The future of the Aino magazine looked into

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The current Editor-in-Chief of Aino magazine, published by Aalto University Student Union, is resigning from her position after the publication of Aino’s May issue. In its meeting tomorrow, the AYY Board will propose to the Representative Council – who decides upon the future of the Aino magazine – that there will be a break in publishing the Aino magazine until the end of the year. It will be clarified during the publishing break what the future of the Aino magazine will be like. Discussions have already started among the community on what this proposal means.

Aalto University Student Union is a responsible employer. We do not want to end up in a situation where the existence of the magazine is speculated on while a new Editor-in-Chief is being recruited. We have not wanted to bring the preparations that have taken place over the past month into public discussion as discussions with the current staff of the Aino magazine have not yet been completed.

The situation in which the Editor-in-Chief’s position has not been filled offers an opportunity to genuinely figure out how the membership fee funds collected in the form of the membership fee can be used in a way that is ideal for the members. At least the following will be looked into: i) whether the magazine is continued in its current form, ii) whether the journalistic duty is carried out in a different format or iii) whether something else is done with the resources allocated to the magazine. These matters have not been investigated yet, so we do not know what the end result will be.

The final decision on the publishing break will be made by AYY’s highest decision-making body, the Representative Council. The Representative Council represents the entire Aalto community, and it is also the right place in terms of our Constitution to address matters related to the Aino magazine.

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