Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament – Murskaveljekset VI

16.12.2018 12:00—22:00

Murskaveljekset is the premier Super Smash Bros. tournament in Aalto University. The event is very casual-friendly, and participation is free of charge. The hype for this particular Murskaveljekset is GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE. We have crowned six champions before, but now it’s all about to change.

This time we will be playing the biggest release in our beloved game series ever: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! In celebration of the new game, the fall 2018 edition of the tournament will be hosted in mid-December, just a week before Christmas, but it will be worth the wait. With a new console, new characters, new stages and new game modes, this might just become the best Murskaveljekset yet!

Murskaveljekset VI takes place at Startup Sauna on Sunday, December 16th. The event is open to all present and past students of Aalto University and all residents of Otaniemi. You don’t need to own a controller to participate, we have plenty. Note that alcoholic beverages are not allowed at the venue.

In contrast to previous years, the ruleset of the tournament will not be available before the event. Because the game is brand new, the format will be decided after its release. However, singles (1v1), doubles (2v2) and quads (4v4) events are confirmed. You may already want to start thinking about your 4v4 teams.

Players participating in the events have to sign up for them at the venue on the day of the tournament by 13:00 AT THE LATEST. The tournament begins at 14:00. Players are recommended to use the time in between to play friendlies and warm up before the tournament begins.

Don’t hesitate to contact Jussi ”Katshuma” Hirvonen (+358 400832746) for further information.

Jussi "Katshuma" Hirvonen
Jussi Hirvonen +358400832746