Safely in Events

HYY and AYY together organized a training on event safety for association actives on the 26th of January 2018. The materials can be found on this page.

People that organize events should particularly read and review the ways in which student events can be made safe for the participants and how they can act and communicate correctly in situations where something has gone wrong despite the precautionary measures.

Crisis Communication in Events – How to communicate and act in crisis situation? Guidelines for communication and encountering media. Trainer: Tapio Reinekoski. [Materials]

Ensuring Safety in Events – How to ensure safety in events and avoid unwanted situations? How to consider the security arrangements at the planning stage? Trainers: Niina Palm, Ahto Harmo and Emi Maeda. [Materials]

Safely in Events – Social and Mental Safety. Selection of means through which you can make an organization event socially and mentally safe for the participants. Trainer: Laura Wathén. [Materials]

Crisis After-Care – Crisis situation in a student community. When a crisis or an accident occurs, it is important to take care of the psychological well-being of the participants and those concerned after event. Trainers: Anu Morikawa and Laura Mäntylä. [Materials]