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Giant Leap -projct – Rainmaker

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

“Are you our rainmaker for the upcoming summer, literally?” was the humorous question that drew me in last spring. The task was to analyze, prototype, and test different methods in order to create a proposal for rain measurement reference. At the university, I was fascinated by the cloud physics course, and this was the perfect Giant Leap -project to develop even deeper understanding of the topic.

Having a background in meteorology gave me a strong basis on cloud formation theory, rain and its measurement. However, the practical setup construction created a new aspect to the topic. The project challenged me to think beyond the limits of meteorology and to utilize my technology-related skills and even my personal life experience. This project pointed out that know-how of different fields can lead to surprising outcomes.

In the picture above, you can see one of my highlights in Vaisala. After the Giant Leap summer I continued to work as Master’s thesis worker in Vaisala and constructed the rain generator with the help of an automation expert. The power of cooperation is clearly present in different projects in Vaisala. The community has a tremendous set of people with different backgrounds. In Vaisala’s interdisciplinary environment, I can learn something new every day.  And that’s not all – from time to time there are possibilities to visit our customers and learn their needs for the future.

Climate change and climate change adaptation are the key factors to be acknowledged when planning business for future. Since climate change and the atmosphere are themes that impact everyone globally, Vaisala is part of different international instrumentation projects. Vaisala’s solutions help tackle some of the most crucial issues our time – topics that are very important to me personally as well – and enable companies and decision makers to make better-informed decisions based on reliable measurement data.

The Giant Leap -project itself felt really meaningful for me, because the need for artificial rain to test, maintain and develop rain measurement instrumentation was evidenced especially during this summer – the driest summer in decades. So I literally became the rainmaker for the summer! All in all, it has been a pleasure to work with a meaningful Giant Leap project and develop it even further with a growing research network.


Giant Leap is Vaisala’s internship program for students in a university or polytechnic. We’ll hire up to 20 students for a period of three months over the summer to our head office in Vantaa Finland and our US head office in Louisville, Colorado. As a Giant Leap intern, you’ll work either individually, in pairs or together with experienced Vaisala employees on real-life projects that have genuine business relevance.


Challenging but also rewarding, the program is designed for students with a variety of skills, qualities and educational backgrounds. To us, motivation and intellectual curiosity are more important than specific achievements or your line of studies. We don’t expect you to have all the answers but we hope you have lots of questions. Application period for Giant Leap 2019 is from January 10th until February 10th. Come as you are, as long as you are curious!


Hallitus esittäytyy – Katariina: from expectations to experiences

Thursday, February 16th, 2017


Me celebrating Vappu last year.

I’m Katariina, a 3rd year Economics student at Aalto University School of Business. Last fall I was studying Business in National University of Singapore, where I did my exchange studies. I got to meet people from around the world, and hear about the different ways of organizing the student life. This made me appreciate the way Aalto University Student Union works, and I wanted to have a greater impact in it as being the board member. I also feel that Aalto University has a lot to offer to national and international students with its innovative courses and mindset. Sure there is still a lot to improve, as we are still a young university.

I have done a lot of volunteering before joining the board. For example I have been a member in the Academic Affairs Committee and Student Council in Aalto University Business Students, responsible of the alumni relations in Aalto Economics, took care of corporate relations in Women of Aalto, took part in organizing the first FallUp by Aaltoes and volunteered in SLUSH a few times.

In the board my portfolio includes things I’m passionate about: academic affairs, artistic activities and social global impact. Academic affairs include influencing in study related matters, like course schedules and improving the interdisciplinary courses. In artistic activities I make sure that our ARTS students are heard and seen at the school. With development cooperation we have an exciting project coming up.

I hope this year will be epic and full of meaningful student advocacy cases. This year’s big topics include the start of collecting tuition fees from countries outside of EU and EEA. We need to pay attention on how this affects the students. Also the elections are approaching around the corner, both municipal elections and representative council elections. It is important that us, students, are awake in these important times and influence in the matters close to us. Also the rest of ARTS students are moving to Otaniemi next year, which will create more interdisciplinary interactions, which I’m excited about.

I feel that AYY is a comfortable place to learn by doing. There is a strong network to rely on and our specialists have an incredible knowledge on their subjects. I hope that AYY would seem like a supportive platform for everyone in the union. We are here for you – feel free to come and have a chat with me at any time!

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Board introductions – Pyry Huhtanen: Zoning, corporate relations and dadaism

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Hello! I’m a 5th year Industrial Engineering student and member of the AYY Board in 2017. I’m responsible for corporate relations and zoning issues. My secondary areas of responsibility include alumni matters, inciting singing loud and off key and asking dumb questions.

Before starting my study career in 2012, I spent my free time orienteering, a hobby that I took pretty seriously and haven’t still totally given up. My built-in love for maps may very well be the reason why I found myself handling zoning issues for AYY. The sheer terror caused by the municipal zoning change process that usually takes more than 5 years vanishes in an instant and is replaced by a warm and fuzzy feeling as soon as I get a map in my hand. There are a lot of projects under way in the Otaniemi area that are of great importance to AYY and its members, and it’s important to ensure adequate building opportunities for student accommodation in relation to these projects. Making the Otaniemi campus area, a haven from all the evil in the world, a temporary base of operations for 5 years for as many AYY students as possible is so close to AYY’s heart that it has been recorded in our official 10-year strategy.

During my time as a student, I’ve been mostly working in the field of corporate relations. In 2014, I acted as the Minister of Excursions in Prodeko, the Guild of Industrial Engineering, and I’ve also handled corporate relations for various smaller projects. That’s why I’m interested in the corporate relations sector and want to develop it further. Corporate relations have two things to offer for the Student Union, and they can both be very significant when you do things right: corporate relations as a member service and as a money-making instrument. The good things that can be achieved through corporate relations aren’t just limited to the funding of AYY’s non-profit operations, like member advocacy work. Corporate relations can generate more employment opportunities and contacts, but potentially other benefits, too, such as discounts for AYY members on various products. I have great passion for the development of AYY’s corporate relations sector.

This year, we’re going to do everything we can for the Student Union. Feel free to say hi and ask me anything when you bump into me.



Day 7 with Tsinghua: Finnish business and farewell to our friends

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Theme for the last day of Tsinghua University student visit was Finnish companies and business. We visited Metso, a big Finnish exchange-listed machinery company serving eg. mining, construction, oil and gas, pulp, paper and process industries and Supercell, a successful gaming company behind HayDay and Clash of Clans. The day was concluded by a happy farewell dinner with our friends.

Our visit at Metso began with a bus ride to Metso Flow Control facility at Hakkila, Vantaa where the primary manufacturing focus is on valves. We were welcomed by the Head of Offering Management Taina Rajala who introduced us to the company.

The visit continued with an interesting tour at the manufacturing floor. Robots picking up components to be assembled into products verified the vision of a modern and progressive facility and company. One other thing that really caught our Chinese friends’ attention was the safety of all personnel, which was visible all around the facility. Even though most of our group weren’t previously familiar with the technology, there was a great deal of interesting things to see. It was our common opinion that Metso would certainly be an interesting and attractive employer.

Our visitor group at Metso Flow Control facility in Vantaa. Safety first!

Our visitor group at Metso Flow Control facility in Vantaa. Safety first!

After Metso we visited Supercell at their HQ in Ruoholahti. This was one of the most anticipated visits for our guests and they had a lot of user feedback and suggestions about the successful Clash Royale mobile game. During the visit we were told about the ideology around which the whole company is built: best people make best games. It was interesting to see the freedom and independence of the Supercell. For example the CEO Ilkka Paananen has little power on what the teams decide to do and people are free to switch teams. We want to thank our AYY board alumni Janne Peltola for hosting the visit!

CEO Ilkka Paananen was also one of the founding members of the hugely successful and international Slush startup event so it was only natural to invite Slush members Josefiina Kotilainen and Olga Balakina along to tell our guests what it is all about. The Aalto University Startup ecosystem intrigued us a lot and our Chinese friends found it especially interesting how large portion of it is accomplished volunteers and students.

Taste of super awesome mobile gaming atmosphere at Supercell!

Taste of super awesome mobile gaming atmosphere at Supercell!

In the evening we had to bid our dear friends farewell. We had a nice dinner and finnish dishes including roast reindeer, meatballs and salmon. The entire week was over very fast with interesting program and interesting people. It was very nice to get to know our guests and to know that the connection between us and our student unions will last.

AYY would like to thank Tsinghua Student Union for precious gifts and our partner Metso for support!