Internationalization guide for associations

The international aspect is always a part of the associations’ operations in
some manner. When an association considers internationality an important value and
international students as potential and important members, this helps both with the
integration of the international students and the internationalisation of Finnish students.
Student exchange or internships abroad are not possible for everyone, but
internationalisation can take place close to you. Taking international aspects and
international students into consideration in association activities teaches the same skills:
interest and contact increase understanding regarding both one’s own and the foreign
culture and enhance language and communication skills.

Making student association operations more international may seem difficult, but it can
also be implemented in small steps. This guide presents concrete measures for taking the
international perspective into consideration both in the association events and modes of
operation. The guide is divided into three sections, of which A includes things that are
easy to implement, B some things that require more investment and C more thorough
internationalisation measures that have a wider impact. The aims have been divided into
four areas:

Advocacy: how does your association function? How do you take the international
perspective into consideration?
New students: how can you include exchange students and international degree
students in the association’s operations?
Events: what kind of events does your association organise?
Communication: who does your communication reach and how? What languages are
used in your association?

We hope that this guide is helpful for you and your association!

Here’s a pdf if you want to print the whole guide.