Day 7 with Tsinghua: Finnish business and farewell to our friends

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Theme for the last day of Tsinghua University student visit was Finnish companies and business. We visited Metso, a big Finnish exchange-listed machinery company serving eg. mining, construction, oil and gas, pulp, paper and process industries and Supercell, a successful gaming company behind HayDay and Clash of Clans. The day was concluded by a happy farewell dinner with our friends.

Our visit at Metso began with a bus ride to Metso Flow Control facility at Hakkila, Vantaa where the primary manufacturing focus is on valves. We were welcomed by the Head of Offering Management Taina Rajala who introduced us to the company.

The visit continued with an interesting tour at the manufacturing floor. Robots picking up components to be assembled into products verified the vision of a modern and progressive facility and company. One other thing that really caught our Chinese friends’ attention was the safety of all personnel, which was visible all around the facility. Even though most of our group weren’t previously familiar with the technology, there was a great deal of interesting things to see. It was our common opinion that Metso would certainly be an interesting and attractive employer.

Our visitor group at Metso Flow Control facility in Vantaa. Safety first!

Our visitor group at Metso Flow Control facility in Vantaa. Safety first!

After Metso we visited Supercell at their HQ in Ruoholahti. This was one of the most anticipated visits for our guests and they had a lot of user feedback and suggestions about the successful Clash Royale mobile game. During the visit we were told about the ideology around which the whole company is built: best people make best games. It was interesting to see the freedom and independence of the Supercell. For example the CEO Ilkka Paananen has little power on what the teams decide to do and people are free to switch teams. We want to thank our AYY board alumni Janne Peltola for hosting the visit!

CEO Ilkka Paananen was also one of the founding members of the hugely successful and international Slush startup event so it was only natural to invite Slush members Josefiina Kotilainen and Olga Balakina along to tell our guests what it is all about. The Aalto University Startup ecosystem intrigued us a lot and our Chinese friends found it especially interesting how large portion of it is accomplished volunteers and students.

Taste of super awesome mobile gaming atmosphere at Supercell!

Taste of super awesome mobile gaming atmosphere at Supercell!

In the evening we had to bid our dear friends farewell. We had a nice dinner and finnish dishes including roast reindeer, meatballs and salmon. The entire week was over very fast with interesting program and interesting people. It was very nice to get to know our guests and to know that the connection between us and our student unions will last.

AYY would like to thank Tsinghua Student Union for precious gifts and our partner Metso for support!

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