Rule amendments

Associations in AYY’s association register are obliged to inform the organisation specialist about rule amendments immediately. In this way, we ensure that the association still meets the requirements set by the association regulations (pdf, currently only available in Finnish) after rule amendments and is entitled to be part of AYY’s association register.

The amendment of association rules takes place as follows:

  • the association prepares new rules
  • rules are submitted to the organisation specialist to be reviewed by the rule committee
  • rules are approved
  • in case of registered associations, rules are submitted to PRH
  • rules approved in the meeting are submitted into the TAHLO system and the organisation specialist is informed

When amending the rules, it is advisable to use AYY’s model rules. In addition, rules should be reviewed by the rule committee and the organisation specialist already before the first meeting where they should be approved. The rule committee can give advise in several rule-related issues and help the association to draft rules that do not have any missing information or inconsistencies. If rules are amended before AYY’s review and AYY suggests changes, there is more work for the association as the amended rules must be accepted again in two consecutive meetings. It is a particular problem if the association no longer meets the conditions of AYY’s association regulations after rule amendments.