AYY awarded the students’ Seal of Approval to ARTS’s University Wide Art Studies

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UWAS offers ARTS courses to all Aalto students. There is a varied array of courses on offer. The course selection has been planned and implemented from the point of view of art education, and it offers the possibility for students of different areas of expertise to get to know the arts in a diverse way, from the perspectives of art-inspired thought processes, creativity and culture. AYY encourages multidisciplinary thinking and ways to build knowledge on how art and the creative arts affect the surrounding world. With these grounds in mind, the UWAS studies are awarded the students’ Seal of Approval to signify an awesome practice inside the Aalto University.


UWAS is a collection of art courses, available to everyone studying at Aalto. The foremost aim is to understand learning and teaching from a different point of view. The courses can act as gateways to new thoughts and help understand what the role of arts and design are in Aalto, and what opportunities they bring out in the world. Artistic thought is approached on a broad scale. Lifelong learning is one of the key motives of UWAS.


The courses are aimed to help students learn innovative ways of working. The studies include a lot of observation and interpretation. The aim is to guide students towards a “what if” style of thinking. From the student’s perspective, the courses are often discussion-based. The studies offer the students insight and depth, help to realize what you already know and how to take a new approach on the things you’ve learned. A student remarked that after one of the UWAS courses, they had learned more on marketing than during their entire marketing studies altogether. The studies enable students to deepen their understanding and to combine their learning and skills over different fields of expertise. The courses do not teach students any tricks or trends, but rather focus on expanding their understanding of things.

Seal of Approval.

IN SHORT: The UWAS courses are for everyone, also for students of technology and business. The courses are organized throughout the year and signups are open even now. If you feel like artistic thinking is hard for you, challenging yourself might be a good idea. If you want new perspectives to your studies or include ARTS studies in your degree, UWAS is a great option.

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