Board introductions – Pyry Huhtanen: Zoning, corporate relations and dadaism

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Hello! I’m a 5th year Industrial Engineering student and member of the AYY Board in 2017. I’m responsible for corporate relations and zoning issues. My secondary areas of responsibility include alumni matters, inciting singing loud and off key and asking dumb questions.

Before starting my study career in 2012, I spent my free time orienteering, a hobby that I took pretty seriously and haven’t still totally given up. My built-in love for maps may very well be the reason why I found myself handling zoning issues for AYY. The sheer terror caused by the municipal zoning change process that usually takes more than 5 years vanishes in an instant and is replaced by a warm and fuzzy feeling as soon as I get a map in my hand. There are a lot of projects under way in the Otaniemi area that are of great importance to AYY and its members, and it’s important to ensure adequate building opportunities for student accommodation in relation to these projects. Making the Otaniemi campus area, a haven from all the evil in the world, a temporary base of operations for 5 years for as many AYY students as possible is so close to AYY’s heart that it has been recorded in our official 10-year strategy.

During my time as a student, I’ve been mostly working in the field of corporate relations. In 2014, I acted as the Minister of Excursions in Prodeko, the Guild of Industrial Engineering, and I’ve also handled corporate relations for various smaller projects. That’s why I’m interested in the corporate relations sector and want to develop it further. Corporate relations have two things to offer for the Student Union, and they can both be very significant when you do things right: corporate relations as a member service and as a money-making instrument. The good things that can be achieved through corporate relations aren’t just limited to the funding of AYY’s non-profit operations, like member advocacy work. Corporate relations can generate more employment opportunities and contacts, but potentially other benefits, too, such as discounts for AYY members on various products. I have great passion for the development of AYY’s corporate relations sector.

This year, we’re going to do everything we can for the Student Union. Feel free to say hi and ask me anything when you bump into me.



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