Operating grants

The operating grant is intended to support continuous activities of associations. Grants are allocated once a year, usually in April-May. All associations in the first list of AYY’s association register may apply for the operating grant. The application round is annually held in March. Grants are allocated using the scoring model of operating grants (pdf).

The association profile on AYY’s website is the prerequisite for the payment of the operating grant. The profile must be available at least in one of the domestic languages (Finnish or Swedish) and in English. It is essential that the profiles of all associations are available in all three language versions. You do not have to translate the profile into all three languages, two out of three is enough. The profile may be in Finnish on the Finnish site (ayy.fi) and in English on the English and Swedish sites. You can add the translations through the profile editing page, from the right-hand side through the Translations or Translate this Document – tabs or from the topmost screen corner through the flag icon.

Each association is responsible for updating and translating their own profile. If you do not have anyone in your association who speaks either Finnish or Swedish, please contact the Organisation Specialist.

You can apply for funding from the TTE-Fund for new mind-blowing projects outside continuous operations (Further information: tter.ayy.fi).