Exercise stress away -course

Liiku stressi pois (“Excercise stress away”) course, aimed at students, will begin in Töölö in the spring on 4 Oct 2011, 2.30pm-4pm

The course is organised once a week during 5 Oct–23 Nov 2011. The duration of the course meetings is 90 minutes. The course is organised at FSHS Töölö health centre,

Töölönkatu 37 A, on the sports premises on AK floor.

The course includes 8 dates when you can try out different sports and relaxation exercises and hear about issues related to nutrition, rest and stress management.

The purpose of the course is to find the connection between physical activities and stress management.

The course is a great way to begin exercising for the first time or start again after a long break!

The course is organised as a cooperation between FSHS and AYY. The instructors are FSHS physiotherapist Kati Kauppala and AYY’s Sports Specialist, Physical Education Instructor Karoliina Sarkkula.

The course is free but requires commitment. If you cannot attend and  do not cancel a class, we will charge a 15 euro fee!

12 students are accepted for the course. Binding registrations by 30 September to physiotherapy at FSHS Töölö health centre, Mon – Fri, 11am–12noon,  tel. 046 710 1503 or kati.kauppala@yths.fi.

Please note that the course will be held in Finnish.

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