B – tips for advanced

Prepare an internationalisation plan for your association where you list the most
important goals. It can be a part of the action plan of your association.

New students
Organise a year opening event, a reception for new students or the whole orientation
week as multilingual and open for all new students.
Recruit students returning from exchange as international tutors or for other activities
in cooperation with the department or the university.

Organise international parts during existing events: English-spoken parts at sitsit
parties, excursions or other events, or programme organised by international students
in your existing event
It is easy to get to know different cultures outside the university. Organise an event for
refugees, an excursion to the cultural centre or a visit to an embassy of an interesting

Translate the entire texts for events and their posters, news, newsletters, programme for
annual celebrations etc.
Keep regular and active contact with the international students who have joined your
association, for example weekly and via decided channels.
If your association has a magazine, take multilingual content into consideration in
making it.
Key words in presentation and training material could be in English as well, even if it
were only presented to Finnish students.