for example), the association notice form must be filled in annually. The allocation grounds for the operating grant and further information is available on website ”Grants for Associations” ( The same site also includes AYY’s official scoring model, according to which AYY’s Board allocates the grants for associations.

If you have any feedback or questions about the application process, please contact AYY’s organisation sector preferably by e-mail at